Local Prostitute Befriended The Goat & The Goat Boyz

Local Prostitute Befriended The Goat & The Goat Boyz

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Daniel Greer, AKA “The Goat” and the Goat’s sons Ezi and Dov go way back with a local prostitute from the compound named Priscilla Knox, pictured above.  Ms. Knox has retired from her life of crime.  Ms. Knox grew up in the compound and still lives in the Edgewood Elm neighborhood, a few blocks from the depraved Goat.  Ms. Knox knows all the secrets of the compound.  Unfortunately Ms. Knox is not dropping the dime on the Goat at this time.

I interviewed a Goat tenant who is very friendly with Ms. Knox. Her name is Kristine.  Kristine is currently being evicted by the Goat. Kristine has lived in the compound for three years.  Kristine provided me with new details about what is going on in the compound and new information about former prostitute Priscilla Knox.

Ms. Knox has been arrested for prostitution, drug possession, breach of peace and forgery.  Ms. Knox is no longer a prostitute.  She may have retired when the Goat posted pictures of the “John of the Week” all over the compound.  Kristine told me that Ms. Knox boasted that she knows the Goat and the Goat boys very well.  Ms. Knox has known the Goat family for many years, as she grew up in the compound on Elm Street, and spoke highly of the Goat.  Ms. Knox didn’t trash the Goat, which is typical with most people who have been exposed to the Goat for even a brief second.

Ms. Knox was recently embroiled in an election scandal between Mayor Toni Harp and challenger Marcus Paca.  Paca needed signatures to get on the ballot so he hired Knox to go around the compound and collect signatures.  Paca and Priscilla got in a fight over money.  Knox claimed that Paca owed her money so she quit her job with Paca and joined the Toni Harp campaign.  After she started getting paid by Toni Harp she trashed Paca and claimed that she collected fraudulent signatures for the Paca campaign.  She threatened Marcus Paca over money.  She told Yale graduate Chris Peak at the New Haven Independent the following:  “I said, ‘Marcus, listen. Don’t play with my money. Because if you play with my money, I’m going to fuck you up the ass with no grease, and it’s gonna hurt. Don’t play with my money.’”  You can read about Ms. Knox and her interactions with Socialist reporters Chris Peak and Paul Bass by clicking this link.  Knox may have done some shady election work in the past for Goat cronies in politics Elizabeth McCormack, Ed Zelinsky & John DiStefano.

Kristine was recently evicted from the compound.  She lived on Elm Street, a few blocks from the Goat school and a few blocks from the Goat residence.  Kristine fought the eviction but eventually agreed to move out next week.  Kristine told me that she was paying for electricity for the common areas and outdoor areas of the Goat building, which she didn’t realize when she moved in.  She said she complained to a person named Michelle, who worked for the Goat.  She said Michelle got very indignant and argued with her.  When Kristine told Michelle that she called the electric company to verify that she was paying the electric bill for the Goat Michelle stopped arguing.  This has been a common complaint with Goat tenants.  Unsuspecting tenants have no idea that they are paying for the Goat’s lights.

Kristine also told me that some of the lighting in the hallways and back area did not work.  The Goat sent his maintenance guy, named Chris, to fix the lighting.  Chris was never able to fix it.  Kristine fell twice and injured herself because of the bad lighting.  She even tripped over her pet beagle.  When Kristine went to Housing court she was led to believe, by the Goat’s attorney, that she agreed to waive any right to sue the Goat for her injuries if she signed a stipulation to move out.  I told her that the stipulation filed on line did not mention anything about waiving her rights to sue the Goat for her injuries.  I made sure to emphasize that I was not a licensed attorney and she should seek the advice of Attorney Hugh Keefe for an expert opinion.  Hugh Keefe never lost a case.

Kristine said the Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis sent his flunky in to cover for him at the housing court, a guy by the name of Attorney Daniel Burns.  The Goat’s maintenance man Chris was also in court.  Kristine told me that Chris stole her ladder, which was on the back porch.  She said he was the only one with the keys to the apartment and the Goat’s secretary Michelle admitted that he had “borrowed” the ladder.  You can the defenses that Kristine filed in court by clicking this link

Kristine also told me that she paid the Goat $1050.00 in cash and got a receipt.  In court the Goat’s joke Michelle told the housing mediator that she couldn’t find the cash receipt and that Kristine was a liar.  Kristine said she went back to her house and found the receipt and proved that it was the Goat’s joke who was the liar.

Kristine’s apartment is on Elm Street, half way between the Goat’s house and the Goat’s shul.  The Goat has to walk by her apartment every time he walks to his School of Sodomy and Gemora.  Kristine said that when she first moved into the apartment three years ago the Goat used to walk with his wife the Ewe to the shul.  Kristine said that the Ewe used to walk 15 feet behind the Goat.  She said after the lawsuits and rape charges, the Ewe moved up in rank, and now walks right next to the Goat, side by side.

Kristine said that the Goat got very upset when garbage would blow in front of her apartment building.  The Goat would tell the tenants to pick up the garbage.  The tenants thought it was the responsibility of the Goat’s landscaper, the guy who occasionally mowed the grass.  The Goat’s landscaper was hardly ever around.  Kristine said that the Goat used to go around and personally pick up papers and other debris that landed in the front yard of his apartments.

Kristine told me that at one point flyers were dumped on the lawns of the Goat’s apartment buildings.  The flyers had pictures of the Goat, along with a picture of the devil with big horns, with the following words:  “Reverend Daniel Greer, Church of Child Rape, Do Not Lie With a Man As You Would Lie With A Woman, Leviticus.”  The flyer described the Goats crimes in greater detail.  Kristine said she didn’t know anything about the Goat at the time so she brought the flyer over to the Goat’s office building.  She said she handed the flyer to the Goat’s secretary.  The Goat’s secretary refused to speak about the content of the flyer.  Kristine saved the flyer and still has it.

Kristine told me that the Goat continues to walk around the compound like the HNIC, a man of great importance.  She said the Goat makes her want to vomit.  She said that all the tenants in the compound think that the Goat is lower than pond scum.  She said the Goat tried to get the tenants to pay $180 a year to clean the furnace.  She said most of the tenants she has spoken to are looking to move out.

Kristine said she met “Ely” Greer before he fled the compound and moved to Waterbury.  Ezi AKA Eli Greer never used his real name when dealing with the tenants.  She said she never had a problem with Ely, but she didn’t have many dealings with him.  She said she also dealt with someone named Abby, but she believes that Abby left the compound.  It’s not clear if Abby now refers to herself as Michelle.  I never heard of a Michelle working for the Goat, but I have heard of an Abby.  Abby Rhodes may not want anyone to know that she works for the depraved Goat.  Kristine also dealt with Goat secretary Jean Ledbury, who has worked for the Goat for many years.

Kristine told me that she knew a Eastern European worker named Paul.  Paul was Polish and worked for the Goat for many years.  Paul is gay.  After the child rape case Paul moved back to Poland.   The Goat tried to sleep with Paul a few times.  Paul told me that the Goat tried to seduce him with a bottle of wine and a bag of nuts, just as the Goat did with Mirlis, Avi Hack and Rafi.  But Paul was a grown man and already involved in a relationship.  Paul was not some clueless prepubescent teenager enamored by the Goat.

The Goat’s next date for his criminal case is August 23.

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