Jewish Yale Daily Reporter Trashes Shabtai Rabbi

Jewish Yale Daily Reporter Trashes Shabtai Rabbi

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Yale Daily News Reporter Avigayil Praying in the Holy Land
Robert Woodward provided an exclusive interview with Larry Noodles

The Yale Daily News is a great student run local newspaper. The Daily has better coverage of local news than the New Haven Register. I read it all the time. Unfortunately there is a dark side to the Yale Daily. Recently Yale Daily News reporters on the far left have felt it is their mission to engage in merciless personal attacks against any male accused of sexual misconduct, regardless of the proof or lack of proof, or level of misconduct. The New Haven Register recently ran an article about this recent trend at the Yale Daily and referred to these reporters as on line “vigilantes.”

This blog doesn’t care about goyim who attack other goyim. I am only concerned when Jews attack other Jews. In this case a young Jewish girl at the Yale Daily engaged in ruthless attack against Shabtai Rabbi Shmuly Hecht. My hope is that this blog will bring all Jews together and hasten the coming of the Moschiach.

Yale student Avigayil Halpern attacked Rabbi Hecht in a recent editorial for being “friends” with Saifullah Khan. Halpern readily admits she has no idea whether Khan and Hecht are in fact friends. Khan was acquitted in criminal last year of sexually assaulting a fellow Yale student. Khan was subsequently kicked out of Yale in Title IX proceedings, which has a much lower standard of proof than a criminal case. Title IX rules have recently been amended to give the accused more rights to challenge charges of sexual assault, as the cases always come down to she said / he said, and there is usually heavy drinking in the mix. There have been many cases of false accusations which have resulted in male students getting kicked out of school and losing scholarships. At first the liberals fought the changes to Title IX, but now have embraced them, after two Black football players were falsely accused by a White female student at Sacred Heart University.

Ms. Halpern wrote in her editorial: “Though Khan was acquitted of sexual assault in criminal court, I believe the evidence offered by his accuser in court as documented in the media and trust the Title IX decision in this case.” Halpern never sat through Khan’s criminal trial, nor was she present for the Title IX proceedings. Halpern never met with Khan’s accuser. Halpern never read the court transcripts of the proceedings.

Ms. Halpern continued: “According to coverage of Khan’s criminal trial in the New Haven Register, Hecht was one of the two first witnesses called by the defense. Khan’s accuser testified that Hecht encouraged students to drink at Shabtai the night of the assault, which is borne out by Hecht’s own testimony; there are questions to be asked here about social coercion around alcohol that leads to vulnerability.”

Halpern’s above statement demonstrates that she was totally clueless about what happened at the Khan trial. The accuser’s friends, called by the State’s Attorney, testified that they engaged in a night of excessive drinking that began at Shabtai and continued late into the night at various Yale events and an off campus bar on Crown Street. One of the accuser’s friends was so drunk she was taken away in an ambulance. The victim testified that she drank excessively and blacked out. Rabbi Hecht never testified that he encouraged excessive drinking. The students testified that they pre-gamed in their dorms prior to the popular Halloween midnight concert and then went to Yale drinking parties all night, and ended their night at Elevate bar on Crown Street, or ended their night in the drunk tank at the Yale New Haven Hospital. Shabtai was just one stop on the Yale drunk shuttle bus.

Halpern wrote: “Notably, Hecht testified that Khan, a friend of his, belongs to the society. It is not clear whether Khan remains a friend of Hecht’s, nor if he still is a member of Shabtai. But Shabtai and Hecht have yet to publicly disavow Khan, who has since been accused of sexual assault by a second person.”

Halpern’s statement above tells only half the story. During the Khan trial Rabbi Hecht testified that Khan was a “good friend” but not a “very good friend.” Rabbi Hecht’s testimony did nothing to help Khan. In fact, Khan’s own attorney Norm Pattis regretted calling Hecht to the witness stand. In closing arguments Pattis told the jury: “The Rabbi was a very disappointing witness, if that’s what passes for leadership I don’t know who the hell is following him.”

