Long Island Podiatrist Breaks Out of Otisville

Long Island Podiatrist Breaks Out of Otisville

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Dr. Hal Abrahamson got busted for billing Medicare and private insurance companies over $800K for fraudulent skin grafts and wound packs. He billed for over 2,000 skin grafts and wound packs. The Feds alleged that most patients never require skin grafts and wound packs from a foot doctor. Podiatrists spend most of their time removing bunions. It’s very rare for a podiatrist to perform a skin graft, let alone the number of skin grafts that were billed by Hal. Skin grafts and wound packs are used when a toe or foot is amputated or when a patient suffers from a massive infection with necrosis. Was Dr. Hal sheching toes willi nilli? Was Dr. Hal a toe mohel? Does Dr. Hal also perform circumcisions?

Hal only got a year and a day for his crime. Hal turned himself into Otisville less than a year ago. Hal joined the small group of religious Jews locked up in Otisville. Cattle prod Rabbi Mendel Epstein leads the religious Jews. Epstein can barely scrape together a minyan. I was locked up in Otisville during the glory years. Otisville was packed with Hasidim from the 12 tribes, ie., Satmar, Puppa, Slonover, Spinka, Lubavitch, Bobov, etc… Otsiville was packed with Litvishers from Brooklyn, Lakewood, Monsey and Waterbury and modern guys from Teaneck, Baltimore, and Manhattan. The Hasidim were able to get all kinds of food imported into Otisville, mostly through legal means. The low security camp was ruled by high profile inmate Mshulum Jacobowitz. The high security medium was ruled by high profile inmate Sholom Rubashkin. Those days are long gone. The Jews don’t get the volume of Jew food they used to get when I was locked. No more big Shabbos meals with 75 guys packed in the chapel. Rabbi Epstein kicked the non-religious Jews out of the chapel. The Otisville shul is no longer inclusive.

Less Hasidim are getting busted and locked up in Otisville. The crime rate for Hasidim is way down. Either the Hasidim are becoming more honest in their business dealings or they are getting better at getting away with criminal behavior. Mayor DiBlasio seems to think that all Hasidim are criminals because they gather on the streets of Boro Park and Williamsburg sporting blue surgical masks in order to pay their last respects to their departed Rebbes. Most Hasidim are color blind. They see everything in black and white. Do they realize that they are wearing blue surgical masks? Someone should tell them.

DiBlasio announced that he has ordered New York’s finest to arrest these law breakers wearing blue surgical masks. Give me a break. DiBlasio should focus his attention on the real criminals. In 2019 there were 95K reports of violent crime in New York City. In the last 28 days there were 4,500 reports of violent crime, which includes 28 murders in the Big Apple. When is DeBlasio going to order New York’s finest to arrest the murderers, rapists, armed robbers and car jackers? Its ok if violent crime is committed against people living in New York’s ghettos, and it does not spread into midtown Manhattan, Park Slope, the Upper East Side, or Washington Heights. DiBlasio is not going to risk the lives of New York’s finest in order to keep the working poor safe in Harlem, the South Bronx or East New York. DiBlasio would rather spend New York taxpayer’s money busting Hasidim wearing blue surgical masks.

Dr. Hal lives in the safety of Long Island. Dr. Hal made a lot of money overbilling the government. Hal had to resort to a life of crime in order to afford to live in a safe neighborhood. When Hal was sentenced he wrote the Federal government a check for a whopping $800K. Where in the world did a lowly podiatrist get his hands on $800K??? If you don’t believe me, below is a copy of Hal’s receipt:

Dr. Hal Abrahamson’s mom Jean Abrahamson bailed out her son and wrote the $800K check to the Clerk of the Courthouse on July 19, 2019 to pay Hal’s restitution. Jean ran Hal’s podiatry office. Jean was also a podiatrist. Why didn’t Jean get indicted? The Feds were kind and spared Jean from Danbury Federal women’s prison. Hal’s father Ivan Abrahamson was a podiatrist. Ivan and Jean inherited the practice from Ivan’s father, who was also a podiatrist. Hal and Jean took it over from Ivan after Ivan passed away in January of 2018. Hal got indicted in June of 2018. Hal got indicted along with a gaggle of Russian Jewish doctors, crooked health care providers and other miscreants in a $163 million health care fraud take down by the Feds. See link. Hal destroyed a 100 year old family business of podiatrists. There is no podiatry office to pass on to the next generation. But Hal, or his mother Jean, cashed in big time. It’s not clear who stashed away the money. Jean wrote the check. Hal did the time.

