Larry Noodles Argues Greer Motions Before Judge Shea

Larry Noodles Argues Greer Motions Before Judge Shea

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A few weeks ago I filed a motion, as a member of the non-mainstream press, for access to financial information obtained by Mr. Mirlis in the Greer case, as well as a copy of the videotape deposition of Avi Hack.  The Goat has refused to pay Mirlis one shekel on the $15 million jury verdict.  This forced Mirlis to hire attorneys who specialize in collecting bad debts.  Mirlis has filed court documents trying to get information about the Goat’s financials.  Mirlis now has to pay for two separate attorneys, ie., the attorney who tried the case, ie., Attorney Ponvert, as well as the collection attorney, ie., Attorney Beatman.  Mirlis could have hired a few goons I was locked up with in Otisville prison to go after the old beater, it would have been a lot cheaper.

The Goat’s attorney Grudberg filed an objection to my motion.  Avi Hack’s attorney also filed an objection. Today I argued these motions in Federal Court in Hartford before Judge Shea.  A member of the mainstream media, ie., Chris Peak, was there to cover the hearing.  The Goat was a no show.  Avi Hack was a no show.  Attorneys Ponvert and Beatman appeared on behalf of Mirlis.  Ponvert and Beatman didn’t object to my motion, and didn’t have much to say, other than respond to the Judge’s questions about the videotape.

Attorney Grudberg argued for the Goat.  Grudberg took a few jabs at me and Attorney Ponvert.  Grudberg implied that Avi Hack’s transcript wasn’t supposed to be posted on the court website, and it was Ponvert who had improperly released it.  Ponvert took offense and said that the transcript was attached to a “joint trial memo” that was signed by Grudberg.

Grudberg took a few swipes at Larry Noodles, right in front of Judge Shea.  Grudberg said that I had “admitted” that I was going to post the video on the internet.  Grudberg also said that my blog postings clearly indicate that I hope that the Goat goes to jail.  The Judge told Grudberg that under the law of the Second Circuit, my intentions were irrelevant to whether the videotape should be released to the public.

Grudberg indicated that the Goat’s criminal attorney, ie., Willie the Dow, was sick and could not make it to court.  The Judge wanted to ask Willie the Dow about the Goat’s criminal matter.  Grudberg has argued that releasing the videotape will poison potential jurors who would be sitting in judgment of the Goat in the criminal case.

The Judge asked Grudberg about the status of the Goat’s criminal proceedings.  Grudberg could not give a straight answer.  Grudberg said that they were proceeding just like any other case, but said he couldn’t comment.  Judge Shea said that could take a very long time.  Judge Shea asked about whether Avi Hack will appear in the criminal matter to testify against the Goat.  Grudberg said that Avi resides outside the jurisdiction of the Connecticut criminal court, as he lives in Rhode Island.  Grudberg said that it is probably safe to assume that Avi will continue to try to avoid any involvement in the Goat case.

Attorney Steven Errante, a partner at the legendary New Haven law firm of Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante, represents Avi Hack.  But Errante couldn’t make it, so he sent a young associate lawyer named Matthew Popilowski.  Matthew didn’t have much of a response when the Judge told him that had Avi Hack appeared at the trial there wouldn’t be an issue with the videotape.  The videotape would never have been played to the jury.  Larry Noodles would not be requesting it.

Avi Hack didn’t want to face the Goat.  Avi the teacher, the rabbi, the Yale graduate, the role model, was too weak to face the Goat.  Mirlis was the student from the broken home, the dysfunctional family, with no fancy degrees.  An easy target for a pedophile.  Nobody would believe a guy like Mirlis.  Yet Mirlis came to court and looked the Goat straight in the eyes even as the Goat made angry faces at him.

Judge Shea seemed to indicate that he was going to order Ponvert to release the videotape, based on the Second Circuit decision in the case of Application of CBS, Inc.  But Judge Shea told me that if the videotape is ordered released I will have to pay Ponvert’s costs in preparing the videotape, as was done in the CBS case.  I asked Judge Shea if he could order CBS to pay the costs.  Rather than lock me up for contempt of court for asking such a question, Judge Shea snickered and ordered me to stop hocking a chinik. Actually, the last part I made up, I don’t think Judge Shea speaks Yiddish.

The last time I appeared before a Federal Judge things did not go as well.  I ended up getting sentenced to 20 months in the Big House.  After the judge sentenced me she told me a story about a friend of hers who was a lawyer who also went to jail.  I wasn’t sure what the relevance was to my sentencing, but I was not in the state of mind at the time to ask her to explain the connection.  I simply said “Thank you, your Honor, for not giving me the death penalty.”  Actually I didn’t say the second part.  I turned and looked at my lawyer, who was shaking his head in disbelief.  I knew I should have hired Hugh Keefe.


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  1. You woulda paid twice as much for the Irishman and still woulda got at least a year and a day Noodles. Would the 4 months less in summer camp in the Catskills been worth anotha 30 stacks? I think not. Unless your sitting on mad cash.?

    Mosciak, 2018 years ago! u blew it. Chuch!

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