Judge Ellis Trashes Ivy League Federal Prosecutors

Judge Ellis Trashes Ivy League Federal Prosecutors

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Federal Judge Ellis Sentenced Manafort to 46 months

The media has trashed Judge Ellis for not sentencing a 69 year old man to 25 years in jail, as requested by the Department of Justice lawyers, many of whom happen to be Jews, sadly enough. Jails are not nursing homes. You are not going to find home health aides, bed pans and oxygen machines in a Federal prison, not even Otisville. To send elderly men to prison is nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment. It is unfortunate that certain Jews with Ivy League law degrees, who know their people’s long history of government oppression, have decided to join the oppressors who work in the offices of the Department of Justice. Let the goyim build more cages to oppress the masses.

After sentencing Manafort to 46 months Judge Ellis announced to the spectators, and the press, in the courthouse: “Any prison sentence from a Federal Court is no joke. If anybody in this courtroom doesn’t think so, go and spend a day in the jail or penitentiary of the federal government. Spend a week there, He has to spend 47 months.” When has a Federal judge ever admonished Federal prosecutors to spend a day in Federal prison to see what it is like before they ask for 25 years from a 69 year old man accused of non-violent crimes? Never. The reason Federal Judges don’t stand up to the Department Justice is because at least half of the Federal Judges are former Federal prosecutors themselves. The Justice Department stacks the deck. There should be a law against Federal prosecutors being appointed to the Federal Bench, lest the entire country turn into a police state, if it hasn’t already.

Not only did Judge Ellis admonish prosecutors to spend a day in Federal prison but he also attacked Prosecutor’s most deadly weapon in their tool box, ie., the rat. Lazy prosecutors resort to using a rat to build a case. Federal prosecutors have long stopped using FBI agents to conduct investigations. The only job the FBI does today is show up at a potential rat’s house and ask him to cooperate in exchange for not sending him to jail for the next 25 years. And it’s all legal. The Feds never used rats until former Prosecutor Guiliani started to aggressively go after the Mafia. They had so much success with mobster turncoats that they employed rats for drug dealing, financial crimes, tax crimes and everything else.

Judge Ellis trashed the Department of Justice’s use of the rat: “Given the investigation’s focus on President Trump’s campaign, even a blind person can see that the true target of the Special Counsel’s investigation is President Trump, not the defendant, and that the defendant’s prosecution is part of that larger plan. Specifically, the charges against the defendant are intended to induce the defendant to cooperate with the Special Counsel by providing evidence against the President or other members of the campaign. Although these kinds of high-pressure prosecutorial tactics are neither uncommon nor illegal, they are distasteful.”

Mueller’s team of Federal prosecutors is a homogeneous group of Ivy League graduates. Mueller didn’t think a graduate of a State law school was qualified enough to land a prestigious job with such an elite group. The undemocratic United States Department of Justice, which is responsible for destroying countless lives and locking up millions of Americans is run by lawyers who all think the same, dress the same, talk the same and all go to the same cocktail parties. Most are goyim, but there are plenty of Jews, Blacks and Asians in the ranks. The minorities always get appointed to the top, to give the Federal mafia the appearance of diversity. They all have one thing in common, they all lived their lives in the Ivory Tower. They have always towed the party line. They all have political connections. They are part of the parties of power, Democrat and Republican, and could care less about lowlifes, such as myself, whom they lock up every day.

I recently trolled the pages of the Yale Daily News to get a look deep inside the Ivy League mind, the young minds of men and women who will soon be in positions of power. I was shocked. Yale students frequently rat themselves out in the pages of their own newspaper. I guess they figure nobody but members of their own caste are reading. Jewish Yalie Jacob Hutt wrote on 2/12/19 in the opinion pages: “Yalies are fake. They don’t care. They’re all talk, but at the end of the day, the privileged and protected community this institution fosters doesn’t care when elitist concerns are not at stake. Yale students and their Canada Goose jackets.” In another article Hutt wrote: “She was black and unfamiliar, and, particularly in a city like New Haven where Yalies are constantly told that the local population is criminally inclined, she was, therefore, seen as a threat.” I am part of the local New Haven population. Does Hutt think that I am criminally inclined? I did my time. I am off probation. I am completely rehabilitated. Hutt doesn’t have to walk to the other side of the street when he sees me coming.

Yalie Isis Davis-Marks wrote on 2/7/19, in the Yale Daily News opinion column: “No questions are asked when our friends accept job offers from companies that manufacture weapons or contribute to gentrification in cities. We merely smile at them and wave as we walk across our residential college courtyards and do nothing.” Ms. Marks needs to add in her article that no questions are asked when Yalies accept job offers from the Department of Injustice which has caused the United States to have the highest incarceration rate in the world, even higher than dictatorships.

I would like to dispel any notion that I believe there is an Ivy League Harvard Yale Skull and Bones conspiracy going on in the halls of power in this country. I don’t think Yalies are sitting around the basement of Skull & Bones conspiring on how to take over the world. There is a pecking order among Yalies. Wealthy Yalies from New York and LA don’t talk much to poor Yalies from West Virginia, much less conspire. On occasion a rich drunk Yalie has sex with a poor drunk Yalie at a frat house, but other than that there is very little interaction between the rich and the poor at Yale. There is no conspiracy. But there is a common mentality that you are part of a “privileged and protected community” as stated by Hutt. Conformity is far more dangerous than any conspiracy.

Ivy League elitists don’t have a formal agreement to rule the world. There is no secret handshake. The great founders of this first Democracy built Harvard and Yale as centers of learning to train the next generation of leaders. I will use the acronym “HAL” to refer to Harvard and Yale. HAL has a combined endowment of $100 billion. At some point HAL became too powerful. HAL stopped teaching leadership skills and began to teach its students to maintain HAL’s grip on power in Washington DC and Wall Street. Billions of dollars in government grants from Washington DC flow into HAL’s offices every year. Billions of dollars in donations from Wall Street also go into HAL’s pockets. Wall Street hedge fund king Steve Schwarzman is currently constructing a $100 million student center at Yale. Do Yalies really need a $100 million coffee shop?  At this point it is next to impossible to pull the plug on HAL.

My only hope is that Jewish Yalie Jacob Hutt will go rogue and pull the plug on HAL. Jacob obviously knows what is going on. Jacob doesn’t seem to particularly like Yalies. In a recent article he said many Yalies are Anti-Semites. Jacob is on the inside, he knows how HAL works. Jacob needs to locate HAL’s secret main computer processor and connect his laptop to the power board. The main processor is probably located in the catacombs of the Skull & Bones building, next to Geronimo’s skull. Jacob needs to enter a few algorithms into HAL and infect HAL with a self destructive virus. I would recommend that he employ the Floyd-Warshall Algorithm. If that doesn’t work he needs to contact David Bowman and figure out how David unplugged HAL in 2001 in Space Odyssey 2001. MOSHIACH NOW!

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