Lakewood Rabbi Knopfler Trying To Free the Goat

Lakewood Rabbi Knopfler Trying To Free the Goat

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Convicted pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat” is using his vast resources of money, that he accumulated over the last 40 years, in order to hire the best lawyers in the country to try to free him from his 20 year jail sentence. The Goat hasn’t volunteered to pay a penny to the victim of his crimes, ie., Eli Mirlis. Eli Mirlis has had to hire lawyers to foreclose on property by the Goat. The Goat’s lawyers have filed defenses to every court filing, including appeals to the Second Circuit. The Goat owes Mr. Mirlis $20 million. The Goat’s monies were earned off the backs of the City of New Haven, the State of Connecticut, and unsuspecting parents who paid the Goat tuition money to send their kids to his child rape school. The Goat’s non profits paid next to nothing in property taxes to the City of New Haven, received money from the City to plant trees, and received grant money from the State of Connecticut. For the last 40 years the Goat was a one he-goat crime wave, raping and pillaging everything in his path. The Goat had plenty of enablers who helped him commit his crimes, ie., Sarah Greer, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, Avi Hack, Attorney William Gallagher, Attorney Ed Zelinsky, Attorney Doris Zelinsky and Harold Hack.

Mr. Greer recently hired top attorneys at Morrison & Foerster, which has 17 offices located throughout the United States, Asia and Europe, to sue the State of Connecticut to force the State to provide Inmate Greer with kosher for Passover food for the upcoming Passover holiday. At first the State objected to the Goat’s motion and argued that the State provided the Goat with sufficient food for Passover. After numerous legal memos were filed by the Goat’s attorneys, the State agreed to allow the Goat to have the Aleph Institute ship pre-packaged kosher for Passover food to the Goat’s solitary jail cell in the basement of the State prison located in Cheshire, CT.

Mr. Greer recently hired high profile Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who submitted a letter to the Court asking that the Goat be released as a free range goat. Dershowitz complained that the State prosecutor’s statement that the Goat was a flight risk because Orthodox Jewish criminal pedophiles tend to flee to the State of Israel was Anti-Semitic. The State’s Attorney spoke the truth. Orthodox Jewish pedophiles flee to the State of Israel all the time. Australia has been trying to extradite pedophile principal Malka Leifer, who fled to Israel, for years. Malka’s extradition has been held up by Orthodox members of the Israeli government. See link. Alan Dershowitz’ reputation has taken a hit recently after it was revealed that he spent some time at Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island. You can read the letter Dershowitz signed on behalf of pedophile Greer below:

Rabbi Yisroel Knopfler, who runs a Rabbinical Court called the Beis Din Tzedek of Lakewood, Inc., just filed documents in the Goat’s criminal case asking that the Goat immediately be released from jail for the following reasons: “We have learned of a transcript where a lawyer for the State of Connecticut argued that many Orthodox Jews who have been accused of crimes flee to lsrael. Our organization has a strong interest in opposing stereotypical statements like this regarding all Jews, including the Orthodox. The Beis Din Tzedek of Lakewood is trying to prevent stereotypes about Jews, particularly Orthodox Jews, from playing any part in the justice system. We believe we could offer helpful expertise to the Court about challenges faced by Orthodox Jews, and the difficulty of avoiding stereotypes and possible discrimination. We have also learned that Rabbi Daniel Greer is elderly and in poor health. Our organization is very concerned about an elderly inmate being incarcerated during the health emergency we are all now struggling with. Passover is approaching very soon and our organization believes strongly that if an alternative like home monitoring or house arrest is available, an Orthodox Rabbi like Rabbi Daniel should be allowed to observe this religious period at home.”

Rabbi Knopfler stated in his court filing, as amicus curiae, a friend of the Court, that his organization “presides over disputes relating to financial, marital and other matters. Our organization is often used by members of the Jewish faith as an alternative to judicial courts. The Beis Din was established in 2010. The people who preside over the disputes are 12 Orthodox rabbis. We help decide and resolve approximately 350 cases and disputes a year.”

