Senator Durbin Grills Judge Kavanaugh About Rubashkin

Senator Durbin Grills Judge Kavanaugh About Rubashkin

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Illinois Democratic Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin grilled Supreme Court nominee and Yale graduate Judge Brett Kavanaugh about the Sholom Rubashkin case.  Dick Durban is a lapsed Catholic graduate of Georgetown Law School.  He has been criticized by Catholic groups for his support of abortion.  He has been criticized by Jews for a joke he made at the dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.  Dick said that Lincoln must have been a Jew, his first name was Abraham and he was shot in the temple.

Dick unleashed his whip at Yale graduate Judge Kavanaugh as well as Crown Heights Yeshiva graduate Sholom Rubashkin.   In a judicial opinion in 2008 Judge Kavanaugh was the dissenting opinion in the case of Agri Processor Co. v. National Labor Relations Board.  You can view the decision in this case, and Judge Kavanaugh’s dissent, by clicking this link.

Dick Durbin asked Judge Kavanaugh why he dissented in a case involving former kosher slaughterhouse king Sholom Rubashkin.  The Catholic from East St. Louis never met a Jew before because Jews haven’t lived in East St. Louis since 1917.  Dick couldn’t pronounce the word Rubashkin, he stumbled all over the word, as if he was mocking the way Jews talk, causing Jews in the Senate chamber deep shame, humiliation and embarrassment.  Even Corey Booker, a founding member of the Shabtai House, looked perturbed.

My inside sources told me that Dick Durbin asked fellow Democrat Senator Dick Blumenthal for help prior to the hearing, but Dick was being a putz and refused to help the goy.

In 2005 employees of Agri Processors filed an unfair labor practice claim against the company after conducting a vote of union members.  Agri Processors tried to verify the identities of all the union members who voted.  Many of the employees had fake social security cards, or no paperwork to verify their identities.  Many were illegal aliens.  Agri Processors tried to get the complaint thrown out on the grounds that illegals cannot be classified as “employees” and thus not eligible to vote in the union.  The majority of the Appellate Court of the DC Circuit interpreted the law to allow illegals the right to vote in a union.  Judge Kavanaugh dissented and argued that the labor laws do not allow for such an outcome.

Of the hundreds of cases that Judge Kavanaugh ruled upon, why did Dick Durbin choose to pick out the Rubashkin case?  Was Dick hoping to draw attention to the fact that Rubashkin got his jail sentence commuted by President Trump?  Or was Dick just being a dick?


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