Locked Up With Olympic Wrestler

Locked Up With Olympic Wrestler

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A self described “Olympic wrestler” by the name of Matthew J. Ryan, who is locked up for ten years in Otisville for running a ponzi scheme, got into a battle with a Hasidic Jew by the name of Aaron “Ari” Glucksman, also a ponzi schemer. But Ari is only doing four years.  They both had jobs at the prison “powerhouse”.  Ari had a close friend in the camp by the name of Michael Weiss.  Weiss grew up in a Hasidic Jewish family but left the fold many years ago.  He was one of many guys busted in a scheme to launder drug money.

Ari was the prison “gabbai” who was running the Jewish chapel, a job description which could be best described as the “Enforcer” appointed by the blueboyz to control the  many Hasidic Jewish inmates doing time in Otisville.  In prison the blueboyz would prefer that the inmates police themselves.  Why should the blueboyz get their hands dirty.  You can’t blame them, especially at an overcrowded high security prison.  Its not worth taking your life in your hands trying to discipline a guy doing life.  Let the gang leaders keep the place quiet.

The blueboyz will give the gang leaders “perks” which could be extra food, or other benefits that may seem small on the outside, but big in prison.  In the little Otisville white collar prison world there are no gangs, but there are special inmates who get extra perks for keeping the other inmates in line.  Ari was one of these inmates, due to his role as the Hasidic “gabbai.”

Wrestler Ryan worked with Ari and Weiss in the powerhouse.  Ryan had a number of legal files that he was working on in the prison. He had the SEC suing him, his divorce case, and other lawsuits.  He took his paperwork and other personal belongings to the powerhouse.  You don’t have much storage space in your cubicle.

Eventually a battle ensued between Ryan and Ari. I think it had something to do with a tool that went missing at the powerhouse. Only in low security prison camps do you have access to tools.  Every prison tool has to be accounted for.  A missing tool can get you locked up in the SHU aka “the Hole”, aka “Special Housing Unit” or solitary confinement for a few weeks, as a tool could be a dangerous weapon.

Ryan and Ari started ratting each other out to the blueboyz, blaming each other for the missing tool. One of them may have taken the tool on purpose in order to get the other one in trouble. Ari teamed up with his good friend Weiss to bring about the downfall of Ryan.

Ari and Weiss were very close, until a marijuana grower named David M. Gambuzza came to town.  Gambuzza was spending too much time with Weiss, which made Ari jealous. Gambuzza and Weiss took morning jogs together.

Weiss had his hands full with a number of different women who came to visit him.  It is important to have both a wife and a girlfriend when you go to jail.  The days are very long and visits from people on the outside are very important. The wife and the girlfriend will compete with each other to visit you the most.  If you only have a wife she will divorce you while you are locked up, which is very depressing.  If you only have a girlfriend she will ditch you for another guy, which is also very depressing.  The ideal is to have both a wife and a girlfriend, so if one leaves you there is always a backup.

Ryan was a loner.  Ari and Weiss enlisted the help of other Jews to file complaints or “cop-outs” against Ryan.  Guys complained that Ryan was hogging the gym.  Ryan was training guys in the gym.  He wouldn’t let anyone in the gym if he was in there training.  In the dining area Ryan would take over an entire table to work on his legal work.  There are only enough tables in the dining area to seat 60 guys, yet the camp has over 100 guys.  So Ryan would take over a 6 person table for himself. Then Ryan started to hog up a table in the Jewish chapel, a table where an 80 year old Hasid always sat.  Ryan spread out his paperwork and files all over the table.

The goyim never went into the Jewish chapel.  The Christians had their own chapel room, and the Jews had their own room, ie., the shul.  Officially the rooms did not belong to either group, unless the group was meeting for a prayer service.  Unofficially, it was understood that the Jews controlled the Jewish chapel and the Christians controlled the Christian chapel.  Ryan went into the Jewish chapel in order to embarrass Ari, who was the official Hasidic Jew gabbai, in charge of the Jews and the Jewish chapel.  It made Ari look bad that a goy entered the Jewish chapel and acted like he owned the place.