Rabbi Knopfler does not appear to be part of the old time Lakewood Jewish establishment. He moved into Lakewood about ten years ago and set up his Rabbinical Court shop, ruffling a few black Borselinos along the way. Dozens of Haradi Rabbis signed a letter condemning Knopfler’s attempt to question the validity of divorce decrees that were signed by Lakewood Rabbis since Rabbi Kotler founded the first Yeshiva in Lakewood in 1943. See link. The Jewish Community Watch, which exposes Orthodox Jewish child molesters, referred to Knopfler’s Rabbinical court as a “fringe” court with no legitimacy in Lakewood. Pedophile Rabbi Daniel Sunray, who did 6 years in an Israeli jail, tried to sue the Jewish Community Watch in Knopfler’s court for loshen hora, ie., slander, because the Jewish Community Watch warned New York communities that pedophile Rabbi Sunray moved to New York after he was released from prison. See link.

Rabbi Knopfler is trying to get pedophile Greer released from prison because his organization “is very concerned about an elderly inmate being incarcerated during the health emergency we are all now struggling with. Passover is approaching very soon and our organization believes strongly that if an alternative like home monitoring or house arrest is available, an Orthodox Rabbi like Rabbi Daniel should be allowed to observe this religious period at home.” Is Knopfler concerned about the other 450 Jewish inmates locked up in Connecticut prisons? Is Knopfler concerned about the 75 Jewish inmates locked up in Otisville Federal prison? Where was Knopfler when I was locked up in Otisville?

I would like to know more about Rabbi Knopfler. Has the goat donated money to Knopfler’s court while he owes $20 million to rape victim Mirlis? Does Knopfler preside over 350 cases a year, which seems a bit high. Does Knopfler’s court have any legitimacy in Lakewood? See Knopfler’s letter below:


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6 thoughts on “Lakewood Rabbi Knopfler Trying To Free the Goat

  1. Malka Liefer story is scandalous. But she was put on a flight to Israel the day after the first allegation was made. The Goat had over a year to flee to Israel or france after the civil trial, and did not do so. Not sure why.

    Liefer was an Israeli on an assignment in Australia. She has very powerful lobby in Israel, up to a corrupt health minister. Still she is kept in jail.

    Goat probably may not get such preferential treatment. He’d better had fled to France, which has refused to extradite Roman Polansky.

    1. I don’t believe that the Goat ever considered fleeing the country, even after Mirlis got a $15 million verdict. Its possible he always considered himself a cult leader and no self respecting cult leader would leave his cult, even when his family left, and most of his followers left. He brought in new blood, ie., Rabbi Notis and his gang. For him to live a life in obscurity, on the lam, as a nobody would be too humiliating for him. He would rather fight it to the end, garnering the attention that he craves. Even now he is filing motion after motion, defending himself while lashing out at the State, which get reported by the press, giving him attention even while he is in prison. He gets visits by his attorneys all the time, adding more to his self importance. Avi Hack, a Yale graduate who is no dummy, was in awe of the Goat “genius.” Even Dr. Siev, who wrote a letter trashing the Goat, acknowledged the Goat’s “intellect.” I don’t think that the Goat was as brilliant as his cult members claimed him to be. The Goat was good at putting on an act of superiority, just like every other cult leader. Plus the Goat’s money impressed guys like Avi Hack. The Goat’s wife may have prevented the Goat from skipping town. I don’t think that the Ewe wanted to leave her family, whoever still talks to her, and her friends, and live a life on the lam, especially where there was no chance that she was going to join the Goat in prison. Stupid Goat, he should have skipped town, left the Ewe, and traded her in for a young kid.

    2. What the fuck Rabbi kotler the Rosh of Lakewood never missed. Minyan. During this gotta be pretty fringe if you don’t consider him as mainstream as mainstream can get

  2. How is he paying for his attorneys? Why his cash is not confiscated and handed over to Mirlis?

    1. Good question. the attorneys for Mirlis seem to be having a hard time getting information out of the Goat. The Goat lies in court and files one objection after another

  3. Rabbi Knopfler is one of the extremists who still have the backyard minyanim, even after virtually every other rabbi ruled no one should have backyard minyanim during the coronavirus outbreak.

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