Larry Noodles Leads Protest of Greer Pals Mayor Harp & Chief Esserman

Larry Noodles Leads Protest of Greer Pals Mayor Harp & Chief Esserman


(August 16, 2016)   This afternoon Larry Noodles stood outside City Hall with a bullhorn pointed in the direction of the window to Mayor’s Office making demand that Toni Harp come out and speak to the crowd, who were demanding that Police Chief Esserman lose his job.  Toni never came out of her office.  She hid in there like a coward.  Larry Noodles tried everything to get her to show her cowardly face, but she wouldn’t budge.  She was probably hiding under her desk with one of the Greers, her biggest fans.  Larry Noodles shouted to the Mayor that this was a peaceful demonstration.  What was she afraid of, there were dozens of cops outside City Hall watching the protesters.  Larry Noodles told Toni that he was going to call in Tony and some of the boyz to drag her out.

More protesters formed at the police station and then walked to meet the protesters at City Hall.  Some City employees looked out of their windows of Fortress City Hall but wouldn’t get the Mayor when Larry Noodles shouted at them to bring out the Mayor.  It was a sad day in New Haven when City employees, including the Mayor, can’t even come out of the building in order to speak with the peaceful peasants.  There was no sign of mainstream reporter Paul Bass from the local rag.  Larry Noodles told the crowd that the Mayor and the media were protecting the Chief Bully In Charge.

Larry Noodles demanded that Mayor Manners explain why she fired her two top aides Paca and Blue, whose only offense was that they disagreed with the Mayor on policy.  Yet the Mayor kept on the Chief Bully in Charge of the Police Department who has run roughshod over women, the elderly and minorities.  Paca and Blue never got a second chance.  Paca and Blue never got suspended.  There were no discussions, back room meetings, no debate.  The Mayor ruthlessly fired them and that was it.  The Chief Bully in Charge gets the benefit of a second chance, third chance, fourth chance…  How many chances is Mayor Enabler going to give this man?

Larry Noodles was relaxed during the rally, in spite of the heavy police presence.  After spending a long time in jail one develops a natural fear of police officers, having been under the control of unpredictable guys with guns and badges 24/7.  In prison nobody has cell phone cameras to record what is going on.  The blueboyz can do whatever they want with impunity.

Larry Noodles was going to ask some of the police officers to arrest Rabbi Greer for child rape, but decided not to stir things up.  There were no signs of the Greers at the rally, even though they are members of the Mayor’s Community Police Task Force.  The Greers have always sided with the police.  Its a form of insurance policy to protect Rabbi Greer from getting arrested for child rape.

Larry Noodles ran into a reporter who covered the Walter Forbes case, the billionaire Larry Noodles was locked up with.  Forbes was tried three times before he got convicted.  The reporter was a big fan of Forbes.  Larry Noodles also ran into a few radicals in the crowd from the Black Lives Matter movement.  They were not big fans of the police.  They called the police “the PIGS.”  But they said nothing racist against Whites or Jews.  They felt that there were not enough people of color in the police department.  They wanted more community policing.  Larry Noodles told the crowd that the phrase “community policing” is a joke of a phrase that politicians and police chiefs have been muttering for the last 30 years, to make the public think that they are doing something to reduce crime. You need more than community policing to reduce crime.  The cops are just running around putting out fires.  The cops can’t do anything to reduce poverty, drugs, gangs and violence.  These are problems the clowns in public office are supposed to solve.

Larry Noodles met a guy from an organization called “Showing Up for Racial Justice” a group that describes itself as “white people for racial justice.”  He asked Larry Noodles to join.   Larry Noodles would never join an organization that would have Larry Noodles as a member.  Besides Larry Noodles is not white.  Larry Noodles is flesh colored.  Larry Noodles also saw the Federal Judge who sentenced Larry Noodles get into her car in front of the Federal courthouse.  Larry Noodles thought about approaching her and explaining how he was railroaded by the Federal prosecutors, but at the last minute decided against it.

Larry Noodles also ran into his attorney Joseph Merly, who is defending Larry Noodles against Rabbi Greer’s defamation lawsuit.  Attorney Merly told Larry Noodles that Rabbi Greer will be facing the wrath of the Merly defense team, it will be scorched earth for Rabbi Greer, a legal tsunami of Biblical proportions, the battle of Gog and Magog.   Larry Noodles looks forward to seeing child rapist Greer suffer the Wrath of Attorney Merly.

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