Yale Yid Pleads Guilty In “Operation Spinal Tap”

Yale Yid Pleads Guilty In “Operation Spinal Tap”

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Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jacob Tauber just pleaded guilty to recieving millions of dollars in kickbacks from the Pacific Hospital of Long Beach.  Dr. Tauber is a graduate of Yale Medical School and completed his orthopedic surgical residency at Yale New Haven Hospital.  I doubt that Tauber ever crossed paths with Rabbi Daniel Greer, ie., “the Goat,” while at Yale.

From 2008 until 2013 Dr. Tauber accepted kickbacks from a hospital executive, Michael Drobot, a goy who owned Pacific Hospital.  Dr. Tauber was paid bribes in exchange for patient referrals for drugs, spinal surgeries, MRIs, toxicology testing, and other services.  The Feds named their sting “Operation Spinal Tap.”  Who came up with this ridiculous name for an investigation?  The Feds should have hired Larry Noodles to name all their investigations and issue press releases.

Drobot was born in Detroit, Michigan.  Drobot is a devout Lions fan.  Drobot joined the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. During his time in the Navy, sailor Drobot managed the Naval Hospital in Oakland, California. After the Navy, sailor Drobot got an MBA in hospital administration from George Washington University. The sailor went on to own and manage many hospitals and HMO’s.

Sailor Drobot’s future was paved with gold, Jerry, gold.  Yet that wasn’t enough for Drobot.  Drobot enticed weak minded, feeble, neurotic, insecure Jewish doctors into this massive conspiracy that caused the State of California to lose $500 million.  These liberal Jewish doctors from the Left Coast were not satisfied earning a measly salary of $300K a year.  $300K a year isn’t enough to afford to live in Beverly Hills next door to Hollywood Jewish moguls. Keeping up with the Goldbergs, or in the case of New Haven, the Goatbergs.

Drobot disguised his bribes to Dr. Tauber.  Drobot never showed up at Dr. Tauber’s Beverly Hills office with a brown paper bag filled with hundred dollar bills.  Drobot entered into lease agreements with Tauber.  Tauber pretended to sublease his office space to Drobot.  Sailor Drobot paid Trauber huge rental fees for an office he never used.

Eventually Sailor Drobot got busted, and recruited, by the Feds.  Sailor Drobot ratted out all his Jewish doctor buddies and sang like a kosher canary. Never include a goy in your conspiracy to commit Federal crimes.  The goyim are always trying to take revenge for the crucifixion.

Sailor Drobot snitched out politicians whom he bribed to pass legislation to maximize reimbursement for his hospitals.   Drobot ratted out former California State Senator Ron Calderon.  Calderon got 42 months in jail.  Calderon is now sitting in a halfway house in Long Beach.

Sailor Drobot ratted out over 20 doctors, many of them Jews.  Drobot got 5 years in jail, which is a lot of time considering that his work for the Feds led to the convictions of many doctors and politicians.  Sailor Drobot even ratted out his own son, ie., Michael R. Drobot, who got 41 months in the slammer.

Sailor Drobot is doing his time in Taft Correctional Institution in California while Drobot Jr. is doing his time in Sheridan, Oklahoma.  I am surprised that the Feds did not put them in the same facility.  There was a father, son and unholy spirit crime family named Moscowitz who were locked up with me in Otisville.  Old man Moskowitz converted to Catholicism after he married an Italian shiksa from Brooklyn.  The son Moskowitz also prayed to the Pope.  Jewish inmates were always trying to convert the Moscowitz crime family back into the Tribe.  But the Moskowitz clan didn’t fall for shmaltzy miracle stories or Jewish guilt.  The Jewish inmates had to bring out the big guns.  The Jews tried to bribe the Moskowitz guys with special meals from the kosher kitchen.  Even the kosher food didn’t work. The Moskowitz guys continued to pray in the Catholic services, led by a flamboyant African priest who came in from the outside, whom the Italians detested, alongside inmates Big Pete, Sal, Vinnie, Hector, Tom, and the rest of the goyim.  The Jews angrily watched father and son Moskowitz pray through the prison window.

Dr. Tauber is scheduled to be sentenced in one week.  Tauber already forfeited $500K to the Feds.  You can read his plea agreement by clicking this link.  Tauber’s medical career is over. Tauber signed a cooperation agreement with the Feds.  I would guess that most of the people indicted agreed to help the Feds indict more people.  The Feds don’t want anyone to put up a fight.  If defendants banded together and fought the Feds in Court there would be far less Federal prosecutions.  The Feds don’t have the manpower to bring every defendant to trial.

Most of the crimes prosecuted by the Feds are for drugs.  Does this country need another layer of law enforcement to imprison drug addicts?  Recently the Feds announced that they busted a guy who was passing out K2 on the New Haven Green, in the shadow of Yale University.  The guy the Feds indicted is a homeless drug addict.  The Office of the United States Attorney has outgrown its usefulness, if it was ever useful for anything other than political prosecutions and spy work on controversial groups and individuals like Martin Luther King.

Dr. Trauber may end up in Otisville prison in Upstate New York.  There were a few guys from around the country who ended up in Otisville.  There was a Satmar guy from Arizona who ran away from Williamsburg in his 20s.  He got busted in his 50s and did his time in Otisville, which he heard was an “easy” prison.  He was not happy when he found himself locked up with an old Satmar whom he ran away from 30 years earlier.  Otisville was not easy for this guy.  All he did was get into fights with this 80 year old Satmar inmate named Naftuli Schlesinger, aka “Zaidy.”

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