Letter From The Inside of Otisville

Letter From The Inside of Otisville

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An inmate in the Otisville prison camp submitted a lengthy letter to a Federal Judge begging to be released from the living hell that is now the new normal at the Otisville prison camp. The Otisville prison camp has gone from the top of the list of desired prisons for non-violent first time offenders with short sentences to the bottom of the list. Why should white collar criminals be treated with more compassion and respect than violent criminals? Everyone who breaks the law deserves to suffer at the hands of sadistic boys in blue uniforms in the United Police State of America. Everyone who is mentally ill or drug dependent deserves to live on the streets because the United Police State of America shut down its mental health institutions many years ago. Russia and China are the new world models of wealth, greed, power and oppression. America will not be left behind. The only lives that matter are the ones with money and power. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, the Koch brothers, Sam Walton, Sheldon Adelson, Rupert Murdoch, Elon Musk, Carl Icahn, Steven A. Cohen, David Geffen, Charles Schwab, Robert Kraft, and the Sackler family. If you are not a hedge fund manager, casino magnate, drug dealer, Wall Street gambler, or internet gate keeper your life doesn’t matter. Your body is worth $2.99 when you donate it to science on the day of your demise.

The Otisville prisoner, a non-violent offender who has battled a gambling addiction, who wished to remain nameless, has written the following magnum opus. If you really want to know who wrote this letter send me an email and I will ask him:

“I arrived at the Otisville camp on November 13, 2019, and since that time, I have done my best to use this opportunity that I have been given to address the devastating underlying issues associated with the mistakes that I have made to get here. I have followed the guidance of my therapist and have begun working through the 12 steps of the Gamblers Anonymous recovery program on my own. I have also done my best under these extreme and extraordinary circumstances to remain connected with my wife and young children as best as possible. Maintaining whatever semblance of my relationship with them and trying to mitigate the long-term effects that my incarceration has been having on my young children has been an extremely difficult thing to do with everything that has gone on over the past number of months. I have taken every class and program that the prison has offered to us prior to the start of this pandemic, and have completed them successfully. It has not been an easy situation by any means since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in the beginning of March. As Your Honor is well aware, we at the camp have gone through a tumultuous series of events over the past 4+ months. The information being disseminated by the Bureau of Prisons in court filings is unfortunately not in line with the reality of what’s actually going on….”

“As the pandemic started to rage in the beginning of March, the Bureau of Prisons issued a lockdown. All programming was cancelled indefinitely. All visits were cancelled for the foreseeable future. While they said it was to be reviewed monthly, the lockdown continues to be extended month after month. All ‘non-urgent’ medical treatment (i.e.: anything not Covid-19 related) was cancelled. All inmates were restricted from exercising in the gym, socializing in any capacity, getting haircuts and eating together in large groups (including prayer in the chapel) as well as at times not being able to leave our bed areas. As the initial days of the pandemic began, one by one inmates began collapsing on a daily basis. Many unfortunately had to be brought to the hospital due to having strokes or other symptoms associated with Covid-19. Within a few weeks the BOP began to release inmates that were most vulnerable under the newly created CARES ACT. On April 5th, 60 out of the 120 inmates were sent to quarantine inside the main prison, and the remaining group (which I was a part of) were told in a town hall meeting led by the camp administrator that we were all getting placed into quarantine as well and we too would be getting furloughed until the pandemic subsided. Upon entering the quarantine on April 16th, we were asked to sign furlough paperwork and told to tell our families to pick us up on May 1st at 9am, which we all did. The isolation was unfortunately far more punitive than if an inmate was placed into the SHU (solitary – as a disciplinary punishment). We were restricted to only three 10 minute showers per week as well as two 5 minute phone calls per week to our families. But May 1st, the day that we were supposed to leave came and went, and then finally on May 7th after completing 22 days in isolation, the administration came into the quarantine unit and told us that we were all going back to the camp. Due to some of the higher profile inmates that were in the camp with us, the press began putting pressure on the BOP and questioned why the high profile inmates were being released. The administration responded by telling us that the camp was ‘Covid free’ and we were no longer going home as the regional offices of the BOP ‘changed their minds’ about the furloughs..”

“Dejected and devastated by this change, we all arrived back at the camp. We found it was exactly the way we had left it 22 days earlier. Nothing was done to clean or sanitize the camp as the BOP had told us. We received pillows that still had unwashed pillow cases from other inmates (some of whom were Covid positive) on them as well as blankets and linens that we were told to wash ourselves. The Government at the time told Your Honor in a court filing that there were “no active covid cases” at the camp. While that might have been true on paper, the reality was that no one was being tested. Furthermore, upon returning back to the camp, inmates were taking medication to reduce their temperatures as they would do anything not to return back to isolation….”

