Larry Noodles Runs into Greer at Stop & Shop

Larry Noodles Runs into Greer at Stop & Shop


(June 17, 2016) 

Larry Noodles was at Stop & Shop two nights ago.  There are two Stop & Shop Supermarkets in New Haven.  One Stop & Shop is in the hood on Whalley Avenue and one Stop & Shop is on the border of Woodbridge, where all the White folk shop.  Rabbi Greer never liked the Stop & Shop on Whalley.  It was too ghetto for Rabbi Greer. He always preferred to do his food shopping in the Woodbridge Stop & Shop.

The kosher bake shop at the Stop and Shop on Whalley is under the kosher “supervision” of Rabbi Greer’s son.  The local Jews say that Rabbi Greer strong armed Stop & Shop into awarding the Greers this kosher supervision contract, beating out the large kosher organizations that supervise all the other Stop & Shops located in Connecticut.  Larry Noodles is not sure what kind of dirt Rabbi Greer had on the manager of the Stop & Shop on Whalley.

The child rape case has embarrassed Rabbi Greer. He doesn’t venture out very often. He either stays in his synagogue or in his office located across the street.  Sometimes he goes to Newport, RI, where he has a condo.  He is a member of the historic Touro Synagogue there.  Sources have told Larry Noodles that Rabbi Greer hasn’t been to Newport lately, which is odd, because the summer is the best time to go to Newport.  Rabbi Greer is probably worried that his minyan will fall apart if he leaves for Newport for any period of time.

Rabbi Greer was spotted by Larry Noodles shopping at the New Haven Stop & Shop on Whalley Avenue.  It was around 10:30 PM.  Rabbi Greer probably figured he would not run into many people late at night shopping in the hood, other than some of his tenants.

A few years ago Larry Noodles was doing laundry at the laudromat next door to Stop & Shop.  There was a gun shooting outside the laundromat.   An army of police officers showed up after the shooting.   And who showed up at the crime scene after the army of police officers arrived?  Rabbi Greer’s two sons drove up in their pickup truck and asked Larry Noodles what was going on.  At the time I was just humble Larry Dressler, and not the infamous Larry Noodles.  I laughed and told the Greer boyz that I had just put down a few rival drug gang members.  I asked the Greer boyz who invited them to this gun shooting.

The Greer men have always been frustrated military and paramilitary men.  They would never actually apply for a job in the police force or the military.  They would never pass the physical fitness test. Greer Jr. majored in “Military History” at Yale.  Greer Junior would never waste his time in basic training.  He wants to skip basic training and get appointed to four star General.

The Greer boyz have police scanners and frequently appear at crime scenes. The Greer boyz also claim to have gun permits, although nobody has ever actually seen their weapons.   Rabbi Greer used to be a Police Commissioner.  Greer Jr. was on a number of government and community boards including the New Haven Community and Police Task Force.  Greer Jr resigned all of his governmental positions when news of the Mirlis lawsuit broke.  It’s too bad the Greer boyz didn’t investigate their own father, they could have saved many lives.

Rabbi Greer did not see Larry Noodles.  But Larry Noodles got close enough to Rabbi Greer to snap the picture above.  Rabbi Greer was in the check out line.

It is a miracle that Rabbi Greer has continued to keep his minyan going after so many people have left him, including his own sons.  Now that Rabbi Greer’s school is out for the summer he will not have the two teenage Lubavitch yechi boys to attend the minyan.  During the summer Rabbi Greer usually has young students from the SEED program fill the pews and help with the minyan.  This year I doubt that Rabbi Greer will have the guys from the SEED program in his synagogue.  Every year Rabbi Avi Hack made all the arraangements fo rhte SEED prgram.  But Avi Hack is long gone.  Sources have told Larry Noodles that he is living in Rhode Island with his in-laws.  Or with other outlaws, who knows.

Rabbi Greer will be losing a man who is moving out of the compound very soon.  That will leave Rabbi Greer with only a handful of men for the summer: Otis from Superman II, a Korean war vet named Rambo, Bruce Almighty, the Cowboy, the guy with the Burt Reynolds mustashe, the Undertaker, a physicist studying Dark Matter (caves not Rabbi Greer), a couple of random Yalies, and a paid elderly Russian. Frenchie moved out of the compound for greener pastures in Waterbury a couple of years ago.  Rabbi Greer will have to ask Rabbi Rafi Nemetsky to step up his recruitment efforts.

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