Latest Hanukkah News From Otisville

Latest Hanukkah News From Otisville

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The latest news on Otisville inmates Michael “red string” Cohen, Nassau Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, CT Bankruptcy Law King Peter Ressler, Notorious Crack dealer Carlos “Shake” Wiltshire, Michael “The Situation” Sorentino, who just got out, David “the Gott” Gotterup and others

There have been many changes at Otisville since I checked out four years ago. When I was in Otisville each Jewish inmate was allowed to light a menorah on each night of Chanukah. There were at least 50 menorahs burning every night in the Otisville shul. Most had candles. A few inmates with connections, like Mshulem Jacobowitz, were allowed to have oil menorahs. The guards were great about allowing the menorahs. Nobody got into fights. There were no fires. The Jews thanked the guards. There were plenty of jokes going around about giving inmate Naftuli “Nat” Schlesinger, the 79 year old Satmar Hasid, a menorah. He was in Otisville for fire insurance fraud. He burned down his shmata factory at least three times and collected millions in insurance proceeds. He finally got busted when a fire investigator noticed that Nat took the mezuzahs off his factory doors before he lit the match. It also didn’t help that his nephew ratted him out at trial.

Mshulem got out of Otisville on March 6, 2019. Mshulem was the first inmate to be released early under Trump’s First Step Act. Since Mshulem’s release a number of other Jews from Otisville also got out early and sent directly to home confinement, bypassing the halfway house. Speaking of halfway houses, I was just informed that a few people who run the Bronx Halfway house were busted by the Feds for corruption. I can’t find anything in the media about this.

Mshulem ran the shul like a tyrant. Nobody messed with Mshulem. If you had a beef with a religious Jew you never ratted him out to the guards. You went to Mshulem. Mshulem resolved all disputes between the Jews. If you were a secular Jew or a goy you went to a Russian Jew named Pickerstein. He settled all disputes. There were some guys who were not satisfied with the leadership of Mshulem and Pickerstein. They went directly to the guards with their complaints. This was not a good idea. The guards didn’t want to resolve disputes between grown men who acted like children. Plus the guards didn’t like rats. I remember once the guards posted an inmate’s “confidential” written complaint on the bulletin board for all to see.

While Mshulem was in charge the Jews had many years of plentiful Shabbos food, which included gefilte fish, chulent, challah, babka, chummus, tomato dip, onion dip, horse raddish, apples, and grape juice. The food was strictly rationed but it was far superior to the Meal Mart frozen kosher meals wrapped in tv dinner trays. The first Shabbos after Mshulem left Otisville there was a famine. A few guys from the kosher kitchen tried to continue what Mshulem started. Everyone failed. Inmate Michael “Mickey” Schlisser tried and failed. This is Mickey’s second stint in Otisville for investment fraud. Mickey got 84 long months. Israeli Lev from the Kosher Kitchen didn’t want to get involved. He knew the kosher kitchen was doomed. Dan Greenberg ended up taking over. I believe Greenberg is currently in charge. But there is nothing left to take over. The “Kosher Kitchen” is pretty much defunct. The guys now have to pool their resources to put on a decent Shabbos meal. There is no help from outside individuals or organizations. Otisville has become like any other Federal prison with Jewish inmates, ie., Miami, Fort Dix, Cumberland. The Jews in Otisville should have prepared for the lean years and stored Mshulem’s kosher food in the freezers.

I heard that Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino was living high on the hog while he did his time in Otisville. He was recently released after doing 8 months for tax evasion. I heard he was paying guys to clean his cubicle, make his bed, prepare special meals, and do his laundry. He also had a personal trainer in the gym. He may have also been paying guys to do his prison job. When I was locked up the rich Russian Jews paid the poor guys to do all their dirty work. I first reported that The Situation was buddies with Queens mortgage modification fraudster David “Gott” Gotterup. The Gott got 135 months for running a bogus mortgage modification scam. The mainstream media followed up and confirmed that the Situation was buddies with the Gott. I also heard that the Situation made a lot of friends because he threw a lot of money around. Its easy to make friends on the inside, and the outside, when you have money. I also heard that the Gott got in a lot of trouble in Otisville. I heard there was a lot of smuggling of alcohol, which got a few guys shipped out of Otisville. I don’t know if the Situation was drinking but it’s possible that he fell off the wagon. I got reports that he was drinking in Otisville, and some reports that he wasn’t drinking. The Situation is a recovering alcoholic and portrays himself in the media as someone who counsels others battling alcoholism. I also heard that an Italian guard took a liking to the Sitch and protected him, while this same guard gave the Jews a hard time. The Situation lost about 30 pounds while he was in Otisville, which is common for most inmates. I lost about 15 pounds. Guys who weighed in at 250 usually left 50 pounds in Otisville when they got released. But most guys quickly gain that weight back living on the outside.

