Judge Shea Sanctions Sarah Greer $2K In Atty Fees

Judge Shea Sanctions Sarah Greer $2K In Atty Fees

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Rebbetzin Sarah Greer AKA “The Ewe” waiting for Mrs. Ledbury to pick her up during the criminal trial of her husband Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat”

In December of 2018 child rape victim Eli Mirlis filed a lawsuit against the Ewe alleging that the Goat fraudulently transferred $238K in Goat cash out of his name and into the name of the Ewe, frustrating Eli’s attempt to collect on his $15 million verdict against the Goat. Mirlis filed a motion for an attachment of the Ewe’s assets prior to trial, ie., a prejudgment remedy attachment. Federal Judge Richardson granted the request for an attachment and made the following findings: “The jury returned its verdict against Mr. Greer on May 18, 2017 for $15 million. The first check was drafted shortly before the verdict, on May 12, 2017, for $5,000.00. The second check was drafted on June 16, 2017 in the amount of $13,000.00. The final check, a bank check from June 5, 2017, was made payable to the defendant Sarah Greer in the amount of $220,000.00. The Court finds probable cause that the plaintiff can prove that the three transfers were made with fraudulent intent. The transfers, which were concealed from the plaintiff, occurred immediately before and immediately after the verdict and judgment. The defendant’s husband was about to become insolvent at the time of the transfer, as a result of the transfers. Although Sarah Greer testified that she could not recall if she knew about the verdict when she issued the checks in May and June of 2017, she testified that she was in court on the day the verdict was rendered so she was familiar with the numbers. The Court finds that the transfers were concealed from the plaintiff. There is evidence that the defendant nearly depleted a bank account that she had not used for a year. Further, the check transfers occurred around the time of the jury verdict and judgment. Ten days after the judgment, the transfers were deposited into an out of state account solely bearing the defendant Sarah Greer’s name. Not only did the check transfers occur at this time, but Sarah Greer removed herself as a signatory on an account that she had held jointly with her husband for years. Daniel Greer did not receive any consideration for the money that was transferred. Instead, Sarah Greer testified that she had wanted ‘to take the money from our joint account that belongs to me and take it out.’ Based on this evidence, a fact finder could reasonably conclude that, contrary to Sarah Greer’s testimony, the money in the account did not belong to Sarah Greer, such that consideration was owed to the debtor-husband. Sarah Greer has offered no evidence of any such consideration.”

The fraudulent conveyance trial will be heard next year. In the meantime the lawyers for Mirlis are attempting to obtain discovery from the Ewe. The Ewe has not been cooperative in producing financial information about fraudulent transfers between the Ewe and the Goat. The Ewe stonewalled Mirlis, forcing Mirlis to file a Motion for Sanctions. The Ewe responded by filing a motion for extension of time to comply with discovery. The Ewe’s attorney argued in his motion the following: “The reason for this request is that the defendant has been in Court every day during the criminal case against her husband which arises out of the same facts which form a basis for this fraudulent convenience action, and because of her involvement in that case assisting her husband, supporting him in Court and obtaining evidence to assist his counsel she has been unable to cooperate with the undersigned in complying with the Court Order of August 26, 2019.” The Ewe’s assistance to the Goat did not help the Goat in any way. The Goat was convicted of four felonies. Judge Shea denied the Ewe’s request for an extension of time and granted the motion for sanctions.

The attorney for Mirlis filed a bill for legal fees in the amount of $2,512.50 for sanctions. The Attorney for the Ewe objected to the legal bill and made the following argument: “The defendant Sarah Greer objects to the Plaintiff’s counsel’s Affidavit listing 5.8 hours to draft and continue to draft a motion for sanctions. The Gettysburg Address was written in less time, and the amount claimed to draft a motion for sanctions is excessive and unreasonable.” Judge Shea overruled the Ewe’s objection to the amount of the legal bill and stated the following in his order: “While it is true, as the objection notes, that the Gettysburg Address was written in less time, that historic speech did not, and did not need to, detail every troop movement leading up to the historic confrontation in a Pennsylvania field and surrounding woodland. A convincing motion for sanctions, by contrast, usually must set forth in some detail the procedural history culminating in the failure to comply with a court order in order to persuade the Court that the noncompliance warrants a sanction.” Judge Shea failed to mention that Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address on parchment that was supplied by a Jewish owned paper company named Philp & Solomons, which was founded by Franklin Philp and Adolphus Simeon Solomons.

The Goat’s sentencing is still scheduled for November 20th. The Goat hasn’t tried to get an extension of time. I don’t know if the Goat met with the Office of Probation for his interview prior to sentencing. The Probation Office interviews all persons convicted of a crime prior to sentencing so that they can prepare a report to submit to the sentencing Judge. The report makes recommendations with regard to prison or probation or other services that may be available by the State of Connecticut, such as drug addiction treatment. Probation usually doesn’t cut you a break unless you have some extraordinary circumstances like a medical condition. There is no way to avoid jail no matter how well you get along with your Probation officer. I can’t see the Goat’s probation officer recommending anything short of a lengthy jail sentence. The Goat has a final hearing scheduled for December for the foreclosure case against his rape school building. The Goat isn’t going to hold onto that building for too much longer. The Federal case to pierce the corporate veil against the Goat’s non-profit entities is still pending. The Goat’s high priced attorneys from Day Pitney filed a motion asking Federal Judge Haight to dismiss the case. Judge Haight has yet to reach a decision.

The Goat will continue to burn through all his money on attorneys fees, including attorneys fees to Jeffrey Sklarz, the President of the Jewish Community Center. The Goat would rather give his attorneys all his money than pay the victims of his crime. Attorneys, and Jewish leaders, such as Sklarz, would rather defend the Goat and take his money than make a public statement against pedophiles, or make any statement supporting the victims of the Goat. The Almighty Dollar. “If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at who He gives it to!” -Irish Proverb.

For God, For Country, For Skull & Bones, For Adolphus Simeon Solomons. Moshiach Now!

“The hand of HaShem lay heavy upon the goats, and he wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

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  1. Lincoln also used a great General named Ulysses. Ulysses would have loved the goat. He had direct dealings with men none too dissimilar to the good Rebbi. Those dealings led Ulysses to conclude only one thing.

    See General Order #11

    “… but they are such an intolerable nuisance…”


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