Lawsuit Filed Against Rabbi Greer’s Non-Profits

Lawsuit Filed Against Rabbi Greer’s Non-Profits

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The Goat was recently spotted at Edge of the Woods with one of the new directors he appointed to his sham non-profits. It’s not clear whether the reprobate in the green hat is Elizabeth McCormack, Matthew Reinecke, George Bussmann or Architect Jay Bearman

A week ago the child rape victim filed another lawsuit against the Goat empire in Federal Court. By way of history, EM filed a fraudulent conveyance lawsuit against Sarah Greer looking to take hundreds of thousands of dollars in property that was fraudulently transferred to her from her Goat. That case is coming up for a hearing next month. EM also filed a foreclosure case in State Court in which he is trying to foreclose on the Goat’s yeshiva school building that he purchased for a nominal sum from the City of New Haven forty years ago. The Goat tried to settle that case but negotiations fell apart. The lawyers for EM need to listen to me more often. Never try to settle with a miserly old deadbeat goat.

The most recent case against the Goat seeks to take away the buildings that are in the name of the Goat’s non profit entities, ie., Edgewood Village, FOH, Edgwood Elm Housing and Edgewood Corners. You can read a copy of the complaint by clicking the link below:

The new lawsuit was against Edgewood Village, FOH, Edgwood Elm Housing and Edgewood Corners. EM alleged that “Daniel Greer caused directors to be added or replaced in an effort to disguise the interrelated nature of the Yeshiva and Defendants and the Enterprise despite the fact that he maintained management and control over them.” I reported months ago that new directors were added to the Goat’s sham non-profits. When I revealed the names of these reprobates I was attacked by the Goat’s Attorney Sklarz in court documents. Attorney Sklarz complained to Judge Shea that I was doxing these Goat supporters. Doxing is defined as “publishing private or identifying information about a particular individual on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.” I have no regret in exposing these lowlifes who want to help the Goat hide assets from victims of his crimes. I harbor no malicious intent in exposing these degenerates. My job is to dispassionately publish facts and information. I have no control over malicious people with malicious pitchforks who wish to maliciously inflict harm upon the Goat and his new directors.

I will once again publish the names of the new directors of the Goat’s sham non-profits. These names are publicly available on the Connecticut Secretary of State website. Former Edgewood Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack, CPA Matthew Reinecke, and George Bussmann.  Architect Jay Brotman has been a Director of Edgewood Village for a number of years. Jean Ledbury, the Goat’s loyal secretary was also added.


Why would these seemingly upstanding middle aged White people want to get involved with the Goat and his shenanigans? What is wrong with these people? Why would they want to be associated with a pedophile? Don’t they care about their public reputations? Not to mention there are many unstable grown ups out there who were victims of child molestation and abuse themselves. Don’t they read the papers about random attacks against pedophiles? Don’t they know what happens to pedophiles in prisons? Do these idiots realize that many readers of my blog have extensive criminal records? These idiots should read the comments section. Some of the commenters are not sane individuals. Since I have been getting quoted by the New York Times I have been trying to get my blog to appeal to a broader law abiding readership. So far I haven’t had much luck.

Reporter and Yale graduate Chris Peak at the New Haven Independent also reported on the new Federal lawsuit brought against the Goat, you can read his article if you click this LINK. Peak did not once mention Larry Noodles in his article. How do you write an article about the Goat and not mention Larry Noodles? You can’t expect much from millennial snowflakes these days.

May Moshiach come NOW and stop the violence, stop the bloodshed and bring peace to all humanity.

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2 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed Against Rabbi Greer’s Non-Profits

  1. I hope they get every last red cent from the depraved goat. It will take them years but they will prevail. Hopefully fraud charges will be next for the goat.

  2. Perhaps he can use these individuals to get his miniyan together and that way he can save a few shekels on imports from upstate NY.

    You know, 2 birds one stone. lmgao

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