Larry Noodles Gives Marshal Miller Tips on How to Find Greer

Larry Noodles Gives Marshal Miller Tips on How to Find Greer

(May 20, 2016)

When Larry Noodles practiced law in New Haven there were many times when Larry Noodles came across a recalcitrant defendant who attempted to evade the service of legal papers.  There are a number of strategies a marshal can employ in order to get a coward like Greer served.  The most obvious is to have the Marshal hang around Greer’s house until he appears.  Marshal Miller can hide out across the street behind a tree.  Rabbi Greer’s house faces Edgewood Park and there is plenty of forest for Miller to hide. He can dress up in camouflage army clothing to blend in.  Another strategy would be for Marshal Miller to dress up as a religious Jew and try to get into the compound posing as a fellow Jew looking for prayer services.

Marshal Miller can set Rabbi Greer up and entrap him.  Miller can ask Mayor Toni Harp to call Rabbi Greer and ask him to come to City Hall in order to discuss some important matters involving Rabbi Greer’s many rental properties.  Miller can ask former Mayor John DeStefano, who is a bank executive at START Community Bank, to call Rabbi Greer and ask Rabbi Greer to meet him at the bank so that he may discuss some great deals on rehab loans for Greer’s apartment buildings.

Marshal Marshal can wait until June 7 to serve Rabbi Greer.  Rabbi Greer sent out invitations to his annual fundraising “gathering” which is scheduled for June 7th at 6 PM at the Yale Law School.  Miller can serve Rabbi Greer at the fundraising event.  Robert Landino, of Centerplan Development, is being honored at the gathering.  Is Mr. Landino aware of the child molestation charges leveled against Greer?  And what about Robert C. Post?  Robert Post is the Dean of the Yale Law School.  Rabbi Greer and Robert Post both graduated from Yale Law School back in the 1970’s. The Yale Law School web site says: “Our graduates are the true measure of Yale Law School. They work throughout the world in private practice, in the public interest, in academia, business and government. We have produced an immensely talented, accomplished and diverse family of alumni.”  Rabbi Greer works in academia. Greer runs a high school for boys and molests students at his school.  Rabbi Greer is not the true measure of the Yale Law School.  Rabbi Greer is a disgrace and embarrassment to the Yale Law School.  The only thing Rabbi Greer accomplished is to destroy the lives of many young men. Does Dean Post know that Yale Law School is hosting the fundraising event of a child rapist?

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