There was a dangerous crack dealer recently locked up in Otisville who was threatening some of the older White guys. A guy named Carlos “Shawn Carter” Wiltshire, AKA “Shake” was trying to shake down the former Connecticut king of bankruptcy law Peter Ressler. The Shake got sentenced to 15 years for possession and distribution of crack cocaine, possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, and possession of body armor by a convicted violent felon. I don’t know how the Shake ended up in Otisville. If your sentence is more than 10 years, and you were convicted of a violent felony, you don’t qualify for the prison “camp.” The extremely violent Shake was convicted of selling drugs, which is considered a non-violent felony by the bureaucrats at the Bureau of Prisons, ie., the BOP, which is referred to by inmates as Backwards On Purpose. Peter Ressler won’t be released until 2022. I remember Attorney Peter Ressler before he went in. Peter had almost every bankruptcy case on the docket in New Haven. He was making good money but apparently didn’t have a good book keeper. He got sentenced to five years for misappropriating client’s funds. Peter lived the high life on the outside, flying to Florida on the weekends to spend time on his boat. Peter’s standard of living has taken a huge hit in Otisville. I heard Peter is very unhappy. The Feds wouldn’t let Peter delay his self surrender in order to finish his dental implant surgery. Peter is mad and his teeth hurt. Not to mention he is 72 years old and has to sleep on a yoga mat resting on a steel board every night on a bunk bed. Its enough to make anyone miserable. Peter’s nickname at Otisville is “Angry Pete.”

The drug dealer the Shake was kicked out of Otisville for threatening and pushing a few guys around, including 72 year old Peter Ressler. Peter was not as lucky as former Connecticut United States Attorney Harold James Pickerstein, who got four weeks incarceration for stealing $600K from his client, after the most prominent members of the Connecticut bar showed up at his sentencing to vouch for him. Federal Judge Holly Fitzsimmons submitted a hand written letter in support of Pickerstein, which violated the Judicial Canon of Ethics. She was not reappointed. I filed a complaint against Judge Fitzsimmons. She apologized for breaking the rules. She was defensive and claimed she never ran across this rule in her 20 years on the bench.

The former Long Island politician and Senate Majority leader 71 year old Dean Skelos got five years in Otisville for extortion, fraud and bribery. When he first checked into Otisville he got clocked in the head by another inmate. He didn’t rat out the inmate who gave him a black eye, which is understandable. Nobody likes a rat in prison. Dean was thrown in the SHU, ie., solitary, for a few months for his own protection, and because he wouldn’t rat out his assailant. Throw Skelos in the SHU for refusing to snitch. Snitches get stitches. It was probably the Shake who punched him, who knows?

I heard that Michael Cohen is not popular in Otisville, contrary to what has been reported in the media. Cohen is arrogant and stupid. Not many guys like him. Nobody trusts him because he is a rat. Cohen is also a liar. Nobody believes a word he says in Otisville. Cohen told guys that he has lucrative book and television deals lined up. He told guys that he wrote Donald Trump’s First Step Act. Cohen was delusional on the outside and he is delusional on the inside. Cohen is also known in Otisville as a bad jailhouse lawyer. Lawyers who are locked up in Otisville frequently get “hired” by other inmates to help them with legal paperwork, motions, and explaining court documents. Guys would pay jailhouse lawyers cans of tuna or other items purchased on the commissary. Guys were always asking me for legal advice. I heard that nobody is looking for legal advice from Michael Cohen in Otisville. I heard there are many jailhouse lawyers locked up in Otisville who are running successful law practices while Cohen can’t even get one client.

