Khan Not Guilty On All Counts

Khan Not Guilty On All Counts

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Saifullah Khan is a free man.  Khan was acquitted on all counts at 12:44 PM by a jury of his peers.  At 11:49 AM the jury sent a note to the judge asking to look at the screen shot of the Whats Up App that Attorney Norm Pattis entered into evidence through the testimony of Khan’s alibi witness Habasa.  The screen shot showed a record of a phone call between Khan and Habasa that occurred in the middle of the night on Halloween, 2015, the date and time that the victim was allegedly raped.

I could hear noise coming from the jury room during deliberations.  I heard mostly female voices speaking in loud voices.  The foreperson of the jury was a middle aged woman.  This woman read the verdict.  I thought I heard someone in the jury room loudly say, “Shabtai is for shmeggegies.”

At 12:33 PM the jury sent a note to Judge Fischer indicating that they had reached a verdict.  Attorney Norm Pattis was not there to hear the verdict.  Attorney Erwin was there.  Randal Beach from the New Haven Register was there.  Reporters from the Yale Daily were there.  Larry Noodles was there.  Paul Bass and Chris Peak from the New Haven Independent were not there, they were out of town attending a Communist rally.

Khan had relatives to support him when the jury was read.  There were some Middle Eastern family members and supporters in the courthouse.  There was a group from a couple of non-profit organizations looking for criminal justice reform that were also there to support Khan.  On the State’s side I recognized a couple of prosecutors and a few people who worked in the court house.  I also recognized one mysterious young man, a Jew, who hugged Khan after the verdict was read.  This Jew obviously is a friend of Khan.  He is also a Yale graduate.  I promised I wouldn’t publish his name, I will stick to my promise.  Even though I am a convicted felon, I have set high standards for my blog.  This Jew was very happy for Khan, outside the courthouse he joyously said “shalom alaikum.”  I replied, shouldn’t it be “salaam alaikum,” Khan is a Muslim.

After the verdict was read Khan’s group hugged and cried in the courthouse, and then went outside the courthouse for more hugs.  It was a very emotional moment.  I didn’t see Khan’s girlfriend Habasa anywhere in sight.  You would think that she would be there, not only is she his girlfriend, but she was his alibi, she saved his tuchus from getting raped in prison.

I congratulated Khan in the court hall.  I asked Khan if I could take his picture in the courthouse.  He said “no.”

Khan and his group had been reading my blog all along.  Khan wanted to know if I paid royalties to the New Haven Register for misappropriating the photo of him from their website and creating a meme on my blog.  Randall Beach, from the Register was in the courtroom, so I offered Randall a few bucks for using the photo.  He told me to contact his editor.  I personally do not make any of the memes I post.  A Yale trained doctor located in an out-of-State safe house who creates all my meme material.  I have a meme department located in the Midwest.

I spoke with Khan a number of times during the trial.  He seems to be a decent guy, even though he was charged with a violent crime.  I don’t think the jury wanted to send him to jail, which could also lead to deportation to Pakistan.  He is a young guy.  The victim was very drunk.  It was not the strongest case for the State.  I thought the victim presented very well, she cried for two days.  But when she went to get tested for STD’s she told the nurse that she had intercourse with her partner.  She didn’t mention anything about getting raped.  In her police statement she said that she was pretty sure it was sex because she didn’t have sex in six months and it felt like the last time she had sex.  When victims are giving statements to police officers and medical staff they are not anticipating that 2 years down the road they may be on trial. The State’s Attorney has to do the best job he can with the evidence he has. The victim testified that she was traumatized when she gave those statements.  I thought State’s Attorney Pepper did the best he could with what he had.

I don’t think the jury bought into Norm’s theory of the case, if he even had a theory.  He threw every theory out there, some inconsistent, hoping that something would stick.  He attacked the me too movement, Yale, the New Haven Police, the Prosecutor, the witnesses, the victim.  He came up with outlandish conspiracy theories about Yale, the Sexual Assault and Education Center, Title IX, the victim, Richard Gayler.  Norm’s mind was filled with over the top conspiracy theories. To top it off, Khan and Habasa concocted a wild alibi of an open sexual relationship, with Khan on the phone with Habasa right after he had sex with the victim.  Just for fun they threw in the theory that the victim’s throat rash and vomit was caused by Khan’s shmeckle going too deep and hitting the victim’s gag reflex.  The verdict could have easily went the other way.

