Larry Noodles Meets New Recruits to the Compound

Larry Noodles Meets New Recruits to the Compound


This past Shabbat a couple of new recruits on the Greer payroll strayed out of the compound and ran into Larry Noodles.  I met an older man sporting a giant fur streimel named Chaim and his son.  They were staying at the Greer compound.

I had a conversation with this pleasant individual.  He knew nothing about the Greer child rape case.  I told him the entire story.  He was shocked.  But this man suspected something was not too kosher at the compound.  He was wondering what happened to the school.  Why was the compound so empty?

Chaim said that he asked Greer about whether there was a mikvah (a ritual bathtub) in town.  Greer told him there was not a daily mikvah for men in the City of New Haven.  Yet one block away there is a mikvah located at the Chabad Yeshiva.  Greer didn’t tell him about the Chabad mikvah.  Greer told Chaim to go to the beach in West Haven and jump in the frigid waters of Long Island Sound if he wanted to ritually immerse himself.

Greer does not tell his paid recruits that other Jewish people live in the City New Haven.  On occasion a new recruit will wander off the compound and meet other Jews.  There was once a group of teenage boys who had wandered out of the compound.  I met them and they said that the old goat massaged their shoulders and invited them to stay in his residence on Friday night, rather than the Shabbos apartment.

Greer told this man that his school was going to reopen after the Jewish holidays.  Is this true?  Or is this another lie told by the old goat?  The attorney for Plaintiff Mirlis summed up Greer best when wrote in an email, “there is no basis to trust anything Greer says or does.”  Yet Greer still has his loyal group of mini goats who follow him around the compound:  Arnie Rogoff, Mark Roffman, The Undertaker, Glen, Lou Goldberg, Quick Draw McGraw, Mr. Robot and Gary Lyons.

In other Greer news, Greer has filed a request to delay the deposition of the old goat until September 27.  In the request to once again delay the deposition, Greer’s attorney claims that Greer is observing the holiday of Sukkot and is unable to attend the deposition at anytime during the week long holiday.

Greer’s attorney also claimed in his motion that he cannot schedule the deposition for September 20 because he is scheduled for a civil trial in State Court in Waterbury.  Yet Greer’s attorney did not disclose to the Federal Judge that he filed a request to reschedule the Waterbury civil trial, which was agreed to by his opposing attorney.  All Greer’s attorney has to do is call the Waterbury court and tell the clerk that he is under a Federal court order to appear at the deposition of the old goat, and he won’t have a problem getting his continuance granted.

The Federal Judge scheduled a telephonic conference for tomorrow, Oct. 17, to address Greer’s motion to reschedule his deposition until after Sukkot.  Hopefully the Federal Judge will not engage Greer and his attorney with any more of their shenanigans.  If the deposition is rescheduled, the old goat will make up some other excuse to get out of it.  On the 27th he will claim he was involved in an automobile accident or caught the flu.  He will check himself into the hospital and claim he has a stomach ache because he overate and drank too much during the Sukkot holiday.

The old goat has barricaded himself in his sukkah.  It may take a team of Federal marshals to drag the old goat out.

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