I heard that Cohen is trying to portray himself to inmates as a former big shot in the Trump organization. Cohen recently filed a motion to try to get out of Otisville early. Cohen attacked the Feds and claimed that the Feds acted in bad faith towards him, after all the cooperation he provided to the Government. The Feds filed an opposition to the motion and argued that Cohen didn’t provide much cooperation at all. The Feds also indicated that Cohen repeatedly lied to them. Cohen told the press one thing and the Feds something completely different.

Transcripts of Cohen’s wiretapped conversations after the election show that Cohen was completely delusional about his role in the Trump Administration. After the election in November 2016, Cohen told his friend that he was going to be appointed Chief of Staff, and he would bring his friend to DC with him as Assistant Chief of Staff. A few days later Cohen’s friend told Cohen that Reince Priebus was being considered for the job of Chief of Staff. Cohen was dismayed and said that he had another opportunity in the Trump world, which he referred to as a “hybrid” governmental position, whatever that means. A few months later, in May of 2017, it was clear that there were no “hybrid” positions available for Cohen. In May of 2017 Cohen was recorded complaining to his friends that he was passed over because Trump needed political insiders in the Cabinet so that Americans would not think Trump was running a “banana cabinet.” Cohen complained that he was a “loyal soldier” to Mr. Trump and didn’t get a “shred of appreciation.” Cohen told his friends, “I would do it all again.” Cohen said that the people surrounding Trump were “swamp rats” whom he wanted to “crack across the jaw.” In May of 2017 Cohen told his friends that Trump was going to kick the swamp rats out of the Oval Office within “6 months.” In January of 2018 Cohen told his friends that he would be appointed Chief of Staff in “maybe 3 or 4 months.” In April of 2018 the Feds raided Cohen’s office. The rest is history. Cohen is probably telling the guys in Otisville right now that he will win his motion for early release within 3 or 4 weeks, and get appointed Chief of Staff within 3 or 4 months. FUHGETABOUTIT!

Cohen official release date from Otisville in December of 2021. He may get out earlier to go to a halfway house. Inquiring minds want to know if Cohen is still wearing his red string in Otisville. Please reach out to Larry Noodles ASAP!

Happy Hannukkkaahhhh!

Come now, Mattaathias, be the first to obey the King’s command, as all the Gentiles and Judeans have done, then you and your sons shall be numbered among the King’s friends, and you and your sons shall be honored with silver and gold and many gifts. You are a leader, and honorable and great man in the city, supported by sons and kindred. But Mattathias answered in a loud voice, ‘Although the Gentiles and Judeans in the king’s realm obey him, so that they forsake their religion and consent to the king’s orders, yet I and my sons will keep to the covenant of our ancestors. We will not obey the words of the King by departing from our religion in the slightest degree.’” 1 Maccabees Ch. 2.

“The hand of G-d lay heavy upon the he-goats, the ewes, the crooks, the politicians, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

Moshiach Now!

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  1. Just read sitch bought 1.8 mil home. Doesn’t he owe money to the IRS? All others you speak of are professional con men. Still trying to get rich quick while in the joint. You forget about Butler an percoco. Spot on about MC is full of himself he’s another one trying to run something. Maybe mayor of ny

    1. The court docket says that his restitution was $123K. Not sure if he owed the IRS any other money outside the restitution, the sentencing materials have to be requested from the court, you can’t just get them off the New Jersey federal court website, unlike most federal courts.

    1. Nothing going on at the Goat shul, but the Westville Shul is dying, no new members are coming in and the older members are moving away.

        1. The young families usually only stay for a stint at Yale for a year or so and then skip town. Only Larry Noodles stays in Gotham

        2. SO what do all the youngins have to say about their rabbi emeritus leading the charge to allow a convicted multiple unapologetic molester to go free??
          Where is the Westville Board?? Were is the current rabbi? the silence is shameful, your temple will be the subject of constant ridicule and derision unless you/it says someting about feldman’s lovefest for the convicted molester.

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