Judge Shea Slams The Goat In New Court Ruling

Judge Shea Slams The Goat In New Court Ruling

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On May 18, 2017 the jury in the Goat’s child rape case awarded rape victim Eli Mirlis $15 million.  Another $5 million was added for attorneys fees, bringing the judgment against Rabbi Daniel “The Goat” Greer up to $20 million.  The Goat still hasn’t paid a shekel on the $20 million judgment.  With interest the total judgment is now close to $22 million.

The attorneys for rape victim Mirlis asked Federal Judge Shea to sign “execution forms” so that they may execute against the Goat’s property and real estate.  Mirlis did not file forms requesting a public execution of the Goat.  No such forms exist in the Federal courts.  Under Biblical law sodomy is considered a capital offense and the Goat would be publicly executed by the Sanhedrin.

The Goat’s high paid attorneys vigorously objected to the request to execute against the Goat’s property and real estate.  Larry Noodles had no objection to the execution.  Avi Hack had no objection to the execution even though Avi Hack referred to the Goat in his videotaped deposition as his “religious role model, guidepost, exemplary in every way.”  Judge Shea granted my request to obtain the videotaped deposition.  Avi Hack filed an appeal.  The appeal is still pending.

The Goat’s highly paid and politically connected attorneys dragged the issue of the execution for many months in Federal court.  The Goat is being represented by Attorneys from the Sklarz Law Firm, big Jewish macher attorneys in local New Haven Jewish institutions such as the Jewish Federation.  Anyone who represents the Goat should be institutionalized.

Judge Shea scheduled a hearing on the Goat’s execution.  The attorneys submitted briefs.  Judge Shea just issued a ruling on the Goat’s objections to the execution.  The Judge told the Goat and his attorneys to stop with their shenanigans and pay up.  Judge Shea ruled against the Goat.  Judge Shea stated in his ruling:

“The defendants submit a proposed installment payment plan of “twenty-five percent (25%) of Greer’s weekly disposable earnings plus the monthly amount of rental income received from Greer’s Newport property,” which the defendants identify as approximately $195.00 per month. These weekly payments, the defendants argue, should serve in lieu of permitting Mirlis to execute on the defendants’ bank accounts. The defendants’ proposal is wholly inadequate. It fails to detail the amount of “Greer’s weekly disposable earnings.” When this is coupled with the meager income defendants aver will be derived from Greer’s Newport property, it creates serious doubt that such an installment payment plan would “facilitate payment of the judgment.” I therefore reject the defendants’ proposed installment payment plan.”

The Goat’s attorneys should be ashamed of themselves for requesting that Judge Shea order the Goat to pay 25% of his disposable income, which they blatantly fail to disclose, and 25% of $195.00 of Newport rental income.  Who is actually paying the Goat $195.00 a month to rent the Goat’s summer home in Newport, RI?  It must be the Goat’s loyal Ewe, ie., Sarah Greer.  Did the Goat’s attorneys actually expect Judge Shea to believe that the Ewe is cutting the Goat a check for $195.00 per month?

The Ewe has had a teaching position for many years at Yeshiva University.  The Ewe and the Goat were very close with YU Rabbi J. David Bleich.  I checked the YU website and could find no listing for Rebbetzin Sarah Greer.  I wonder if YU fired the Ewe because of the Goat.  The Ewe may have a wrongful termination case.  You cannot fire someone from a job just because your husband is a depraved goat.  I would suggest that readers contact Rabbi Bleich directly at bleich@yu.edu and find out what happened to the Ewe.  I wanted to enroll in the Ewe’s class and now I am unable to do so.

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