Just before Hal got indicted Hal, Hal’s father Ivan, Hal’s mom Jean and a podiatrist in Hal’s office named Debra B. Manheim, all got sued by a Russian guy named Daniel J. Pflanzer, who claimed he worked for them 24/7, like a slave, for years, and was never sufficiently paid under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Pflanzer alleged the following in his lawsuit, which is still pending: “Plaintiff’s duties included open and start up the office, check daily sheet for patients and pull those charts, answer phones until Jean Abrahamson (Ivan Abrahamson’s wife) arrived, pre-cut foot pads to prepare for patients prior to selling them “Arch Supports”, sterilize all utensils in the “Auto Clave” machine (steaming and sterilizing process), prepare patient rooms with proper utensils for the doctors, welcome patients, escort patients to rooms, apply biofreeze and massage heels of feet with hand held devices, prepare and administer “whirl-pool” foot baths, clean each room and utensils after each patient visit was complete, file charts away, vacuum, clean and mop office floors, sterilize additional instruments used or left out after the days’ patients, clean and change vacuum bags in the foot drill machines, order and stock office and medical supplies, assist with and perform foot x-rays, run errands for Jean Abrahamson (i.e. car wash, gas fill up, pick up orthotics, pick up lunch, pick up paperwork at Rego Park), maintain a safe and clear pathway to the office daily, change office light bulbs, trash, snow and leaf removal, and perform handy man services.”

Hal and Jean didn’t get very good on line reviews for their podiatry office. One patient wrote: “Lori karp Jean Abrahamson are all part of Hal’s insurance schemes Lori karp would fudge the billing while jean Abrahamson approved it! Then Olga submits it and that’s the scheme they did it to dr Debra Manheim while she was on maternity leave just ask her. They are a bunch of crooks the whole office.” Another wrote: “Is Dr. Hal really practicing after a judge sentenced him to over a year in prison? I wouldn’t trust a convicted felon with my footcare!” Another wrote: “Hal Abrahamson is a great crook! He will provide you with service with a smile as he robs your insurance company blind. I could not recommend a better convicted felon for your foot care.” Another: “Interesting that Dr. Hal is still getting reviews since he is going to Prison for 1 .1 years for Medicare and insurance fraud. Read the post. They certainly overcharged me and burned my foot with a laser a few years ago.” And another: “didn’t help, burned my foot with a laser, still can’t walk well.” And another: “Couldn’t even remove my ingrown nail properly, wouldn’t take my insurance, found out later he is convicted of fraud. Stay away form this office.”

A few weeks ago Hal’s attorney begged Judge Hurley to release Hal from Otisville because of the coronavirus. Hal’s attorney wrote: “Dr. Abrahamson, at 57 years old, suffers from Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension, two factors that place him in a very high risk category. He is also taking 8 prescription medications, and has recently had additional health issues, as the overwhelmed BOP health staff is unable to address his pre-existing conditions. Dr. Abrahamson has only had his blood pressure checked twice in the past 2 weeks and he lost consciousness a little over one week ago due to incorrect dosing of his blood pressure medication.” On 4/23 Hal’s attorney wrote to Judge Hurley that Hal had been released on 4/22 on a temporary furlough until May 22, at which time Hal is supposed to return to Otisville. FUHGETABOUTIT! By then Hal will be eligible for home confinement. Goodbye Otisville, hello freedom!

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