Larry Noodles Exclusive: Goat Caught On Audiotape

Larry Noodles Exclusive: Goat Caught On Audiotape

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Recently Rabbi Daniel Greer, aka, “the Goat” contacted a local real estate company and left a voice mail message in which he ranted about weed trees in the compound.  The Goat threatened to rat out the real estate company to the authorities if corrective action was not taken.  You can hear the enraged Goat rant, grunt, and mumble, on this exclusive audiotape recording provided to me by my spies in New Haven.

The Goat was stupid enough to leave a message on a local real estate company’s voice mail.  The Goat even left his name, “Dan Greer.”  The Goat did not refer to himself as “Rabbi Daniel Greer.”  I have listened to the Goat rant, grunt and sputter for at least 20 years.  I can attest that this is the authentic voice of the depraved Goat.  You can hear the rage and anger in his voice.

This is what I heard from the recording, although I may not be completely accurate.  I do not speak Goat language.  This is what the Goat said towards the end of the recording:  “The situation with the weed trees… between Ellsworth and the Boulevard… is an absolute disgrace and spreading weed tree seeds all over the place, something has to happen or we’re just going to have to call in to someone, and we don’t want to do that, ok, my name is Dan Greer, goodbye.”  My attempted transcript of the Goat’s words do not do the Goat justice.  You have to listen to the recording in order to get a full understanding of the nature of the depraved Goat.

The Goat may spend the rest of his life in jail and yet he is ranting about weed trees between Ellsworth Avenue and the Boulevard.  I live on Ellsworth.  I am surprised that the Goat is concerned about the upkeep of my neighborhood.

The Goat is in denial.  The Goat thought he could win the civil rape case brought against him by Eli Mirlis.  The Goat was mistaken.  Not only did the Goat lose the case, but he was slammed with a $20 million verdict, one of the largest verdicts for child rape in the history of the State of Connecticut.

My diagnose of the Goat is that he suffers from severe alcoholism.  The Goat goes to his office across the street from his shul every day after morning services.  The entire building is empty except for the Goat’s little office, and the office of his 70 year old secretary.  The Goat purposefully refuses to rent the rest of his 8,000 square foot building.  What does the Goat do all day in this empty building?  The Goat doesn’t actively manage his properties.  The Goat doesn’t write letters to the Wall Street Journal ranting about the decay of morality anymore.  The Goat must be drinking by himself all day.

On occasion the Goat steps out of his office and drives his car.  Everyone who has seen the Goat drive, or has taken a ride from the Goat, has told me that he drives like a maniac.  Even Rafi, who the Goat tried to French kiss in Edgewood Park, still remembers almost getting into an accident in the Goat’s car when the Goat drove him to Edgewood Park at 11 PM with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  The Goat must be driving drunk all the time.

When the Goat goes back to his shul for evening services he is irritable, angry and incoherent.  After evening services the Goat retires to his home with his Ewe where he passes out.  I recall twenty years ago when an African American woman who briefly worked for the Goat revealed to a close friend of mine that the Goat kept a bottle under his desk.  I also heard that the Goat popped pills.  I never believed these people.  I figured they were either kidding or exaggerating.  But if the Goat is an alcoholic pill popper this would explain his erratic behavior.

During the civil trial I wrote about how the Goat constantly took breaks to go to the bathroom.  Attorney William Ward told Judge Shea that the Goat’s frequent trips to the bathroom were part of a medical condition.  Ward must have read my blog.  Recently attorneys for the Goat requested a continuance in the collection matter because the Goat had to undergo a medical procedure.

Is the Goat suffering from liver disease?  Will the Goat live long enough to face criminal charges before a jury?  Is this why Attorney Willie the Dow is dragging the Goat’s case?  It has already been a year and nothing has happened with the Goat case.  Time will tell if the Goat will ever be tried for his crimes.

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