Larry Noodles Meets 3 Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva Boys Lured Into the Greer Asylum

Larry Noodles Meets 3 Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva Boys Lured Into the Greer Asylum

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Yesterday at the Greer Asylum 4 young men in their late teens spent Shabbat at the Greer guest apartment located next to the Greer synagogue.  By chance, Larry Noodles ran into these three young men yesterday, and had a pleasant conversation with them.

I greeted these young men, “Shalom Alechem.”  They responded in kind.  I asked them what brought them into New Haven.  One of the boys said that this was the first time that they were in New Haven and that they were helping a struggling synagogue make a minyan for religious services.  This boy said that the name of the rabbi at the synagogue was “Rabbi Greer,” and he asked me if I ever heard of “Rabbi Greer.”  I told the young man that I knew of “Rabbi Greer.”  I asked the boys whether they had ever heard of “Rabbi Greer.”  The boys looked at me with  confused expressions.  I asked the boys whether they followed the national news.

The boys were very religious, live cloistered lives, and do not regularly follow the national news.  I don’t blame them.  In any event, I did not volunteer any information about “Rabbi Greer” and merely suggested to them that they check out the national news.  I don’t want to be accused of slandering “Rabbi Greer” any further. Greer is currently suing me for defamation and I don’t want Greer to add anymore claims to his lawsuit.

The boys told me that they were not interested in what the media has to say about Greer, as such information is “lashon hora“, which means the media is gossip mongering about Greer.  The boys are enrolled in the  prominent Chafetz Chaim Yeshiva that is named after the Chafetz Chaim, the Jewish authority on “evil speech” or “negative speech.”  But the Chafetz Chaim permits negative speech if the speech is used to warn others of a dangerous situation or to prevent physical harm.  Warning these boys that they are spending Shabbat with child rapist Greer would be permissible speech.

The boys packed their suitcases into a very old, beat up Japanese automobile.  I commented that I hoped that their car would make it back to Queens.  They said that the car doesn’t look good on the outside, but mechanically it runs fine.  The boys asked me my name.  I responded, “Larry.”  We wished each other well, and they were off to Queens.   I hope Greer paid these boys enough money to get a new car.  Greer can’t expect them to come to New Haven again without good transportation.

Hopefully these boys will follow the majority of Orthodox rabbis who have condemned child rapists like Greer.  Hopefully these boys will not follow in the ways of Rabbi Ginzberg, from the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva of Cedarhurst, who has defended sexual predator Rabbi Weinberger.  Weinberger skipped town two years ago after he was condemned by a group of prominent Orthodox rabbis.  He recently returned to Cedarhurst and is trying to rebuild his compound, much like Greer.  Greer will never skip town, no matter which rabbi condemns him.  The only way Greer will leave town is if he is forced to leave town in handcuffs.




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