List of Witnesses Lined Up To Testify Against the Goat

List of Witnesses Lined Up To Testify Against the Goat

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The Goat leaving the New Haven Criminal Courthouse during jury selection in his sharp designer suit, black velvet yarmukle, tie, black wingtips, & file folder captioned “State of Connecticut vs. Daniel Greer. The cops physical examination of the Goat determined that the Goat has red fur in certain parts of his body, which is why the Goat gives off a red glow when he walks down the street.

The criminal child rape trial of Daniel Greer is scheduled to commence in less than one week on Monday, September 16th at 235 Church Street, New Haven, Courtroom 4B. Judge Alander gave the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Goat’s defense Attorney Willie the Dow two weeks to complete the trial. A jury will decide the Goat’s fate just before the Jewish High Holidays. If the Goat is convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault in the second degree and risk of injury to a minor, Judge Alander will schedule a date for the Goat to be sentenced. I would expect the Goat to be sentenced to 3 years, more or less, in a special Connecticut prison for the elderly and pedophiles where he will not be threatened with violence on a daily basis. If the Goat is acquitted he will be a free range Goat, free to graze in the grass of the playground he built at the Roger Sherman School building that he purchased for a dollar thirty years ago which he turned into his Yeshiva. The Goat boasted to the press thirty years ago that he tore down the Roger Sherman school parking lot and turned it into a playground for children. The citizens of New Haven had no idea at the time that the Goat was a pedophile.

If Daniel Greer is acquitted he will be free to start up his yeshiva again, host fundraising dinners, and attract minor boys for his depraved pleasures. If the Goat is acquitted Orthodox Jews will start to donate to the Goat’s yeshiva once again. Most Orthodox Jews believe that the goyim want to kill the Jews. If the Goat is acquitted it will be another example of the goyim trying to take down an innocent Jew. The Goat will once again be flush with cash and rolling in tax free donations.

The State will call Detective Cuddy and other police officers as the first witnesses in their case in chief. These officers spent the last two years investigating the Goat. They served a search warrant on the Goat and took pictures of the private parts of the Goat’s body, ie., the crime weapon. The Goat’s fur contains a number of different colors. Some parts of his fur are red, some gray, some brown. Rape victim Eli Mirlis will testify as to which parts of the Goat’s body contain gray fur, red fur and brown fur. The police officers will show naked pictures of the Goat to the jury and explain that Mirlis was correct in his description of the Goat’s body. According to the arrest warrant affidavit Sargent Zannelli, Detective Monzon, Detective Parker and Detective Cuddy met the Goat at Willie the Dow’s office on Orange Street. Willie Dow escorted the Goat and the New Haven police officers into a “private room” where the officers “photographed and videotaped the clothed and naked body of Greer in the presence of Dow in a private room.” Does Willie the Dow have a conference room big enough to accommodate the Goat, the Dow and four police officers? See copy of arrest warrant affidavit below:

How would Mirlis know the different colors of the Goat’s body and that the Goat had a three inch shmeckel? Mirlis must have been raped by the Goat. The Goat never went to the mikvah, ie., ritual bath with Mirlis. The Goat never took Mirlis on a field trip to a Russian bath house in Coney Island or the beach on the Cape in Provincetown. The Goat never went swimming with the high school students at the Yale Payne Whitney pool. Only Avi Hack took the boys swimming. The Goat stayed home back at his stable. Everyone knows that goats don’t like water. For the Goat to assert the mikvah defense would require the cowardly Goat to take the witness stand and testify in his own defense. You won’t hear a word from the mouth of the coward Daniel Greer. The cowardly Goat will hide behind his attorney Willie the Dow. You will only get to hear the Dow ask Mirlis about mikvahs and Russian bath houses. The Goat will respond to each and every lurid accusation made by Eli Mirlis with complete silence. The Goat was never shy or one to keep quiet. The outspoken Goat always had something very important to say. When the Goat spoke in public people listened, especially the politicians on the Goat’s payroll. Yet when Eli Mirlis, Avi Hack and Rafi testify about how the Goat molested them as teenagers the Goat will turn into a mute.

