Larry Noodles Hires Attorney to Defend Against Greer

Larry Noodles Hires Attorney to Defend Against Greer

(April 22, 2016) Larry Noodles hired the high profile civil rights law firm of John Williams to defend himself against legal action threatened by Rabbi Greer.  Rabbi Greer is a litigious man.  Rabbi Greer is a Yale Law School graduate.  At one point he worked for a Manhattan white shoe law firm.  At another point he worked in a high political position in the Mayor Lindsay Administration in New York City Hall. For some reason Rabbi Greer left New York City and settled into the small city of New Haven to build his real estate empire.

It was not long after Rabbi Greer settled into New Haven that he had the audacity to bring a lawsuit against his own alma mater, ie., Yale University.  Rabbi Greer was behind a lawsuit brought by the “Yale Five” in 1998.  The Plaintiffs named in the lawsuit were Greer and Hack Yale University students.  Rabbi Greer sued Yale on the grounds that Yale discriminated against religious Jews because it did not provide sufficient separation between boys and girls living in the dorms. The case was eventually dismissed.  The case was totally frivolous.  The Jewish community in New Haven was completely against Rabbi Greer and his lawsuit.  At the time of the lawsuit Rabbi Avi Hack was a teenager.  It is likely that Avi Hack was being molested at the time by the same man who was suing Yale for not enforcing strict separation between the sexes.

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