Ryan’s Russian bunkie arranged to have a hot Russian girl come to visit Ryan every week.  Not sure why this hot girl would visit a guy with a ten year sentence, but she kept Ryan happy.   Ryan’s wife left him when he got indicted.  His children never came to visit him, obviously poisoned by the ex-wife.  Ryan’s mother used to come almost every week to visit. His only connection to the outside world.

Prison is extremely isolating and depressing, especially if you have a long sentence.  When Ryan’s bunkie finished his time and checked out of prison the hot Russian girl stopped coming to visit Ryan.  I think it was about this time that Ryan snapped and had a mental breakdown.  Ryan filed a complaint against one of the blueboyz.  For whatever reason he thought this would get Ari in trouble.  You never cross that line.  Once you take on the blueboyz you have no prayer.  They run the prison.  They can do whatever they want. The Blue Code of Silence.  You are at their mercy.

After a week of conducting an “investigation” the blueboyz escorted Ryan out of the low security prison camp and took him to the medium prison next door and locked him up in solitary confinement, or the “SHU” or “Segregated Housing Unit.”  Ryan languished in there for months until he was finally shipped off to the Federal prison in Fort Dix, NJ.  It didn’t help matters that he wrote more complaints against other blueboyz while he was locked up in the SHU.  The blueboyz probably extended his stay in the SHU.   Every time the blueboyz throw you in the SHU your personal items from your cubicle must be sorted and inventoried.  You can’t take your stuff to the SHU.  Ryan had acquired enough items to fill up three cubicles.  He may have been bartering in exchange for his personal training services.  He had five walkman radios.  What are you going to do with five walkman radios?

In order to impress and intimidate other inmates, Ryan told everyone that he was a wrestler in the Olympics.  It turns out that he was never an Olympic wrestler. He was a competitive wrestler in High School and college.  He claimed to be an Olympic wrestler in one of his many personal injury lawsuits that he filed before he checked into Otisville. He certainly had the ears of a wrestler.  His ears were the most mangled, deformed and misshapen ears I have ever seen in my entire life.  He probably was in one too many headlocks.

When Ryan was sentenced he tried to elicit sympathy from the Judge.  Ryan claimed to suffer numerous physical and mental impairments.  Hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, fractured left wrist, arthritis in left shoulder, arthritis in right heel, psoriasis, reconstructive right knee surgeries, limited memory, impaired motor and visuomotor skills, dexterity impairment, cognitive dysfunctions, and epilepsy. He claimed he was attacked in 1999 and repeatedly hit over the head.  He suffered traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, migraines, seizures, and altered consciousness with “grunting.”   The sentencing judge had no mercy and gave him ten long years. Not sure how Ryan got into the Otisville prison camp with his many health problems. The Otisville prison is called a “work camp.”  You need to have the ability to work if you wish to live in a minimal security camp. There are medical prisons with medical facilities for guys with severe health issues.  Either way I watched him work out at the gym and play basketball. Physically he  lacked flexibility.  He was muscular but stiff.   He was not very  agile.   And his ears were deformed from many years of wrestling. He never mentioned to the sentencing judge anything about his mangled ears.

Ryan got a long sentence as a ponzi schemer.  His victim losses were only in the range of about three to five million dollars.  The judge gave him 10 years.  Inmate Nemazee got 12 and a half years and his losses were hundreds of millions.   Walter Forbes losses were in the billions and he got 12 years.  Ryan had nobody to rat out to try to get his sentence reduced.  Neither did Forbes.  Nemazee volunteered to rat out other guys, but the Feds wouldn’t cut him a break.   Ryan is still doing his time in Fort Dix. Ari is still locked up in Otisville.  Gambuzza and Weiss are living in halfway houses…

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  1. Hi it’s Kathy Peter iovino fiancée
    Yes Pete has been there since 2013
    He told me to look you up
    Very funny and informative when you experience it so very real
    Enjoyed your writings best wishes Pete will be home sept 2017
    And the Romanos brothers are doing well

    1. Send “Big Pete” my regards. If you ever need anything you know where to find me. BTW, can you share any information as to why Gov Rowland was transferred to Lewisberg?

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