Judge Martinez Rules Against the Old Goat

Judge Martinez Rules Against the Old Goat


For the past several months the old goat has been hiding with the goats in his garage.  Many years ago the old goat turned his garage into a barn.  He has ducks, chickens and goats running around haystacks.  He has chickens in the rafters.  The old goat has been hiding with the goats in order to avoid the Federal marshal.

The Federal marshal has been chasing the old goat all over the compound with a subpoena for his deposition.  The old goat’s attorney has been filing paperwork in court trying to reschedule the deposition until some indefinite date into the future.  The old goat even lied about a doctor’s appointment in order to get his deposition rescheduled.

The lawyer for Plaintiff Mirlis had to file motions to force the old goat to attend his deposition.  In spite of the large case backlog in the Federal courts, Judge Martinez ruled on the motions within a couple of weeks.  The Judge granted Mirlis’ motions and ordered that Greer had to be deposed within 14 days.

The attorney for Mirlis emailed Greer’s attorney with a list of dates over the next 14 days to schedule Greer’s deposition.  Greer’s attorney wouldn’t agree to any dates suggested by the attorney for Mirlis. Greer’s attorney came up with his own date.  He picked a date beyond the 14 days, in violation of the court order.  Greer’s attorney claims that he cannot be deposed within the next 14 days because it would interfere with religious holidays.  Talk about chutzpah!

The email exchange between the attorneys shows the lengths the old goat has gone to avoid this deposition.  At one point the attorney for Mirlis wrote in an email, “there is no basis to trust anything he says or does.”

Recent sightings at the compound have been trickling into the offices of Larry Noodles.  The old goat conducted Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services at the compound as scheduled.  The old goat has a dwindling group of New Haven sycophants:  Jerry Paley, Arnie Rogoff, Mark Roffman, Lou Goldberg, Glen, the Undertaker, Mr. Robot, and Quick Draw McGraw. There are still boys from out of town into the compound.

One reader sent me a link to the following internet posting:  “A Rabbi in New Haven Connecticut is looking for boys to help out for a minyan for this week will pay travel money give you a place to stay Will pay for food and will give $400 you just need to be there Monday through Friday for 3 tefelos a day you can leave Friday after Shachris, only three spots left if interested call 929-770-9283.”  

I called 929-770-9283 today and inquired about how to get paid $400.00.  The young man who picked up the telephone had a heavy Brooklyn accent.  He told me that this was an old ad that was for the Jewish holidays.  He said that the rabbi doesn’t need anyone right now.  I asked him the name of the rabbi.  The man said the name was “Greer.”  I asked the man whether this was the same Greer who is getting sued for child molestation.  The man said, “could be, I don’t know.”  We wished each other a Good Shabbos and hung up.

There have been reported sightings of a new man hanging around the compound.  An older religious man with a long grey beard has been spotted walking around Elm Street with a younger man, possibly his son.  I am not sure who they are or how much the old goat is paying them.  I will keep readers posted as to the latest developments.

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