Judgment Lien Filed Against Greer & Business Partner Doris Zelinsky

Judgment Lien Filed Against Greer & Business Partner Doris Zelinsky



(August 19, 2016)  Larry Noodles previously reported on May 13, 2016 that Rabbi Greer had two judgment liens filed against him, one for $291.00 owed to Yale Diagnostics and another in the amount of $262.54 owed to Hospital of St Raphael.  Larry Noodles has now uncovered another judgment lien filed against Rabbi Greer.  This judgment lien was for the amount of $935.27 plus $20.00 in court costs.  This judgment lien was against Greer and his business partner at the time, Doris Zelinsky.  Doris Zelinsky was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Laticrete International, a global manufacturer of building and construction material.  No doubt she got her experience in the  construction trade when she worked with Rabbi Greer and his wife buying, selling and rehabbing New Haven properties in the Hood.  Doris Zelinsky is married to prominent Yale law graduate and  law professor Edward Zelinsky.

Edward Zelinsky is described by Wikipedia as “a tax scholar on the subject of United States tax law, professor at Cardozo Law School in New York City, and frequent visiting professor at the Yale Law School.  He has also taught at Cornell, NYU and Columbia.”  Edward went to Yale Law School with United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  Edward has testified before Congress before the Judiciary Committee and served seven times on the New Haven Board of Alderman and the New Haven Finance Committee.

You can see why Rabbi Greer wanted to befriend the Zelinsky family.  Rabbi Greer likes to surround himself with people of  wealth and power, whether it is the Mayor, the Police Chief, or members of the Board of Alderman.  Greer is always looking to raise more money for his non-profit institutions. People with position and power give Greer an air of prestige and credibility. The Zelinskys, along with many others, were duped by this madman.  They sent their boys to the Greer Asylum. For people who were so smart, how could they be so stupid?

The Zelinskys gave birth to a budding lawyer named Nathan Zelinsky.  Nate is currently in a prestigious fellowship program with Yale University and Cambridge University in England. When Nathan was an undergrad at liberal Yale he was an outspoken right wing nut job, much like Rabbi Greer.  He referred to his fellow Yalies as “liberal internationalists.”  He sounds like someone who was trained in the politics and style of Rabbi Greer. Outspoken, haughty & condescending.  Nate was excoriated by the liberal Yalies as being a racist when he attacked the New Haven aldermen for proposing a living wage.   We can only hope that Nate wakes up and realizes that his pompous and elitist attitude was the result of being exposed to psychopath Rabbi Greer.

Nate Zelinsky publicly attacked the New Haven cops, calling them thugs, for roughing up a few Yalies when the cops raided a downtown bar called Elevate in a crackdown on underage drinking. One of the Yalies, a football player named Jordan Jefferson, was tasered by the cops.  This crybaby is suing the City of New Haven in Federal court for emotional distress. The case is still pending after 5 years. Fellow Yalies called Nate a hypocrite for never saying a word about how Blacks get roughed up by New Haven cops all the time.  The Internal Affairs investigation cleared the cops of any wrongdoing.  What a surprise!

Nathan’s prominent father Edward Zelinsky has been subjected to vicious attacks on the internet as being elitist and condescending.  The legal community has recently debated whether to shorten law school from 3 years to two years, due to the high cost of tuition and the fact that every law student knows that the last year in law school is a complete waste of time.  Larry Noodles knows this from personal experience. But  Prominent Law Profesor Ed Zelinsky took a strong stance against shortening law school.  He has proposed that law school be increased to four years.  He has been lambasted all over the internet for making such a pompous Greer-type proposal and has been referred to as a “dung beetle.”  Hopefully he will come to his senses and realize that his exposure to Greer caused him to suffer permanent mental damage.

At one point in time, some years ago, the Zelinskys were very close with the Greer family.  Doris Zelinsky was a partner with Rabbi Greer and his wife on a number of New Haven properties.  Edward Zelinsky was also involved in some of these real estate transactions.  There is a plaque hanging in the Greer synagogue with Edward Zelinsky named as a prominent donor to the Greer institution.  The Zelinskys sent their children to the Greer school.  One child turned out ok, he is a mathametician.  As for Nate, he has been quiet lately, but you will hear from him, he is graduating soon from his prestigious law fellowship.  He has a few years of right wing Greer-like rantings bottled up, ready to explode.  He has written articles for the Washington Post, the Atlantic, Commentary, the National Review. But he has yet to be published by the Wall Street Journal, Rabbi Greer’s favorite newspaper.

Edward Zelinsky is still involved with the Greers.  He is listed as agent for service on three of Greer’s non profit entities:  Edgewood Village Inc, Edgewood Elm Village Inc., and F.O.H. Inc.   He was recently served by Marshal Miller as agent for service for these non-profits in the Federal child rape lawsuit brought by Plaintiff Mirlis. Zelinsky was not named as a defendant in the Mirlis lawsuit.  He was served as agent to accept service of process for Greer.  Rabbi Greer has been hiding in the compound, refusing to accept service of papers from Marshal Miller, directing his secretary to tell the Marshal that he is not around.  Zelinsky probably regrets the day he ever met the Greers.

It is not clear why  Rabbi Greer and Doris Zelinsky were sued by Michael Boerner and Rachel Broatch in the New Haven housing court.  But Greer and Zelinsky were supposed to pay them $935.27.  They never paid, forcing Boerner and Broatch to file a judgment lien against Greer property.  Boerner and Broatch were represented by Attorney Mort Dimenstein at the time.  Dimenstein did some jail time up in Somers for stealing money from clients.  Boerner and Broatch also appear to have had some run-ins with law enforcement, from the criminal records database that Larry Noodles accessed.  What kind of people were Greer and Zelinsky associated with at this time?

Larry Noodles did further research and found a release in the land records signed by Boerner and Broatch, which would indicate that the judgment lien was paid off by Greer and Zelinsky.  Except the release was filed ten years after the judgment.  Why did it take Greer and Zelinsky over ten years to pay off $935.27 plus court costs?  Larry Noodles apologizes to readers that he doesn’t have all the answers to this latest Greer mystery, but he will keep digging!

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