Lou Goatberg Pleads Guilty To Filing False Tax Returns

Lou Goatberg Pleads Guilty To Filing False Tax Returns

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Louis Goldberg AKA Lou Goatberg, just pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns and not paying his fair share of taxes to the Federal government over a ten year period of time.  Lou’s nephew and co-conspirator Lou Malkin had pleaded guilty to tax evasion and got a six month jail sentence in Otisville Federal prison by Judge Hall one month ago.  You can read about Malkin by clicking this link.

In defense of Lou, he always paid his property taxes to the City of New Haven before he moved to Monsey.  If you don’t pay your property taxes the City takes away your house.  If you don’t pay the IRS, the Feds take away your freedom.  I happen to know the guy who purchased Lou’s New Haven house.  He is also paying New Haven property taxes, which just increased ten percent.  He is not happy about it, but everyone has to pay the tax man.

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

Don’t ask me what I want it for
If you don’t want to pay some more

Now my advice for those who die
Declare the pennies on your eyes
Cause I’m the taxman
And you’re working for no one but me.

Lou was one of the last guys to continue to support the Goat, long after rape victim Eli Mirlis filed his lawsuit against the Goat, and long after Avi Hack testified that he was groomed by the Goat for molestation when he was a teenager.  What is shocking is that Goatberg knew these guys since they were children, and yet he continued to support the Goat.

Goatberg left the Goat after I posted blogs about him supporting the Goat.  A few local yokels in New Haven defended this man and sent me angry emails saying that Lou Goatberg was an upstanding honest man who never did anything wrong in his entire life.  How could I attack such a good person?  I got similar angry reactions when I first started blogging about the Goat.  How could I attack such a religious rabbi of high repute?

Lou owns Good Copy Printing with his wife.  Lou’s wife was not indicted.  I doubt she knew anything about the Goatcopy scheme.  But the Federal occupying army known as the Department of Justice can be vicious to American citizens.  It is not unusual for the Feds to indict both husband and wife in order to pressure the husband to take a plea, or to get the wife to rat out the husband.  I was locked up with a pharmacist.  The Feds got his wife to cooperate against him.  I worked for a New Haven law firm that defended a car salesman who had mob connections.  The Feds indicted his wife in order to put pressure on him to plead out and cooperate against the mob.  Both husband and wife went to trial.  The jury acquitted the wife but convicted the husband.

The Goatcopy scam worked like this:  Goatcopy’s big client Comcast Cable paid Malkin directly for postage costs on a printing job.  Malkin pocketed the money.  Goldberg paid Malkin hundreds of thousand of dollars of his personal expenses over ten years.  Goatberg reduced Malkin’s W-2 by the amount of money Malkin got from Comcast.  Goatberg also reduced the amount of money Goatberg was paying for Malkin’s personal expenses. Goatberg didn’t pay Medicare payroll taxes on the income not reported to the IRS.  Goatberg filed ten years of false Medicare reporting forms.  I don’t understand why Comcast would pay Malkin directly for thousands of dollars of postage costs and not send Malkin a 1099 or other tax form.  Comcast may also be under investigation.

Lou Goatberg signed a plea agreement with the Feds.  Goatberg pleaded guilty to one count of filing a false Medicare reporting form.  The Feds issued a press release in which they said Goatberg’s crime carries a maximum three year jail sentence.  But they didn’t mention that Goatberg’s plea agreement stated that the agreed  sentencing guidelines range is between 10-16 months incarceration.  Lou is looking at 10-16 months based on the plea agreement.  You can read a copy of the plea agreement by clicking this link.  You can read the information by clicking this link.

The Feds waited a long time to file Lou’s case.   Malkin’s case has been pending on the docket for almost a year now. Why wasn’t Lou’s charged with Malkin a year ago?

Lou pleaded guilty by way of information rather than by way of indictment.  If you checked into Federal prison after pleading guilty by information that was an immediate tip off to other inmates that you were a rat.  You won’t get a warm welcome.

