Jon Braun Strangles Otisville Satmar Gabbai Elozer Porges

Jon Braun Strangles Otisville Satmar Gabbai Elozer Porges

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In 2011 Mr. Braun admitted to importing 10,000 kilograms of marijuana from Canada to the United States from November 2007 to May 2010. Braun moved about $6 million a week, and laundered about $14 million dollars in cash a week. Probation recommended 27 years of incarceration. Braun only got ten years in Otisville due to his cooperation against other drug dealers, including members of the Hell’s Angels. Braun would have got a lot less time had victims of his merchant cash advance business, which he operated while he was on home confinement, not come forward at his sentencing and complain about his strong arm collection tactics. The New York Attorney General sued to shut down Braun’s money lending business. That case is still pending. If you are looking to borrow money avoid these Braun affiliated individuals and entities at all costs: Richmond Capital, Ram Capital Funding and Viceroy Capital Funding, RCG Advances LLC, RAM Capital, Viceroy Capital Funding, Viceroy Capital LLC, Robert Giardina, RAM Capital Funding, Tzvi Reich, also known as Steve Reich, and Michelle Gregg.

After spending a little over a year in Otisville, drug dealer and loan shark Jon Braun got a last minute commutation from President Trump just before Trump left office. It has been rumored that Braun paid Trump a million dollars to get sprung from the Big House. It has also been rumored that Braun’s wife mentioned the payoff on the Otisville wives’ chat group. The wives of the inmates usually become friends after meeting in the visitors room and start their own chat group to share information about the camp, or to arrange rides to the camp. I haven’t been able to confirm any of the above information.

There are a number of investigative reporters from major publications who reached out to me over the last two years and asked me whether I have any information about Braun paying Trump to get released. I keep telling these reporters that nobody would ever admit to such a thing. Nobody would risk getting on the radar of 50 million Trump supporters. Would Trump and Braun be stupid enough to let others witness their alleged crime?

It has also been rumored that Braun’s wife cheated on Braun while Braun was locked up in Otisville. She allegedly committed her infidelity with a former Otisville inmate who was running the shul, a guy named Greenberg. It has also been alleged that another inmate named Yitz Grossman, who sued the BOP, had a picture of them together. Yitz calls himself “the Oisvorfer Ruv” and has a really cool Jewish themed website. I haven’t been able to verify this salacious bit of gossip about Greenberg, but I did hear from former inmates that Braun used to brag that his wife’s family was worth $500 million and that he purposefully got her pregnant while they were dating in order to get in on the family money, while she was an innocent Bais Yaacov girl.

Guys also told me that Braun, despite his dangerous reputation, did not scare anyone at Otisville. Braun was a scrawny guy who had a bad temper. At one point Braun lost his temper and put a guy named Elozer Porges, the Satmar inmate gabbai at the time, in a headlock. The Satmar was not injured in any way or fight back, as Braun would never pick a fight with a guy who would actually fight back. Apparently the gabbai told Braun to help with the morning minyan and not to wear shorts to shul. Braun’s daily routine was to sleep all morning and wake up for mincha / maariv. Braun told the guys that he couldn’t get up in the morning until he had his BM, and it “takes a long time for the turtle to come out.”

Braun paid other guys to do his prison job and paid guys to clean his cube and do his laundry. Braun had a fan who hung around him all the time, an inmate with a gambling addiction on his second tour of Otisville from Teaneck, whose name was Butthead. The guys referred to Braun as “Beevis” and his sidekick “Butthead.” Beavis and Butthead spent most of their days in bed. They paid other guys to do their work assignments. The guards didn’t care who was doing the work. Some inmates told me that they suspected that the guards got a cut of the money.

I heard that the Jewish population was greatly reduced over the last few years at the Otisville camp. When I was in Otisville in 2014 – 2015, there were a total of about 118 campers, most of whom were either secular Jews, Chassidish Jews, Litvish Jews, Israelis, Russian Jews or Ukrainian Jews. Today there are only 62 campers, and less than a third are Jewish. I heard there are many Jewish inmates being sent to Danbury.

I also heard that a number of officers in charge of Otisville became very hostile towards the Jewish inmates since I left. When I was locked up the camp administrator was a guy named Scalba, whom the other officers derogatorily referred to as Scalbowitz, because Scalba was a decent guy and treated the Jewish inmates with some degree of respect, unlike most officers who treated inmates with disdain and contempt. But Scalba was investigated for taking bribes from the Jewish inmates and was transferred into a basement office in the medium prison. A guy named Entzel took over Scalba’s job and cracked down on the Jews. I was still there when Entzel and his cohorts made inspections of the camp before Scalba got transferred to the medium. Everyone feared Entzel’s inspections. It was as if the gestapo was coming to town. Scalba sometimes warned the inmates that Entzel was on his way to the camp from the medium. Eventually Entzel was transferred out of Otisville due to a pervert incident that happened at the mikvah, but I don’t know the details. Jewish inmates get taken to a mikveh in Middletown before major holidays.

An male officer named DeLeo and a female officer named Gulliver took over after Entzel left and made life even more miserable for the Jews. A decent officer named Morales, who is a devout Christian who writes inspirational books, was supposed to take over but was out maneuvered by DeLeo and Gulliver. BOP politics. Sometimes you need a bit of ruthlessness to rise to the top of an organization. I heard that when DeLeo and Gulliver took over DeLeo ripped through Braun’s cubicle he threw Braun’s tefillin and tallis on the floor and ripped a page of his siddur.

