Judge Shea To Order Goat To Make Weekly Payments

Judge Shea To Order Goat To Make Weekly Payments

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On June 6, 2017 Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat” was ordered to pay child rape victim Eli Mirlis $15 million.  The Goat still hasn’t paid a shekel.  The judgment, with interest, has ballooned to the amount of 21.7 million bucks.

The Goat has been fighting every attempt by Mirlis to collect on the judgment since the judgment entered over a year ago.  The Goat has been fighting a foreclosure case against his residence.  The Goat has been fighting a foreclosure case against his shul building.  Mirlis even had to file foreclosure cases against land that the Goat owns in Massachusetts and in Bethany, CT.  The Goat refused to sign any land over to Mirlis.  Meanwhile the Goat has filed over 40 tax appeals against the City of New Haven to try to get his property taxes reduced.  The Goat already pays reduced taxes because he is a non-profit.  Talk about Chutzpah.

The Goat must have very deep pockets to afford to wage legal challenges in numerous foreclosure cases, file 40 tax appeals, litigate a defamation case against Larry Noodles, file an appeal with the Second Circuit on the $21 million judgment, and file an appeal with the Second Circuit of Judge Shea’s order to release the Avi Hack deposition to Larry Noodles.  The Goat has hired three separate law firms to handle all this legal work.  Plus the Goat is paying Rabbi Notis, the “Joke” to run a yeshiva in the same buildings where the Goat repeatedly raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis.

Mirlis just filed a Motion to force the Goat to make weekly payments towards the judgment.  Mirlis has asked Judge Shea to conduct a hearing to determine what the Goat can afford.

Connecticut law provides the following:  “When a judgment is rendered against a natural person, the judgment creditor may move the court for an order for installment payments in accordance with a money judgment. After hearing and consideration of the judgment debtor’s financial circumstances, the court may order installment payments reasonably calculated to facilitate payment of the judgment.  A judgment creditor may not apply for a wage execution unless there has been a default in an installment payment order.”

Judge Shea will schedule a hearing to determine how much the Goat can afford to pay each week based on the Goat’s “financial circumstances.”  The Goat will claim he is impoverished, if the Goat even shows up for the hearing.  The Goat’s attorneys will submit financial documentation and try to keep the Goat from having to attend the hearing.

After Judge Shea orders that the Goat make weekly payments the Goat will default on the Court order.  It’s predictable.  The Goat has flouted Court orders throughout his legal proceedings in Federal court.  The Goat even enlisted his attorneys to hand Judge Shea a bogus restraining order to try to get me kicked out of Federal court.  The Goat’s three attorneys were unsuccessful. They only succeeded in destroying their credibility, along with the Goat’s credibility, in front of Judge Shea. Larry Noodles was the only human, and convicted felon, in the Federal Courtroom who knew how to read a restraining order. Goats can’t read English.

After the Goat defaults on his weekly payment order Mirlis will seek to have the Goat’s wages attached.  The Goat gets paid a yearly salary by the non profit entity “The Yeshiva of New Haven.”  The Goat also gets paid by his various non profit entities that own over 40 multi family houses in New Haven.   Rabbi David Bleich of Yeshiva University sits on the Board of the Yeshiva of New Haven, along with Rabbi Greer AKA “the Goat,” and Rebbitzin Sarah Greer, AKA “the Ewe.”

Mirlis will have to have the wage attachment served upon either the Goat, the Ewe, or Rabbi Bleich, as officers of the Yeshiva of New Haven.  The Ewe and the Goat will avoid service of process by hiding in the Goat’s garage which was converted into a barn and contains a family of ducks, goats, and possibly a few chickens.

Readers have asked me numerous times whether I am joking when I write about how the Goat’s garage was turned into a barn.  I am not joking.  The Goat turned his garage into a barn many years ago.  You can ask anyone who passed through the compound over the years to verify this information.  You can even ask Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, Avi Hack, Harold Hack, the Undertaker, Rabbi David Bleich, the Mathematician, Dark Matter, Actor Bruce Altman, Rabbi Notis, Salty Betzim, or the Rabbi Muroff, the man who found $98K in a desk he bought on Craigslist, if you don’t believe me.  Dov and Ezi Greer will refuse to acknowledge that they are offspring of the Goat, so you may get an angry response from them.

If the wage attachment order is not served on the Goat or his Ewe, the Goat’s wages cannot be attached.  The Goat, the Ewe, and Avi Hack have played numerous games to avoid getting served by marshals throughout the Goat rape case.  Avi Hack ran out of his classroom, and out the back door of the public school where he worked, abandoning a roomful of students when he saw the marshal walking down the hall.  The Goat refused to answer the door at his house numerous times or at his shul when Marshal Miller showed up to serve the initial paperwork in the child rape case.  Marshal Miller was forced to serve the Goat’s attorney William Ward at his law office in Litchfield, which is located an hour away from New Haven.

The attorneys for rape victim Mirlis may wish to serve Rabbi Bleich in New York City with the wage execution.  I cannot see Rabbi Bleich running out of a classroom of Yeshiva University students if a marshal came knocking at his door.

The Goat has a long relationship with Bleich.  The Goat even named Bleich as an expert witness in Jewish law and ethics in the rape case.  Bleich never showed up for trial.  Its not a good sign when your own witness doesn’t show up to defend you in court.  The only witnesses who showed up to testify and defend the Goat were his Ewe and Jean Ledbury.  Neither one of them had much to say.  Both of them nervously stared at the Goat during their testimony while the Goat gave them signals by nodding his head or making faces.  Jurors saw right through the Goat’s shenanigans and awarded rape victim Mirlis $15 million.

I don’t understand why Rabbi Bleich continues to maintain his role as a board member at the Yeshiva of New Haven.  Bleich won’t respond to my emails asking him to explain himself.  Bleich has never been one to be media shy.  Bleich is in the news all the time pontificating on important Jewish issues.  The only issue Bleich has never spoken about is child rape.  The silence is deafening.  Perhaps readers will have a better chance of getting an from Rabbi J. David Bleich on the issue of Rabbi Goat raping children.  Rabbi Bleich’s email address is bleich@yu.edu.  Tell him I would like to interview him for the Larry Noodles blog.

The last time Rabbi Bleich spoke about child molestation was in August of 1996.  Bleich was asked by the Hartford Courant whether it was permissible to castrate a pedophile. Bleich told the Courant that he “opposes surgical castration as cruel and unusual punishment.”  As for administering a drug to lower the sex drive, Bleich said, “I have no problem with that.”  Bleich should check whether the drugs that lower a mans sex drive are also effective when administered to goats.

The Goat’s criminal case is scheduled for next week on June 20th at 235 Church Street, New Haven.  When you speak with Rabbi Bleich you may want to ask him whether he has any comment on the Goat’s pending criminal case, or whether he has read the Goat’s arrest warrant.

3 thoughts on “Judge Shea To Order Goat To Make Weekly Payments

  1. I don’t understand why so many people shun you in the New Haven community – I do understand why people might feel uneasy or self conscious that you will lash out indiscriminately. I don’t know who your friends are..you might voice unpopular opinions but you are doing us all a service by your fearless pursuit of the truth.

    I suggest that instead of being angry at you, people in New Haven should enter into a dialogue with you.

    I have received numerous phone calls and warnings that you are toxic. And to be careful around you or better yet avoid commicating with you altogether.

    I think you are courageous to still flesh out the truth even when everyone is criticizing you.

    Still, even dogs don’t shit where they play…

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