“Over the next 5 weeks the rules from the administration kept changing on a daily basis. On June 12th we were informed that we were returning to quarantine as one of the inmates who was being released had tested positive for Covid-19. We were told that we were going to be there for an extended period of time. A few days after we arrived the officers proceeded to bring all of our belongings to the quarantine unit. It was made clear to us by the officers that the virus had spread throughout the institution as a direct result of the staff and the various contractors who come in and out of the facility on a daily basis, many of whom have not (and continue not to) wear their masks or maintain a social distance…”

“10 days after I arrived at the quarantine unit, I filed an administrative ‘cop-out’ request form to the medical staff as I have begun to experience significant pains in my back as well as I had began to see blood in my urine for a few days. Every time the officers came around to do the mandatory daily ‘temperature checks,’ I would ask the medical staff to address these issues. The pain began to get significantly worse, and finally after 5 days while one of the associate warden’s were doing her weekly rounds, she agreed to take my ‘cop-out’ and address it with the medical staff. Within a few hours an RN with the medical staff came to my cell together with an officer and began running tests. She advised me that my blood pressure was 151/101 and recognized that I was in pain. She proceeded to take a urine sample and left. That same morning, the administration announced that we were going to get tested for Covid an additional time as they had received updated guidance from the CDC as to what needed to be done. The new guidance mandated that inmates had to have two consecutive ‘negative tests 24 hours apart’ prior to being released from the quarantine unit. Less than 48 hours later, I was told that I had tested positive for the virus on the additional test that I had taken. At that time, the Government and Mr. Schreffler advised Your Honor in court filings that I was asymptomatic. But that was untrue and it is so frustrating to read my government saying that to the Court. I was clearly not asymptomatic. In fact, at that time, I was in excruciating pain in both my back and legs and I was seeing blood in my urine. Your Honor, I simply couldn’t move…”

“Officers Salas, Hagelsburg and Kessler were extremely helpful as they all recognized how much pain I was actually in. Instead of me having to get out of bed for food and for the national daily census ‘stand up’ counts, I was allowed to remain in bed and they would bring the food to me. Each day, I would place an administrative ‘cop-out’ under the door in the hopes that the medical team would be able to bring medication for the pain that I was in. Each day I was told that they were instructed ‘not to take any papers from the inmates or touch anything’ as they were concerned about getting the virus. This went on for nearly 5 days until Ms. Lisa (the dental hygienist) who was completing the the daily temperature checks instructed one of the officers to tell the medical staff that ‘it was an emergency to see me.’ At about 1am on July 7th, Ms. Santarella (one of the EMTs) came into my cell along with the unit officer and ran my blood work and took another urine sample. A few days later, the medical staff came in and gave me medication to help alleviate the pain that I was experiencing. They told me that the tests came back for extensive blood in my urine. Throughout this entire time, we were being placed alone in a cell with no air conditioning while it was sweltering hot in the area. The temperatures were exceeding 90 degrees with significant humidity making it feel like it was over 100 degrees. There was even a point that we were unable to shower or drink the water out of the faucets due to a water pipe that burst on the prison grounds. The heat was unbearable and we were unable to leave the cells 24/7.”

“Throughout these 38 days, I was cut off from my family with the exception of an 8-10 minute phone call once a week on Monday mornings. That call was usually rushed as the staff had to get to all of the inmates throughout the medical isolation unit as it was full due to an increase of positive tests throughout the entire institution. At that time in the mornings, my wife was working, and as a result she and I were able to speak only briefly. I had asked the counselor for a time later in the morning but that I was told that this was my only chance to call for the week. I didn’t have a choice. I had received an opportunity to speak with one of my attorneys, but then the counselor would tell me countless times that I had another legal call set up, but would never follow through with the actual call. As of today, I still have yet to receive an additional legal call with my attorney…”

