Judge Recommends Otisville for Michael Cohen

Judge Recommends Otisville for Michael Cohen

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Outside deck visiting Area in Otisville Prison Camp; Prison Warehouse in background behind the red dumpster where I stole spiral noodles and smuggled them back into the camp, which got me in trouble and earned me the nickname Larry Noodles

Judge William Pauly issued his order of incarceration for Attorney Michael Cohen.  Michael Cohen is the attorney who got raided by the Feds and quickly snitched out his own client the President of the United States.  After Cohen got raided by the Feds he sang like a canary.  Cohen even produced a tape recording that he secretly recorded with Donald Trump.  What kind of a sleezy attorney tape records conversations with his own client?  Is there no honor among thieves?  What is the world coming to if you can’t trust your co-conspirators to keep their mouths shut?   

Former inmates, retired gangsters and other disreputable friends of mine, both Jews and Gentiles, have been asking me to produce proof that Cohen is going to Otisville.  Other guys have told me that Cohen would probably want to go to a prison that has an RDAP program, ie., a program to treat drug and alcohol addiction which cuts your sentence short.  Other rehabilitated criminals have told me that Otisville will not “accept” a high profile guy like Cohen.  I appreciate all the free advice but I stand my ground.  Cohen is going to Otisville.  Otisville has had plenty of high profile inmates.  Cohen can always transfer out of Otisville and get into the RDAP program with fellow members of his Hebrew tribe in sunny Miami.  Governor Rowland started at Otisville and transferred out to Lewisberg Prison for RDAP.    

I have obtained a copy of Judge Pauly’s order recommending that Cohen spend three years in Otisville. Judge Pauly specifically recommended Otisville.  If the Bureau of Prisons tries to send him somewhere else Cohen’s attorneys will file motions and create more problems for the Feds.  Cohen’s only other choices close to his family living in the Upper East Side are MDC in Brooklyn, MCC in Manhattan, or Fort Dix in New Jersey.   MDC and MCC are not ideal prisons for a not so nice Jewish boy from Manhattan.  Cohen could easily get knifed or beat up in MDC or MCC, which would embarrass the Feds.  It would also create problems for Mueller in his ongoing investigation.  Cohen is the king rat in the Mueller case.  If Cohen gets whacked in the face with a lock in a sock it will be difficult for him to testify with a broken jaw.  The jury won’t understand a word he is saying. 

The Bureau of Prisons could send Cohen to Fort Dix in Jew Jersey.  It’s easier to smuggle in a cell phone or a tablet at Fort Dix than it is at Otisville.  But Fort Dix has over 300 inmates in the camp.  Otisville has about 100 inmates.  There is a higher guard / inmate ratio in Otisville than in Fort Dix.  Guys who screw up in Otisville usually get shipped off to Fort Dix.  Fort Dix gets all the Otisville rejects.  Otisville has the best behaved and least violent criminals.  Cohen will be safe in Otisville.  Mueller can rest easy at night knowing that his star rat will be able to eat his cheese in peace. 

Cohen has to turn himself in on March 6, 2019, which is two weeks before Purim and about a month before Passover.  I was able to use a scissors and material in the warehouse to made Purim masks when I was locked up in Otsiville.  I let inmate Moshe Butler use my masks in the visiting room when his children came to visit.  Poor guy is going back there.  Good kosher food comes into Otisville during Passover.  There was enough shmura matzohs to feed an army of inmates.  The boxes were piled up to the ceiling in the Chief Blue Boy’s office who ran the camp, ie., Officer Scalboni. 

I don’t think Cohen will look to extend his Otisville check in date.  Cohen squealed to the Feds before he even signed a cooperation agreement, which is highly unusual.  Federal investigations usually drag on forever, with snitches sometimes waiting years for a bunk in Otisville.  The New York Times reported that Cohen wanted to speed up the process so that he can put it behind him and move on with his wretched life. 

Below is a copy of Judge Pauly’s order: 

JUDGMENT IN A CRIMINAL CASE as to Michael Cohen (1). The defendant pleaded guilty to counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8. IMPRISONMENT: 36 months incarceration to be served concurrently to the sentence imposed on docket 18-Cr-850 (WHP). The court makes the following recommendations to the Bureau of Prisons: The Court recommends the defendant be designated to Otisville. The defendant shall surrender for service of sentence at the institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons before 2 p.m. on 3/6/2019. SUPERVISED RELEASE: 3 years on each count to be served concurrently to each other and to the term of supervision imposed on docket 18-Cr-850 (WHP). SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF SUPERVISION: The defendant shall provide the probation officer with access to any requested financial information. ASSESSMENT: $800.00 due immediately. FINE: $50,000.00. RESTITUTION: $1,393,858.00. The restitution and fine must be paid in monthly installments equal to 10% of the gross monthly income over a period of supervision to commence 30 days after the release from custody. The defendant shall forfeit the defendant’s interest in the following property to the United States: As per Forfeiture Order. (Signed by Judge William H. Pauley, III on 12/12/2018) (lnl) (Entered: 12/13/2018)

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