Larry Noodles Causes Police Chief to Resign, Greer Fights On

Larry Noodles Causes Police Chief to Resign, Greer Fights On

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The New Haven Chief of Police, Dean Esserman, resigned in disgrace today, as reported by the local New Haven rags.  Just as New York Police Chief and Greer buddy Bratton resigned in disgrace not too long ago in the midst of a corruption scandal.  It was the Larry Noodles blog that caused bully Esserman to call it quits.  Larry Noodles was the only “news” source that reported that this Esserman’s ex-wife had filed a contempt of court motion against him for his failure to pay her $105,000.00 pursuant to the divorce decree.  When Larry Noodles was sentenced to prison the blueboyz in suits argued: “Because attorneys are sworn to uphold the laws, and not flout them, anything less than a consequential prison term sentence would undermine the public’s confidence in attorneys.”  Wasn’t the Chief of Police sworn to uphold the law, and not show contempt for the law? The Chief of Police avoided going to prison because he coughed up the hundred grand at the last minute.  Only in New Haven will you find the police chief running the department from a jail cell on Whalley Avenue.

Larry Noodles created the Larry Noodles blog in order to force Greer to resign, not Esserman.  Greer has not resigned because there are people who continue to harbor and support this career criminal.  The biggest supporter of Criminal Greer is retired Yeshiva University librarian Mr. Zalman Halpert. Mr. Halpert is organizing daily minyans for Criminal Greer.  And Mr. Halpert is helping Criminal Greer get ready for the upcoming High Holy Days.

Larry Noodles is surprised that Criminal Greer has refused to accept defeat. Greer has a lot of stamina for a man his age.  While others big men have crumbled, such as Esserman and Bratton, Greer remains in power.  Somehow Greer is able to hold onto whatever remains of his feeble minded followers.

But one Greer follower is not so feeble minded, and is quite intelligent.  A physicist.  It was told to me that this follower recently asked Greer when his children and grandchildren were expected to come back to the compound.  Greer’s response was that children grow up and tend to move on with their lives, and move away.  Talk about a conversation of the absurd.

Greer’s most feeble minded follower is Zalman Halpert.  Mr. Halpert is helping Greer recruit young men from New York metropolitan yeshivas to stay at the compound to help make the minyan on Shabbos.  Predator Greer pays these young men to attend services.  Greer is hoping to find himself alone with one of these boys.  An emotionally weak boy, a boy with family problems, or a boy with mental deficiencies.  These were the type of teenage boys Greer used to recruit to his school.

Today the Nightmare on Elm Street and surrounding buildings are totally empty.  The Greer children and grandchildren moved out of town a long time ago. The Hack families also left the compound. There are many empty rooms, dark hallways, and fenced in backyards where one could get lost. There is an empty soccer field.  An empty basketball court.  A playground with no children.   A predator like Greer will lurk in the dark hoping an emotionally weak boy will get lost in the compound.  Greer will wait for years for the right opportunity.  He is a textbook example of a psychopath.

Yet a man such as Zalmon Halpert doesn’t seem to mind working for a psychopath.  Halpert was recently given a new title at the Greer asylum. Predator Greer has given Halpert the title “Rabbi.”  Zalmon Halpert is no longer Mr. Halpert.  He is now referred to as “Rabbi Halpert.”  Larry Noodles did some research and was unable to find it mentioned anywhere that Mr. Halpert is an ordained rabbi.  Greer obviously cannot find a real rabbi who will go anywhere near the asylum so he has to create a rabbi out of this Zalman character.  Greer’s own son, who is a real rabbi, won’t go near the compound.  Even Rabbi Nemesky fled the compound.  Greer has a rolodex filled with rabbis.  But nobody will return his call.

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