After the officers testify the State will present the testimony of two expert witnesses. One expert will testify about how pedophiles groom their victims at an early age. The Goat groomed Avi Hack from the day Avi was born. The Goat was present at Avi’s birth with Avi’s father, Harold Hack. The Goat has been friends with Harold Hack for almost 30 years. Harold apparently was unaware that his son was getting raped by the Goat for 13 years, which started when Avi was 15 or 16. Harold didn’t appear to be shocked when he learned that Avi was raped by the Goat. Harold didn’t try to kill or torch the Goat with a flame thrower like Leonardo DiCaprio did in Once Upon a Time in Pedowood. Harold didn’t speak out against the Goat. Harold went about his business as usual. Harold’s anger was misdirected at Larry Noodles. Harold Hack was furious with me. I was the bad guy. I was the first to publicly expose on this blog that Avi Hack was raped by the Goat. Many in the Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewish world have told me that I shouldn’t embarrass the Jews by exposing rabbi rapists. I guess I should keep silent and let these pedophiles rape their children. This is logic coming from people who share the same DNA as Albert Einstein.

The State will present the testimony of an expert Orthodox Jew who will explain the alternative lifestyle of Orthodox Jews. Dr. Fagan will testify that Orthodox Jews live in tight knit, insular communities that are closed off to the outside world. Orthodox Jews wear a uniform that consists of strings hanging from their pants and beanies on their heads. The women wear $10K wigs made of hair donated by women in India. Orthodox Jews spend all their free time with other members of their tribe. They don’t venture out of their neighborhoods, either physically or mentally. They send their children to the same schools. They all see each other in the same shuls. There is no privacy. They see each other’s wives walking to the mikvah ritual bath, which means every guy in the neighborhood knows when his neighbor’s wife gets her monthly period and is available to her husband for a roll in the hay. Orthodox Jews show reverence and respect for their community leaders, especially gangsters and mobsters who have lots of money. Their family structure is one of patriarchy, although in some families the wife wears the pants and pushes around her wimpy husband. They show respect for their rabbis, even prominent rabbis who get busted and end up in Otisville with Larry Noodles. Dr. Fagan will basically testify that living in an Orthodox Jewish community is no different than living in Federal prison. The only difference is that in Federal prison you have a release date. In the Orthodox Jewish community you get a life sentence.

The State will also present the testimony of Avi Hack and Rafi. Avi will testify that the Goat raped him as a minor and continued to rape him as an adult. The marshals in Rhode Island are currently looking for Avi. Avi has refused to testify voluntarily. Avi is on the lam. My sources have told me that Avi has taken a leave of absence from the Jorge Alvarez High School, where he works as a teacher in Providence, RI. If Avi is a no-show the State will try to enter the deposition of Avi Hack in lieu of his live testimony. You can read Avi Hack’s testimony below:

Rafi will testify that the Goat took him to Edgewood Park and tried to seduce him with a bag of nuts and a bottle of wine. The Goat also seduced Avi Hack with a bag of nuts and alcohol. Rafi will testify that the Goat grabbed his private parts while he was fully clothed. Rafi will testify that the Goat tried to French kiss him and push his goat tongue into 14 year old Rafi’s mouth.