A former Jewish inmate named Negron filed a Federal lawsuit against Entzel and Gulliver for religious discrimination. Negron filed complaints against Entzel for confiscating his prescription glasses, which were returned to him after he complained to the Warden. He filed other complaints alleging religious discrimination. Gulliver eventually had him yanked out of his bed in the middle of the night and transferred to MDC in Brooklyn. Negron then filed a Federal lawsuit alleging religious discrimination which was eventually dismissed because he didn’t file the correct type of lawsuit. He should have filed a habeas corpus petition. He filed on his own pro se and didn’t have a lawyer. In his lawsuit Negron claimed that Scalba told him, “Entzel and Gulliver have it in for you.” Negron alleged that Entzel and Gulliver hurled racist epithets at him saying that Orthodox Jews were White and he wasn’t white so he couldn’t be a Jew. Two other Jewish inmates, Torim and Grossman, also sued Entzel and the BOP in Federal court alleging they were forced to take urinalysis and breathalyzers during the Succos holiday when the prison Chaplain, Rabbi Richter issued a memo prohibiting such tests during the holidays.

Other notable Trump commutations and pardons:

66 year old Sholam Weiss was less than 20 years into his 835 year prison sentence when he got a pardon from President Trump. Six weeks after getting released Weiss suffered a stroke at his home in Monsey. Weiss got the longest sentence for white collar criminals in the history of the Republic, 600 years longer than Bernie Madoff. Sholam and a few other guys scammed National Heritage Life Insurance Company, based out of Florida, out of $450 million. Sholam lived on the lam for a year in Europe with his stripper girlfriend hiding from the Feds before he was caught. Sholam invested some of his ill begotten gains in Scores strip club in Manhattan. Sholam was partners at Scores with John Gotti Jr. and other mobsters. The party ended when the Feds raided the club and wired up a few guys who were connected to Sholam’s insurance company. The Feds in New York used these informants to bust the mob for extortion. The Feds in Florida used these same informants to bust Weiss and his associates for the massive fraud they committed at National Heritage Life Insurance Company. Weiss was locked up in the Otisville medium with kosher slaughterhouse king Sholom Rubashkin, who got a commutation of his 27 year sentence from President Trump.

Shalom Weiss upon his release from Otisville Medium

Otisville inmate Helle Nahmad was granted a post prison pardon. Helle did about 6 months in the Otisville camp for his role in a high end illegal sports betting ring, which also included Molly Bloom, who was behind the movie “Molly’s Game.” The Nahmad family is worth billions of dollars and owns the largest collection of Picasso paintings in the world. Helle owns an entire floor at the Trump Towers. Helle’s co-conspirators, who were mostly Ukrainian Jewish gangsters, operated an illegal gambling operation out of the Trump Towers, but not out of Helle’s apartment. I was locked up with Helle. Helle said he once shtupped Ivanka, but who knows if it is true, guys say a lot of things in the clink. Helle also said that his Federal prosecutor, and the prosecutor’s girlfriend, stopped by Helle’s art gallery after he pleaded guilty and tried to befriend Helle. I don’t believe Helle made up this story. Helle also said he paid a million bucks in attorneys fees to Ben Brafman, and offered a million dollar bonus if he kept him out of jail. Helle said Brafman told him that it was unethical for him to accept such a bonus. Helle was a decent guy. Helle shared stories about his life on the party scene with the rich and famous. A 400 pound redneck inmate named Travers was a big fan of Helle’s. Travers was a decent guy. Helle told Travers that he was going to meet up with him at his redneck bar after he got out with some hot girls. Helle is good friends with Leonardo DiCaprio. He was also good friends with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Everyone wanted to be Helle’s friend. Helle spent every night playing backgammon with a heavy set Italian guy from Maine, who was missing a few teeth, named Sonny. Sonny told everyone that Helle was going to set him up in the art business when he got out. Sonny failed to pay a big gambling debt he had with a Ukrainian Jewish inmate. Sonny was my bunkie at the time. The Ukrainians kept coming into our cube when Sonny was not around and messed with his stuff. Sonny almost had a heart attack and requested that he be shipped to a prison with a medical facility. I never saw Sonny again. I stopped by Helle’s art gallery once on the Upper East Side, near Central Park, it is amazing. Helle wasn’t around. He is usually jet setting across the world. I left my number. I still haven’t from him.

Helle Nahmad in the dark shades next to Leonardo DiCaprio

45 year old real estate fraudster Eliyahu Weinstein was locked up in Fort Dix and was scheduled to be released on December 25, 2033 when he got a commutation of his sentence. Eli operated a real estate investment scheme out of Lakewood, NJ, and scammed Jewish investors in Lakewood out of a half a billion dollars, if not close to a billion. Eli is celebrating his freedom in Lakewood.

Eliyahu Weinstein upon his release from Federal Prison

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If you are contemplating committing a Federal crime, STOP, take a time out, think about what you are about to do, it’s not worth it! I should know, I spent 18 long months in Otisville prison, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud as a closing attorney. The time spent in prison is only half the punishment, waiting for years to be sentenced and incarcerated takes a huge toll on your mental health, not to mention the repercussions after you get out of prison, the problems you will face finding employment and complying with the conditions of Probation. You will never appreciate your freedom until it is taken away from you. God Bless America!

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  1. Hi. Great article !!

    You forgot to mention that Braun and his family moved to the 5 towns, and he is building a 6-8m $ mansion in Lawrence (on Causeway). The building of this monstrosity is going on 4 years now. He drives a splashy Lamborghini amongst other high end cars.

    People have problems with him and his wife who refuse to wait in the line like everyone else when dropping off their kids in XXXX elementary. Security had to notify them several times that there is a protocol and they are NOT special.

    There has been a lot of talk in the 5t where they’ve created a splash (not financially- they are NOT donors to the school or other institutions).

    Best regards.

    Continue the good work !!


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