“I was sick and experiencing significant symptoms associated with Covid-19. I was completely lethargic. The pain throughout my body was unbearable. I had lost my sense of smell. I was experiencing excessive blood in my urine which had been an issue for quite some time. I had been pleading with the medical staff and the administration for help, but all that they would say was that ‘it was probably kidney stones and they will pass.’ The medical staff took me for x-rays and they confirmed that I do not have kidney stones, but yet, I am still having blood in my urine daily. I have requested from the administration all of the ‘cop-outs’ that I had filed as well as all of the supporting documentation of my medical records and furlough documents that were signed, but they have refused to share them with me so I could share them with you, Your Honor. Even the electronic ‘cop-outs’ that I had filed asking for an emergency dental appointment for sharp pains in my mouth have been deleted from the system and I can’t access them any longer…”

“Upon returning to the camp after 38 days, we were told by members of the administration that ‘it’s only a matter of time’ until we are placed back into the isolation unit. The officers have said that it will be a matter of weeks as there is really ‘no way’ for the BOP to stop the spread of the virus. The officers and contractors who arrive at the facility on a daily basis we are told get tested. However, the extent of their testing is getting their temperatures checked each time they arrive. Multiple officers have told us that their union ‘is not allowing for them to get tested by the BOP unless they are experiencing outward symptoms.’ As a result, no one knows the true scope of the amount of officers who are asymptomatic carriers of the virus to the inmates…”

“My children’s lives have been torn apart as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. However, my children by no fault of their own have been doubly hit as a result of me not being able to be there for them really in much of any capacity. Over the past 2 months, I have literally spoken to my children maybe two times due to the harsh conditions of confinement that the BOP has placed on us. Whenever I was able to make my weekly call, it was made to my wife. My young children do not have their own cell phones, and they were not with my wife at work, and it’s against BOP regulations to have 3 way conference calls. My children’s mental health has been adversely affected and they have been seeing therapists to deal with me not being a part of their lives. When they heard that I got infected with the virus, they were truly scared as they hear all of the time about people dying once getting the virus, and they struggled to cope with what was happening to their father. I understand and respect that my own actions have caused me not to be with them throughout this horrible and scary time; but because of this pandemic and the lack of any substantive interactions with them as a result of my incarceration in Otisville, it’s something that is simply too much for young children to deal with…”

“My wife who has been dependent on my parents and in-laws for emotional and financial support, is needing to do this completely alone. Each of our parents have significant underlying medical issues that have caused for them to be isolated in their homes for the past number of months. I hope that Your Honor will appreciate the significant toll that this has taken on my marriage. My wife is a very strong and amazing person and our connection and relationship has been incredible throughout our nearly 20 years of marriage even with all that we have been through. It hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination. However, this pressure has pushed us and our family to the edge. It has caused my wife deep emotional distress that is extremely hard for her to handle on her own. My wife works in the medical field and she is truly scared to get the virus. But, she is unable to stop working due to the financial constraints that we have…”

“The BOP has said that as a result of the loss of visiting, they have given us an additional 200 minutes as well as making all phone calls free. While I am very appreciative for the additional minutes and the lack of the cost for the calls, we are unable to use them while in quarantine as we are limited to a maximum of 80 minutes per month (and 40 in the medical isolation unit). As they have told us, we will undoubtedly be back there shortly with those extreme limitations imposed upon us once again…”

“While I understand and respect the need for being punished for my actions, and I completely accept responsibility for the things that I have done; I am asking Your Honor to allow for me to serve the remaining months of my sentence on home confinement. Alternatively, I ask that Your Honor make a recommendation to the BOP that I be placed in halfway house or home confinement. As Your Honor is aware, I spent 8 1/2 months on strict house arrest prior to arriving at Otisville. Throughout that time, I have no issues and was fully compliant…”

In 1863 President Lincoln delivered his infamous Gettysburg address: “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth…” Lincoln’s dream of free men living in a nation under God never became a reality. America is a penal colony run by mindless, Godless bureaucrats. The profits from overpriced commissary, overpriced phone minutes, overpriced internet access, and slave labor in prisons throughout the country flow into the hands of cigar chomping Wall Street executives every day. I earned 13 cents a minute working at the Otisville prison warehouse, ten percent of which was garnished and paid towards my restitution order. When I stole the noodles it was a crime of economic desperation! The United States Government is anything but “of the people, by the people or for the people.” Democracy is DEAD.

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      Numbers 9:14; 15:29; “One law and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you.”

      The Talmudic authority which holds that Gentile property is like unclaimed land in the desert is the Talmud Book of Baba Bathra, Folio 54b, there cited. The passage actually appears on page 222 of the Soncino edition: “Rab Judah said in the name of Samuel: The property of a heathen is on the same footing as desert land; whoever first occupies it acquires ownership.”

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