Larry Noodles Interviewed On HBO Vice

Larry Noodles Interviewed On HBO Vice

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A film crew of millennials descended on Bais Lokshen, ie., the House of Noodles, in New Haven last Monday to interview me about Otisville prison and Michael Cohen. They spent all afternoon filming me in my office. The show was aired erev Shabbos, this past Friday night at 7:30 PM. I watched the show until 7:40 PM and then had to leave as the sun was setting. I had not yet appeared on the show. The show is about 20 minutes long. They only had me on for about five minutes. I missed my big debut, my five minutes of fame. I left my house and looked up at the moon. It was the Sabbath to be followed by Rosh Chodesh, the marking of the new month on the Hebrew lunar calendar. When I looked at the moon I thought I could faintly see the Israeli space ship that had recently crashed into the moon on April 19th, which was very embarrassing for Jews worldwide. The Chinese, who are not as smart as the Jews, were safely able to land their spaceship into a two mile ditch on the dark side of the moon back in January, yet the Israelis crashed their spaceship into the bright side of the moon. This is clearly a sign from above that Jews should avoid the moon at all costs, at least until the coming of the Moshiach, the Messiah.

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    1. “BUNNNNNNY!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you need a side piece of ground beef when you got steak at home?” -Neighborhood Mitch

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