Jury Selection for Greer Criminal Case Tomorrow

Jury Selection for Greer Criminal Case Tomorrow

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Daniel Greer & his son Ezi, during happy times, long before Ezi left New Haven after Mirlis filed a child rape case against the old Goat. In the civil child rape case, the expert for Mirlis testified that Ezi may have been raped by his father the Goat

The day of reckoning for “Rabbi” Greer’s 40 year reign of terror, sexual abuse and molestation at his Yeshiva of New Haven is long overdue. The Goat’s criminal trial, scheduled for tomorrow, should have been filed many years ago. Enablers and protectors of this monster, such as Greer’s own children, and Avi Hack, who was also a victim, and Harold Hack (Avi’s father), kept this man in power in his little cult for over 30 years. The Goat’s money is what also kept him in power. The Goat paid off politicians, Mayors, State representatives, and State Senators for years. In return the Goat got lucrative contracts from the City of New Haven to plant trees, and water the trees, all over the Edgewood neighborhood, as well as State grants to improve his buildings. The goat rented his commercial building on the corner of Whalley and Norton to the Police Department of the City of New Haven, one block away from where he repeatedly raped teenagers Eli Mirlis, Avi Hack, and others.

The days of glory for the Goat have come to an end. The Goat no longer has a school. The Goat’s school was purposefully kept very small. The Goat created his own cult. The Goat’s preschool consisted of his 15 grandchildren and a few clueless locals. The high school consisted of four or five students with behavioral problems, from large families, recruited from New York and New Jersey. The perfect victims.

Recently the Goat has recruited young men to make a minyan at his house of horrors. Most of these men have no idea who the Goat is or what he is all about. I’ve met many of these guys. They told me that they were recruited by a African convert named Joel, from Cameroon. The Goat must be sending goat gold to Joel’s family back in Africa. The goat has deep pockets. The Goat is bankrolling a team of high priced lawyers to defend him in civil and criminal proceedings. The Goat files an appeal for every court order.

The Goat’s attorney Willie Dow has resorted to all kinds of sleezy tactics in order to delay the Goat’s day of reckoning and push off jury selection in his criminal trial scheduled for tomorrow. Dow named Rebbetzin Gettinger, wife of Rabbi Getinger z”l, as his defense witness and requested that the Court allow him time to take the Rebbetzin’s deposition in Chicago and submit said deposition, under seal, to the Court. The State’s Attorney filed an objection to Dow’s naming Gettinger as a witness and stated: “The State objects to deposing Mrs. Gettinger, as she is incompetent as a witness under the Connecticut Code of Evidence. On August 8, 2019 Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensy spoke by phone with Julian Ungar, Mrs. Gettinger’s son-in-law. Mr. Ungar indicated that Mrs. Gettinger is not lucid in the morning, and experiences sun downing (confusion) in the morning. He further indicated that she is more lucid in the afternoon.”

Willie Dow recently named Rabbi Avroham Notis as a witness, as well as some of the family members of the rape victim. The Goat allowed Notis to operate an OTD yeshiva for slackers in the compound, with the slackers sleeping in the Goat’s dorm building. The Goat had the master keys of course. The Goat was paying Notis big bucks to stay in New Haven with his teenagers. The boys gave the middle finger to New Haven Independent reporter Chris Peak, captured on photos, when Peak tried to interview them. Eventually Notis left town and resettled in Lancaster, PA. Notis had enough of the Goat. Notis insisted that the Goat put a window on the door of the Goat’s office. No amount of money could compensate Notis to enable a pedophile. Notis didn’t even know the Goat when the Goat raped his victims in the criminal case. There is nothing Notis can add to the Goat’s defense. Notis could testify as a character witness at the Goat’s sentencing if and when the Goat is convicted of second degree sexual assault.

Willie Dow also named Lawrence Dressler, AKA, Larry Noodles as a witness he intends to call in the Goat case as part of his defense. This is not fake news. Willie Dow named Larry Noodles as the Goat’s witness. The reason Dow named me as a witness is to keep me out of the Courtroom during the trial. A Court can sequester witnesses if they are expected to testify. I filed an objection to Dow naming me as a witness. You can read a copy of my objection below:

For G-d, For the United States of America, For Yale


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4 thoughts on “Jury Selection for Greer Criminal Case Tomorrow

  1. By the way, Julian Ungar is not a mister but a doctor. He is in fact a neurologist, so he knows what he’s talking about.

  2. I take it from the look of Ezi’s mouth, the Goat didn’t have a brother who was also a dentist/orthodontist. lmao


  3. Hi! I regularly read your blog, and I admire your work for justice on behalf of victims of sexual abuse as well as your unique perspectives on the American judicial system. After reading this post, however, I am wondering why you feel it is necessary to repeatedly identify the recruiter from Cameroon as a convert. You identified him that way in previous posts, too. My question is about why you feel this is an important issue that needs to be repeatedly publicized. Thanks!

    1. Good point. I don’t even know if he is a convert. I know nothing about Joel. This is information that was provided to me from one of my sources that could help others identify him, and provide me with more detailed information about him and why he is at the compound working for the Goat. There is no intent on my part to insult him or slight him in any way.

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