Larry Noodles Accuses Greer of Moral Turpitude

Larry Noodles Accuses Greer of Moral Turpitude

July 10, 2016

In count II  of the defamation lawsuit filed against Larry Noodles Rabbi Greer stated, “the false allegation made by the defendant was made with actual malice… the false allegation is libelous as it alleges the commission of a crime involving moral turpitude… the false allegation made by the defendant is further slanderous in that said allegation attacks the Plaintiff’s professional character as well as his standing and reputation in the community.”

The legal definition of  “turpitude” is “a corrupt or depraved or degenerate act or practice.”  “Moral turpitude” refers to conduct that “shocks the public conscience.” Larry Noodles accused Rabbi Greer of raping two boys, ie., Eli Mirlis, who filed the Federal child rape case against Rabbi Greer, and Rabbi Avi Hack, who is referenced in the Federal lawsuit as another victim of Rabbi Greer.  Rabbi Greer does not claim that these allegations of molestation involving Eli Mirlis or Avi Hack were false.  But Rabbi Greer claims that the statement made by Larry Noodles that Rabbi Greer paid  “hush money” to the victims is a false allegation of  “the commission of a crime involving moral turpitude.”

The crime of child molestion is clearly a crime of moral turpitude.  It is a depraved act carried out by a degenate like Rabbi Greer.  Such an act of depravity shocks the public conscience.  But how can Rabbi Greer argue that the act of paying hush money is a depraved act of moral turpitude that shocks the public conscience?  Payoffs go on all the time in this country.  Politicians get paid off.  For years Rabbi Greer must have paid off politicians to get lucractive City contracts to plant trees near the sidewalks of the compound.  Rabbi Greer was probably paying off some politician to get the contract to have the New Haven Police Department rent Greer’s building for the police substation.  All of these contracts were terminated by the City of New Haven after rumors spread of the child rape case.

Rabbi Greer is currently paying off guys to attend his minyan every Shabbos.  Rabbi Greer makes no claim that this statement is false or made “with malice.” This past Shabbos Larry Noodles heard from a reliable source that two more young guys were recruited to fill the pews at Rabbi Greer’s shul.  They get paid fifty dollars every Shabbos.  If they come during the week they get a hundred bucks for showing up all week.

In the defamation lawsuit Rabbi Greer accuses Larry Noodles of acting with “malice” towards Rabbi Greer.  Au Contraire.  “Malice” is defined as “the intention or desire to do evil; ill will, spite, malevolence, ill will, vindictiveness, vengefulness, revenge, malignity, evil intentions, animus, enmity.”  Larry Noodles harbors no such ill will towards Rabbi Greer.   Larry Noodles is a professional journalist.  Journalists cannot let their personal feelings interfere with hard hitting investigative reporting.  Larry Noodles is trying to win the Pulitzer Prize for Bloggers with the Rabbi Greer story.  No joke.  There is now a Pulitzer Prize for bloggers.  On line news outlets which started out as blogging web sites, such as the Huffington Post and Politico, have won the Pulitzer Prize.  Why would Larry Noodles harbor animosity towards a man who is helping Larry Noodles win the Pulitzer Prize for Bloggers?

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