If Halpern asked around the Yale campus she would figure out that Khan hasn’t been welcome at Shabtai since he moved back on campus. As for Halpern’s statement that Khan was “accused of sexual assault by a second person,” Khan was in fact accused of sexual assault by some crazy guy named John Andrews. The Police dropped the investigation. Andrews has a checkered past. The only people who believed Andrews were the reporters at the Yale Daily, who did countless stories about this Andrews character.

Halpern has demanded that Rabbi Hecht should publicly disavow Khan. Halpern should also demand that Yale Law School graduate Senator Richard Blumenthal publicly disavow pedophile and Yale Law School graduate Rabbi Daniel Greer, who was found liable for $15 million in damages for raping a male teenage student at his Yeshiva. Yale University graduate Avi Hack testified at the trial that he was repeatedly raped by Rabbi Greer from the time he was 16, continuing while he was at Yale, and until he got married at 28. Senator Richard Blumenthal attended Rabbi Greer fundraising Gan “gatherings” year after year. It is not clear whether Blumenthal remains a friend of Greer’s, nor if he still attends the Greer’s fundraisers, but Blumenthal has yet to publicly disavow Greer, who has a criminal case pending in which he is accused of child rape.

Halpern not only attacked Rabbi Shmuly Hecht, but she went after Shmuly’s shvartze friend Corey Booker. Halpern has set Black-Jewish relations back decades. Halpern wrote: “When Senator Cory Booker LAW ’97 announced his presidential run, the News’ headline announced: Shabtai founder Cory Booker LAW ’97 to run for president. Several paragraphs of the article focused on the founding of the Jewish society, originally called Eliezer, by Booker — who himself is not Jewish — and other Yale students. The men — all men — founded the society with Rabbi Shmully Hecht, a New Haven rabbi. It is not clear from media reports what Booker’s current relationship with Hecht is. But, even though the senator does not seem to regularly attend Friday night events at the society, many current Yale students and public figures do. It’s long past time to stop doing so.”

If Halpern did her homework and bothered to check the Connecticut Secretary of State website she would find that Shabtai has three members of its board of directors: Rabbi Sam Hecht, Toby Hecht and Stephen Rochester, an attorney at Akin Gump. Toby Hecht is a woman. One third of the members of Shabtai are women. Corey Booker’s name is nowhere to be found on the corporate documents filed with the Connecticut Secretary of State.

Why this unprovoked attack on Rabbi Hecht and Corey Booker by this Jewish Yale student? The Ivy League liberal elites do not like Booker. He is not the chosen one. Even though Booker is a Yale grad he is too close to Wall Street and big business. He is a traitor to the Progressive cause. The liberal Atlantic, run by Yale-Harvard grads, yesterday listed the top Ivy League grads whom they would like to see in the Oval Office. Yale graduate Senator Amy Klobuchar is high on their list. The Atlantic also likes Dartmouth graduate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Yale grad Senator Sharrod Brown and Yale grad Congresswoman Stacey Abrams. The Atlantic doesn’t like Pocahontas, Bernie or Kamala Harris. Pocahontas graduated from Rutgers Law, a lowly NJ public school. Harris graduated from Howard University and Bernie graduated from Brooklyn College. The Atlantic trashed all the other candidates on their list, including Booker, just as the Democratic National Committee trashed Bernie two years ago.

The Yale-Harvard Liberal Elites used Halpern to go after Booker and Hecht. If they used a goy they would be accused of Anti Semitism. Halpern fell into the trap. It was part of her initiation into Book & Snake, an elite Yale journalism secret society. I have to cut her a break, she probably isn’t old enough to drink alcohol. Hopefully she has learned a valuable lesson and she will never again attack a fellow Jew for no good reason. If she wants to work for the Larry Noodles blog and trash Rabbi Greer ever day she is more than welcome. I will have to clear off a space on my kitchen table for her laptop. MOSHIACH NOW!!

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  1. She probably wrote the story knowing that tonight on BBC 2 Louis Theroux’s documentary about Khan, “A night to remember” is running. Theroux tries to put back into question Khans guilt via the Andrews claim.


    What happened? Did the Kosher Nostra Jewminatti ova @ too big to f(ALE) reach out to ya Noodles? kinda like Pelosi and the smalls reached out to Rep. Ilhan Omar. lmao

    What about journalistic integrity kid? She must be a dually as well.

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