Larry Noodles Sues Daniel Greer

Larry Noodles Sues Daniel Greer

Almost one year ago the old Goat named Daniel Greer sued me in New Haven civil court for defamation.  He claimed that I defamed him when I published statements made to me by Rabbi Muroff, the man named the “most honest man in America” by the LA Times.  Muroff had spent six long years in the compound.  He told me that he was devastated when he learned that the Goat was a depraved child molester and that the Goat raped Avi Hack.  Muroff was also shocked to learn of other sadistic practices that went on in the compound. He said it was too difficult for him to even discuss what he had heard from the students.

When Muroff heard about all the criminal activity that was going on at the compound, right under his very nose, he decided to leave.  He packed up and moved down South.  But before he left the compound he told me he had a very tense confrontation with the Goat in the shul.  The Goat was tipped off that Muroff was privy to all the secrets of the compound.  This angered the Goat.  The Goat wanted to set Muroff straight.  Just before afternoon prayer services the Goat approached Muroff in the shul.  In a loud condescending goat voice, Daniel Greer demanded that Muroff speak with him after prayers.  Muroff told the snorting Goat that he would not speak with him.  The Goat was enraged.  Everyone else in the shul braced for a violent confrontation.   Muroff said that the Goat backed down and didn’t say a word.  Muroff said that was the last time he ever spoke with Daniel Greer.

Muroff also told me that the Goat paid millions of dollars to settle a claim of child molestation.  I used the term “hush money” to describe these payments.  The Goat sued me for publicizing this information I had learned from the “most honest man in America.”  The Goat didn’t like my use of the words “hush money.”  The goat filed his civil complaint against me on July 7, 2016.  The Goat never claimed in his lawsuit that my accusation that he was a depraved child molester was false and defamatory.  He is not very smart, even for a Goat.

I recently heard that in 2016, just before the Mirlis rape lawsuit, the Goat set up an escrow account to pay his victims.  The Goat then abruptly closed down the account.  This precipitated the Mirlis lawsuit.  I often wonder whether Mirlis was getting paid hush money when he returned to the compound each year as an adult with his wife and children during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.  Mirlis stood right next to the Goat during the holiest prayers of the year, helping him with the services, which went on for hours.

Did the Goat make payments to Mirlis conditional on Mirlis serving as the Goat’s personal alter boy?  What could be more humiliating and degrading for Mirlis?  But what could be more empowering for this savage named Greer but to have the victims of his crimes, now adults, serving the cult master?  Daniel Greer is a savage right out of Joseph Conrad’s novel “The Heart of Darkness.” Daniel Greer is Colonel Walter Kurtz, who was played by Marlon Brando in the movie “Apocalypse Now.”

Avi Hack was also there with Mirlis during the High Holidays, serving as the gabbai, in charge of running the services.  Mirlis the Alter Boy and Avi Hack the Gabbai.  To the immediate left of this savage beast was Harold Hack, Avi’s father.  In the back of the shul was Dov Greer, and to Dov’s left was Ezi Greer.  Both Dov and Ezi allowed their young children to sit on the lap of this savage every morning, where this beast pretended to teach his grandchildren.  I can understand a grandchild sitting on the lap of his grandfather every now and then.  But this monster had a grandchild on his lap every single morning, without fail, in the front of the shul, for long periods of time.  He also took his grandchildren into his office for private lessons.  He always shut the door.  His office was a dark dungeon with no windows.

The lawsuit brought against me by Daniel Greer has dragged on for the last year.  Nothing much has been going on.  The savage has not been aggressive in pursuing  his case.   Yesterday I decided it was time to fight back.  My attorney Joseph Merly filed a counterclaim against the savage.

My counterclaim alleged the following:  “On or about September 18, 2016, while the Counterclaim Plaintiff (“Plaintiff”) visited the synagogue located at 782 Elm Street, New Haven, CT intending to pray and
observe religious services Daniel Greer appeared suddenly, and without warning, and while screaming unintelligibly, maniacally attacked the Plaintiff, violently pushed, shoved and kicked the Plaintiff and raised his clenched fist to the Plaintiff’s head, in a uncontrolled fit of anger, and shoved the Plaintiff down the stairs of the synagogue located at 782 Elm Street…”

My counterclaim further alleges, “While the Defendant was physically inflicting a violent attack on the Plaintiff, the Plaintiff attempted to obtain his belongings from the synagogue with the intent to leave the premises.  The Defendant summoned and enlisted the help of others present at the synagogue some of whom guarded the Plaintiff while others so summoned secured, searched and finally returned his belongings to the Plaintiff…”

The above paragraph refers to Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw and TV and movie actor Bruce Altman.  Quick Draw guarded me while Bruce rifled through my tallis bag.  The cowardly savage scurried into his shul and sat behind his thrown.  I felt like I was in one of Bruce’s movies.  In most of his roles Bruce plays the part of the bad guy.  Usually a Jewish bad guy.  An evil corporate executive, heartless lawyer or pretend doctor.  Now he was playing the real life role of servant to the evil savage named Greer.

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