Locked Up With Clinton Buddy Namazee

Locked Up With Clinton Buddy Namazee



Hassan Nemazee is doing 12 and a half years in Otisville prison.  On August 21, 2009 Hassan defrauded the Bank of America out of $142 million. On the same day he defrauded Citibank out of $75 million.  He had been running a massive ponzi scheme, along with various other fraudulent schemes, for over ten years. He is an Iranian who lived in America who raised millions for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee for many years.  He tried to use his stolen money and powerful connections to influence United States foreign policy with Iran.

Nemazee’s brother-in-law is Sir Peter Westmacott, British Ambassador to the United States. Nemazee is a founding member of the Iran American Political Action Committee (IAPAC).  In 2008 Nemazee was hired as Hillary Clinton’s finance director in her presidential campaign.  In 2004 Nemazee was finance chairman for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in NY.  During Kerry’s campaign Nemazee called for normalizing diplomatic relationships with Iran, even though Iran was actively seeking nuclear weapons. Some accused Nemazee of being an agent of the Iranian government.  Nemazee sued one Iranian-American for slander for calling him a “friend of the mullahs.”  In 1998 Nemazee was nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve as Ambassador to Argentina.  Nemazee’s nomination was withdrawn after Forbes Magazine published an scathing article detailing years of unscrupulous business practices.

Although Nemazee has been accused of being a “mole” for the Iranian government, in reality he was more than just a mole. The Persian Prince was also a “rat.”  When Nemazee was indicted by the Feds in 2009 he offered to rat out others in order to save his soul.  He tried to offer “substantial assistance” to America, after having robbed the Bank of America.  Nemazee met with the Feds and proceeded to throw everyone he knew under the bus. First he dropped the dime on his brother-in-law, who helped Nemazee with his fraudulent schemes.  Then he ratted out guys who were targets in an ongoing investigation involving bribery and kickbacks in New Mexico pension and retirement funds.  But the Feds told Nemazee that he didn’t provide them with any new information.  So the Persian Prince became a Benedict Arnold and ratted out his friends living in Iran on issues of national security.  The Feds acknowledged that Nemazee provided some new intelligence on Iran and certain Iranian Americans.

Whatever information the Persian Prince gave to the Feds about Iran will forever remain a mystery.  I am convinced Nemazee provided the Feds with valuable information.  The Persian Prince hails from one of the most prominent families in Iran before the Revolution.  His father Mohammed had a major shipping company that for years illegally shipped opium into China.  Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett was born in the Nemazee Hospital, in 1956, where her father was a doctor.

Obama was sworn in as President on January 20, 2009.  Nemazee was sentenced on July 15, 2010.  At sentencing Nemazee got double crossed by the Obama Administration. After the Persian Prince ratted out his family, friends and fellow Persians, the Feds recommended the maximum penalty.  The fraudster got a taste of his own medicine.  But the Persian Prince was lucky.  The Judge was impressed with Namazee’s degree from Harvard and had mercy.  The Judge said the Persian Prince was “highly intelligent and educated” and “extremely charitable.”  The Judge described the Persian Prince as a “Shakespearean tragedy.” The Judge sentenced Nemazee to half of what the Feds recommended.

In Otisville prison the Persian Prince had a anger management problem.  A problem that he never addressed.  He was in denial.  The first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem.  Nemazee never enrolled in the Ed Stein Anger Management Class.  Ed Stein is also a ponzi schemer, but small time compared to Nemazee. Ed patented his Anger Management Class at Otisville.  I believe other prisons have adopted the Ed Stein anger management system.

Nemazee walked around with a scowl on his face all day.  He had an easy prison job compared to most inmates.  All he had to do was clean the officers’ one toilet bathroom.  It took him about ten minutes a day.  The rest of the day he read the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, or a novel, usually something political.

At night the Persian Prince watched movies in the Ed Stein tv room. Sometimes Nemazee would yell at a guy who got too close to him while he was reading.  He yelled at me a few times, over nothing of any importance. He yelled at me because I was sending blogs about inmates to the New Haven Independent web site.  Another time he yelled at me in the Ed Stein tv room because I tried to put an extra mattress on my bed.  You are only authorized to have one three inch mattress laying on top of a steel board bunk bed. He also yelled at me because I entered the chapel, where he was reading his Sunday papers.  He didn’t like it if a guy would go in that little building when he was in there reading.

Nemazee lived in a section of the prison complex that was called “Park Avenue” by the inmates.  It was the cleanest, quietest, and sunniest part of the prison. All the big money men lived there.  Billionaire Walter Forbes lived there. Rabbi Ben Haim tried to get me to move there with him after his bunkie Alex Schleider moved out.  But other inmates in the neighborhood protested.  They threatened to trash the rabbi’s cube every night if I moved to Park Avenue.

The Persian Prince didn’t get many visitors at the prison.  Not sure what happened to his wife and children. I never saw them in the visitors room.  Did they abandon this sick man?  The Persian Prince may be sick, but he is not stupid.  He graduated from Harvard University with honors.  How he went from Harvard University to Otisville prison is anyone’s guess. The picture of Nemazee, standing outside the courthouse after his sentencing, is the same expression he had on his face in prison 24/7.  He must still be mad at Obama.

In spite of Nemazee’s many misdeeds, there is no reason to force him to live like a dog for twelve and a half years. And why punish his family, they did nothing wrong. This man has a psychological problem.  He is clearly a  kleptomaniac. The Mayo Clinic describes kleptomania as a serious mental health disorder, “not a character flaw.”   Yet the government still argues that locking people up with mental health disorders will deter others with mental health disorders.

Nemazee is not a violent man. He represents no physical threat to anyone. In this age of high technology, cameras, and computers, there are ways to monitor a guy like Nemazee from his own home. Letting this man stay with his family, with help from mental health professionals, would be far more compassionate, far more beneficial to him and civilized society, than treating him like an animal.

Sending Namazee to prison for over a decade does nothing but inflict further psychological damage to him and his family.  The Judge described Nemazee as “a Shakesperean tragedy.”   Has the American criminal justice system become so cold and callous that the only thing that matters is retribution?  American has up to ten times higher incarceration rates than most industrialized nations.  Yet most industrialized nations have far lower crime rates than America.  America is slowly turning into a penal colony.  Dostoyevsky once said, “The degree of civilization in society can be judged by entering it’s prisons.”  Dostoyevsky also said, “Love a man, even in his sin…”  Larry Noodles once said, “Love Nemazee, even in his sin.”

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