After the State rests it’s case the Goat will have the opportunity to present his defense. The cowardly Goat will not take the witness stand. The Goat may put his longtime secretary Jean Ledbury on the witness stand. In the civil trial Ledbury testified that Mirlis and a few other students played a prank at the high school and took her keys. They made copies of her keys so they could get into some of the classrooms. Ledbury testified that Mirlis was dishonest and could not be trusted with keys. I’m not sure how Ledbury’s testimony will exonerate the Goat. During the civil trial the Goat’s wife the Ewe testified in defense of the Goat. When asked whether the Goat gave high school students wine the Ewe stated that “we give wine to an 8 day old baby at his bris. THIS IS WHO WE ARE!” The Ewe will probably testify in the criminal trial that she never saw the Goat rape anyone in her presence. I’m not sure if Judge Alander would allow such testimony, as it doesn’t prove anything. The Goat is also expected to present the testimony of a former teacher named Thomas DeRosa. DeRosa is expected to testify that Mirlis had tantrums in class and once yelled “Kill the Christians!” DeRosa is expected to testify that he was told to give Mirlis a passing grade rather than a failing grade. DeRosa’s testimony proves that the Goat raped Mirlis. If Mirlis had frequent tantrums in class he was probably acting out due to being repeatedly raped by the Goat. The passing grade proves that the Goat wanted Mirlis to stay in his school in order to satisfy the Goat’s sick pleasures.

We’re marching on, from the Superior Court at 235 Church Street, on to victory with a doubt, to corners four we’re marching angrily, goat farm after goat farm we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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2 thoughts on “List of Witnesses Lined Up To Testify Against the Goat

  1. Why do you say Hack is hiding? you’ve published his address, his workplace, the temple where he works, his in law etc.? How hard could it be to find him. Plus his rabbi and others (esp. in Providence and beth din there) must tell witnesses they have to testify when asked, no?
    What evidence do you have that he has even been id’d as a witness? He is victim too and deserves compassion, no?

    1. I have notified the authorities as to potential Avi Hack hiding places. Avi has been formally named as a witness in this case. If law enforcement shows up at Avi’s house and Avi doesn’t answer the door the cops cannot break down his door and drag him out unless they have an arrest warrant. Judge Alander has not issued a bench warrant for his arrest. The State of Connecticut has not asked for such a warrant. If I were the prosecutor I would have asked for such a warrant as it is obvious that Avi is hiding. The Goat’s attorney Willie Dow told Judge Alander that he did not expect Avi to appear voluntarily and he thought that Avi would not be able to be located by the process servers with their subpoena. Avi’s own attorney appeared in court and objected to Avi being hauled into court. My sources advised me that Avi is currently on leave from his teaching job in Providence. The State should have started looking for Avi a long time ago. I guess the State’s Attorney did not expect that a responsible citizen such as Avi Hack, who is the Rabbi of a shul in Rhode Island and a public high school teacher, would go to such lengths to avoid showing up in court. Logically you would think that Avi would appear in court with the two other victims of Daniel Greer, who will appear voluntarily without being subpoenaed, and testify against the Goat. But the rules of logic do not apply in the case of the Goat. The Goat has refused to plead guilty. The Goat has forced his victims to suffer flashbacks and PTSD by appearing in court to testify. Avi doesn’t want to suffer such pain and suffering, so he has skipped town. Some day Avi may have to seek the help of witnesses and / or the legal system if he or a member of his family is the victim of a crime. The legal system, which was created by the people to resolve disputes, cannot function without the cooperation of the public. Rabbis can tell witnesses whatever they want, that doesn’t mean witnesses will listen to their rabbis. Avi Hack is a victim, just as Eli Mirlis and Rafi are victims. Eli and Rafi will be appearing in court to testify against the Goat. The only difference is that Eli and Rafi were born into poor, dysfunctional families, while Avi had all the advantages of a stable home that Eli and Rafi did not have. Avi graduated from Yale University and went on to become a Rabbi and a public high school teacher, and seems to be doing well with the support of his wife, parents, siblings and in laws in Rhode Island, while Eli and Rafi did not graduate from Yale, if they even went to college. In the civil trial Mirlis and his wife testified that Mirlis has been suffering marital problems for years. Rafi has struggled in his adult life. Avi is going to sit back and let Eli and Rafi subject themselves to painful memories of the Goat while he hides out like a coward? Avi’s failure to appear should outrage members of the Jewish community, especially where Avi is a public figure, a Rabbi of a shul. What kind of message is Avi giving to other victims?

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