The case definitively proved that Shabtai is for the misfits at Yale.  Khan was admittedly a misfit.  Khan didn’t have any friends.  He didn’t feel comfortable at Yale.  He said that the only place he felt at home was at Shabtai.  If Shabtai was the only place where Khan felt comfortable in New Haven, that’s not saying much for New Haven.

Shabtai member Richard Gayler is also a misfit.  Richard testified for the victim.  Richard is a professional gamer and high states poker player.  He came across as a nerd who aspired to be a hipster.  Richard testified that there were plenty of attractive and smart girls at Yale, why would he be jealous of Khan’s relationship with the victim.  There may be many smart and attractive girls at Yale, but I doubt any of them would want to sleep with Richard Gayler.  The leader of Shabtai is Rabbi Shmuly Hecht, who testified that he couldn’t tell if someone is intoxicated just by looking at them.  Norm Pattis, in his closing argument, told the jury, “I was very disappointed with the rabbi’s testimony, if this is what passes off as leadership for Shabtai I don’t know who the hell would follow him…”  The State’s Attorney, in his closing argument, told the jury, “I don’t like to disparage a member of the clergy, but…”

The case proved that Yale is no ivory tower. Yale is filled with students born with high IQs who get just as drunk and wasted as the students at Southern, Quinnipiac, and Gateway Community College.  At one point during the trial Norm asked Richard Gayler whether it was hard to get into Yale.  Richard paused for a few moments and looked at Norm incredulously.  It is not hard to get into Yale if you always scored high on standardized tests, and studying and test taking came easy to you.

Different castes exist at Yale.  You have the super rich kids, who only want a Yale degree for the prestige.  You have the students who go on to medical school, law school or Wall Street.  And then you have the middle class and poor kids who work at the cafeteria serving the rich students.  Khan and the victim both worked at the cafeteria. Khan and the victim had two strikes against them at Yale.  They were both poor and both from third world countries.  If Khan was a prince from Saudi Arabia he would have fraternized with American one percenters.  Instead, Khan was a poor young man from a poor country.  My research department has determined that the victim comes from a Ukrainian Jewish background, a minority group that lived under religious oppression in the poor villages of the Ukraine.  Khan and the victim were cut from the same cloth.  Because he speaks Arabic, Khan was the only one who properly pronounced the word “Challah” during the entire trial.  He pronounced it even better than Rabbi Shmuly Hecht.

Khan wouldn’t let me take his picture in the courthouse, so I took a video outside of the courthouse.







20 thoughts on “Khan Not Guilty On All Counts

  1. bsd

    Larry Noodles is guilty as charged…guilty of writing the best damn, rooting-tooting blog in New Haven.

    Moshiach NOW!

  2. Have you ever blacked out?
    You don’t conveniently possibly remember one moment in the middle of a drinking blackout…and then deduce that you hadn’t consented because you drank too much to remember.
    Why do you fall into the trap of assuming she must be telling the truth and his side of the story must’ve ifar fetched?
    And about the rabbi, none of the witnesses had any frame of reference for ruach at a Chabad party- the general public doesn’t know what a l’chaim is – has no frame of reference to understand a Yiddish inflection with la lilt and assumes a ruuddiy slightly disheveled look is drunkenness. The Rabbi isn’t a chaperone for a 6th grade dance!
    Said is innocent. The injustice was the trial.

