Larry Noodles Takes a Jog In the Compound

Larry Noodles Takes a Jog In the Compound


I took a jog tonight in the compound.  I wore my prison sweats.  Friends tell me I should buy new sweats and not wear the clothing that I wore in prison.  My prison sweats have sentimental value.

The sweatpants you purchase on the prison commissary have elastic on the bottom that cuts into your ankles.  I had to smuggle my sweats into the prison warehouse, where I was the tailor, cut off the elastic, and then sew a seam around the bottom.  I could have got thrown in the SHU (solitary confinement) for committing such a transgression.  The blueboyz treat such things as a capital offense.  I did this alteration for other inmates.  But I never charged for it, unlike other guys, who were always looking to profit off of other inmates.  My attitude was that we were all locked up together, we should help each other out. Many guys felt this way.

Wearing prison attire is appropriate for the streets of New Haven.  If I looked like a White yuppie guy with a new Adidas jogging suit I would be asking for trouble.  Not that I am one to avoid trouble.

I jogged around the main building of the compound, which has the school and synagogue, which the locals call “the Nightmare on Elm Street.”  Almost every light bulb was on in the compound, even though the building looked completely empty.

I saw a couple of guys in the basement, where there is a kitchen and dining area.  The synagogue on the second floor was completely lit up, as was the shalos suedah room, ie., the room where the old goat used to lock up a boy who misbehaved, which was most of the boys at one time or another.  The other boys would bring meals to feed the reprobate student.  The boys were probably being punished for not submitting to the old goat’s sexual advances.

First Lieutenant Avi Hack would leave a giant challah knife on the table of the shalos suedah room, in case the imprisoned student wanted to commit suicide.  Avi testified at his deposition that a student cut himself a few times, but Avi would not take him to see a psychiatrist.

The lights were on in the Daf Yomi room, which is located behind the shalos suedah room.  I can’t imagine any of the boys at the current school were in the Daf Yomi room learning Talmud.  The boys were probably either playing video games, surfing the web for pornos, or smoking weed.  The high quality learners from the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva were banned from the compound.

I also stopped by the Walgreens, located behind Ezi Greer’s house.  Ezi’s house had a few lights on, but he has long left the compound.  He is living in Waterbury now.  I heard he is working for a property management company.

Ezi claimed credit for forcing Walgreens to knock down the old Walgreens building and build a new store behind his house.  I am not sure what he actually did, other than write a few letters and make a few phone calls.  The Walgreens behind Ezi’s house used to be the most run down and dirty Walgreens in the State.  Ezi claimed discrimination against the inner city.  It’s too bad Ezi cannot enjoy the new Walgreens that he worked so hard to create.

The boys from Greer’s yeshiva would make frequent visits to the Walgreens, in order to stock up on soda, ice tea and munchies.  This was one of the few business establishments that the goat approved of for his students.  The goat wouldn’t let his students go to Edge of the Woods, it wasn’t kosher enough for him.  I didn’t spot any students at the Walgreens tonight.

At the Walgreens I ran into a Jewish man who is currently being evicted by the old goat.  Josh has lived in a goat owned property for over a year.  Now the goat wants him out.  The goat didn’t give him any reason.  Josh stopped going to the goat’s shul after the rape charges were filed back in May.

The eviction complaint was filed against Josh’s wife Sara by the goat’s eviction lawyer Stuart Margolis.  The goat’s hand puppet attorney William Ward does not do evictions.  But attorney Margolis messed up the case.  Margolis had Marshal Winik serve the complaint on Sara only.  Winik never served Sara’s husband with the complaint.  The goat will have to bring an entirely new case against Josh, or try to make amendments.  Either way, the goat can’t seem to do anything right these days.

I conducted an interview at the Walgreens with Josh.  Josh said he could not understand why he was being evicted, other than the fact that he is Jewish and does not patronize the old goat’s synagogue anymore.  I told him he should file a religious and racial discrimination complaint against the goat.  Josh said he wasn’t going to take advice from a suspended attorney who spent two years in Federal prison.  He said he hired the Weisman Law Firm to defend him.  I told him that was a good decision.

I jogged past the apartment of the Undertaker, Gerald Schlingenbaum, a rabbi who is in charge of the New Haven Jewish burial society.  The paranoid goat thought the Undertaker was revealing compound secrets to me.  The Undertaker is now getting evicted by the old goat.

Attorney Margolis just filed an eviction complaint against the Underaker.  This eviction complaint was also served by Marshal Winik.  Once again the goat’s attorney messed up on this eviction.  Winik stated in his notice to quit that he served Schlinenbaum, John Doe and Jane Doe.  The old goat has known the Undertaker for close to 30 years.  The goat knows full well that the Undertaker lives alone and there is no John Doe or Jane Doe living there with him.  The Undertaker is a very religious man, he would never live with Jane Doe unless he was married to her.


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  1. 1st why would you accuse these learned boys of doing such horrific things?
    2nd why do you dedicate all your time to some old man it’s just plain dumb in my opinion

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