Jews Lead Mueller’s Team Against Roger Stone

Jews Lead Mueller’s Team Against Roger Stone

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US Attorney Aaron Simcha Jon Zelinsky

Today Roger Stone was reprimanded by DC Circuit Federal Judge Amy Jackson because he posted a picture of the Judge’s head next to a crosshair symbol, a gun target. Judge Jackson went easy on Stone. She didn’t lock him up like she locked up Manafort for witness tampering while he was waiting for trial. She didn’t bust Stone’s stones.

Judge Amy Jackson was appointed by Obama. Although Amy’s last name is Jackson she is not a shvartze, unlike Obama. Amy Berman Jackson is a liberal Jew who married Republican shvartze attorney Darryl Jackson who held a big position in the George W. Bush Administration. The Berman-Jackson union produced Jeopardy game show champion Matt Jackson, who will be competing next month in Jeopardy All Stars. He is the first African American to make it to the top four all time Jeopardy winners. Jews should be proud of his achievement.

Robert Mueller hired a number of Jewish Assistant US Attorneys to lead the prosecution against circus clown Roger Stone. Roger was born in Norwalk, Connecticut. I’ve never seen Roger anywhere in Connecticut. Why is the Federal government wasting taxpayers dollars prosecuting this freak who has a tattoo of Nixon on his back?

The Jewish prosecutors leading the charge are Assistant US Attorneys Aaron Zelinsky, Andrew Goldstein and Jon Kravis. They were all present at the hearing where Judge Amy Berman Jackson imposed a gag order on Stone. Mueller was nowhere to be seen. Mueller must have been too busy working on more important cases than wasting his time with this circus freak. He sent his flunkies in to do the job.

Aaron Zelinsky is the youngest and most inexperienced US Attorney appointed to the Mueller team. Aaron has connections. Aaron’s father law professor Ed Zelinsky resides in New Haven, about a mile from me. Ed Zelinsky bunked with Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito while at Yale Law School. Ed was very close to New Haven pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer back in the day. Ed and his wife had many business dealings with the Goat. I am not sure if Ed knew Greer was a pedophile. Greer was very good at keeping his secret and bullying anyone who dared say anything bad about him. Greer graduated Yale Law School. Aaron graduated Yale Law. Judge Berman Jackson graduated Harvard Law. Matt Jackson graduated Yale. Obama graduated Harvard Law. There is no Deep State. There is just the Yale – Harvard conspiracy. Did you ever wonder why the Federal Government and Wall Street are the preferred destinations for lawyers who graduated Yale and Harvard.

What did Stone do that was so terrible as to cause the Special Prosecutor to assign an army of attorneys to try to lock this guy up for 20 years? Stone lied to Congress when asked about his contacts with Wikileaks. Did anyone get hurt because of Stone’s lies? Was anyone injured? Did anyone lose money? Federal prosecutors have wide discretion on deciding which American citizens should be removed from society. State prosecutors rarely bring these types of cases. State prosecutors focus their limited resources on crimes that cause physical or financial damage to victims. The Feds have the luxury to pick and choose the cases they prosecute depending on the political winds of the day. The Feds bring very few cases when compared with State prosecutors who are on the streets every day fighting crime.

Stone apologized to Judge Jackson for the picture with the crosshairs. Judge Jackson didn’t buy his apology. Judge Jackson ordered Stone to refrain from making “radio broadcasts; interviews on television, on the radio, with print reporters, or on internet based media; press releases or press conferences; blogs or letters to the editor; and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media. Furthermore, the defendant may not comment publicly about the case indirectly by having statements made publicly on his behalf by surrogates, family members, spokespersons, representatives, or volunteers.”

Stone was also charged with witness tampering. Stone threatened to steal his friend’s service dog. If you saw a picture of this dog you would wonder what kind of service this dog provided. The dog is a little white fur ball. The dog is about the size of a cat. When was the last time you heard of the United States Department of Justice looking to lock up someone for twenty years for threatening to steal a poodle?

Stone is stupid. Stone should demand a speedy trial. The sooner Stone gets convicted the sooner he can get pardoned by Trump and get back to working at the circus.

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  1. LA KOSHER NOSTRA training grounds

    Summer Camp in the Catskills
    YALE & HARVARD Law School
    and finally
    Summer Camp at Otisville Camp for wayward jews …

    but seldom for more than a year what with all these jew judges in the fed.

  2. is their deep yiddish state kid named DRAKE? lol

    What happens when controlling 99.9% of an entire industry IS NOT ENOUGH?


    Good night and L’Chaim to all those not half jewish black kids that want to make it in the rap game. U aint got a shot, just ask Post Malone, Drake, Mac Miller (cant now, drugs), Action Bronson, Alchemist, Lil Dick(y), Asher Roth, Hoodie Allen….

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