    1. It sounds like you know a lot about Jews. There were no Jews on the jury. I don’t believe you are a juror

        1. I heard the names of the jurors read by the clerk, none of the names sounded Jewish, but the clerk had a heavy foreign accent and some names weren’t too clear. One juror disclosed his name to the New York Times, his name was James Galullo, which doesn’t sound Jewish. I conducted a racial profile of all the jurors and none of them fell into the Larry Noodles racial profile for members of the Jewish race. One woman juror had a dark complexion and kinky hair. I sent out her profile to the Larry Noodles forensics lab located in Detroit, Michigan. My pathologist determined that although this juror had some DNA genetic identifiers associated with Semites, this juror was ruled out for a variety of reasons, which I don’t want to publicly disclosed, I don’t want to be accused of racism.

  3. Thanks for providing this perspective as a witness to the proceedings. It appears, though, that you are not convinced by the jury’s relatively swift verdict. However, from what I can glean, there was corroborating electronic evidence to his testimony, including the unusual call to his girlfriend in the middle of this episode, and the number of times when he left the room and returned – which would require the girl to electronically let him in each time. This, in itself, casts serious doubts on her story. The jury appears to have also viewed the security video very carefully and the NYT states that they didn’t see any visible sign of intoxication or the girl being coerced or dragged to her room. It seems that, in the end, justice prevailed just as it is supposed to.

    1. the girl didn’t have to electronically to open the door to perpetrator -he had a card which gave him access to everywheres dorms,she had a door with a key after in the dorm and was so easy do not lock this door with the key while victim was unconscious on the couch, just swipe /unswipe the card to access the dorm and here the unlocked door for you with sleeping victim even you can invite a friend and talk ???hours on the phone after rape

      1. Good point. But it still does not explain that he left her twice. First to look for her friend and then for condoms. Thanks to Larry’s intrepid reporting with the jurors, there was enough reasonable doubt not to convict, including the security video that apparently showed her laughing and talking with him. When presented with two conflicting stories, the jury had to weigh the testimony from both the accuser and the accused and they clearly felt the former wanting. According to Larry some of them were especially displeased with Khan’s situation after being found not guilty. And it is unfair because his name and face are all over the news and he will forever be marked by this event. However, the accuser remains anonymous – well, at least in part, thanks to Larry – and will not face any consequences for lying. This happened with the UVA fraternity rape case as well.

        1. nobody knows why khan was leaving so many times, what he was doing at that times and i think ,he was just finding excuses for his alibi. Same with the phone call to his alleged “girlfriend”-retarded bastard.
          Many witnesses said that victim was not her self , was giggling ,swearing and so that what every jurors saw on video. What a surprise for everybody: if you drunk you can not be yourself?

          1. Anita testified on direct examination that Khan barged into her room and didn’t leave. Anita, and the Prosecutor could not explain why there were so many card swipes made by Khan after he was supposed to have been in Anita’s room the whole time. The State’s attorney argued that the reason Khan swiped Keni’s dorm area that night was to further isolate Anita from Keni. Why would Khan need to isolate Keni, Keni was taken away in a gurney for being drunk, she was in no condition to “save” Anita anyway. Besides, Khan didn’t even know Keni, how would he even know she existed but for Anita telling him. It sounds like Anita was the one trying to isolate herself from Keni

  4. “promised I wouldn’t publish his name, I will stick to my promise. Even though I am a convicted felon, I have set high standards for my blog”. Also you promised did not publish the Victim’s name . Are all the jews the same–donot stick to their words?

    1. In such cases, where the accuser has been found to lie/be dishonest about the charges, both the name and the face deserve to be published. After all this is what happened to the accused. His life is forever ruined, while Anita graduated and moves on with her life in relative anonymity. She can apply for jobs secure in being anonymous. Not Khan, who now has to fight Yale in order to graduate. Hope he sues the University.

      1. The accuser has not been found to lie or be dishonest about the charges at first place . And I hope his life will be ruined. He should be going to his Afghanistan to help his country to fight not to rape girls here.

        1. The jury didn’t think Anita was honest, in fact six of them came back with a very quick acquittal.

        2. Anita told the nurse at Yale Health that she had consensual sex with her partner, which is written in a nurses note, when she went for the Plan B. Anita told the police, which is written in the police report, that she thinks she had sex because she hasn’t had sex in six months and it felt similar to when she last had sex.

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