Lou’s case was under wraps because Lou has been cooperating with the Feds for some period of time.  The Feds didn’t want to tip anyone off if Lou was wearing a wire.  The Feds filed Lou’s cooperation agreement along with his plea agreement.  You can read a copy of the cooperation agreement by clicking this link.

The Feds made Lou agree to the following:  “The defendant agrees to be debriefed and to disclose fully and truthfully all information concerning his knowledge of and participation in criminal activities by himself or others whether or not related to the charges to which he is pleading guilty. The debriefings will be conducted by Special Agents of the IRS, other law enforcement officers or agents as may be required, and representatives of the United States Attorney’s Office.”

The Feds made Lou agree to “participate in active investigative techniques under the direction and control of the above referenced agents and officers. It is expressly understood that the defendant shall engage in no undercover activities, operations or dealings other than pursuant to the specific instructions and control of the agents or officers. Such unauthorized undercover activities, operations or dealings, renders this agreement voidable by the Government.The defendant agrees not to reveal his cooperation, or any information derived therefrom, to any third party without prior consent of this office.”

Lou Goldberg has officially become employed as a government snitch.  The Feds would rather train guys like Lou Goldberg to do the jobs of FBI agents rather than putting an agent’s tuchos on the line.  Why risk the life of a highly paid Federal employee when you can get a guy like Goatberg to do the dirty work?

Lou is no better than government rats Big Pussy, Rev Al Sharpton, Trump Attorney Michael Cohen, Henry Hill, Linda Tripp, or Sammy “the Bull” Gravano.   I have no idea who or what Lou is investigating.  If you have had any interactions with Lou over the last year your conversations may have been recorded on a hidden microphone.  Federal agents may have listened to the conversation you had with Lou in shul last Shabbos.  If you told Lou that you paid a porn star hush money to keep quiet about Jared Kushner, you are probably in in big trouble.  You may want to lawyer up now before all the good lawyers are taken.

Speaking of lawyers, Lou Goatberg hired the top lawyer recommended by the Larry Noodles blog.  Lou hired the high priced attorney Hugh Keefe.  Hugh has defended some of the most dangerous and despicable animals who have walked the streets of New Haven.  Yet Hugh’s law firm never defended the depraved Rabbi Daniel Greer, aka “The Goat.”  Hugh’s partner Steve Errante is representing Avi Hack in the Federal appeal Avi and the Goat filed trying to overturn Judge Shea’s order that I get a copy of Avi Hack’s videotaped deposition.  Hugh’s firm is suing Avi Hack and Ezi Greer on behalf of Amy Yamaguchi for injuries she sustained after jumping out of the third floor of a burning apartment building that was owned by Hack and Greer Jr.

I doubt Lou will do any jail time.  His guideline range is only 10-16 months.  He is a government rat.  If he did any jail time it would be in Otisville.  He would probably be locked up with former Trump attorney and fellow rat Michael Cohen.  He may run into a few other rats from the Mueller investigation.  Plus he has Hugh Keefe as an attorney.  Hugh never lost a case in his life.

3 thoughts on “Lou Goatberg Pleads Guilty To Filing False Tax Returns

  1. So everybody’s paid the taxes owed. In Lou’s case $40K.
    Do they really bring out big guns like this for small fry, or is there something more going on?
    Or do the feds in New Haven have nothing else to do?
    Any ideas as to who gave up Lou/Ira and why?

    1. A bookkeeper or secretary contacted the outside accountant and exposed the scheme, which was going on for at least ten years. A jilted lover possibly? The accountant may have ratted them out to the Feds because he didn’t want to get dragged into it if he was preparing the tax returns. Only Goatberg knows what really happened. Goatberg gave up Malkin. The Feds went easy on Goatberg because he ratted out Malkin. The Feds only prosecute about 1500 people a year in this State. The local Connecticut cops probably arrest that many people in one day. Most Federal cases are for drug dealing. The rest are for a variety of financial crimes, child porn, possession of firearms, domestic terrorism. They need to show at least one IRS case a year. The Department of Justice doesn’t do much more than what the States law enforcement agencies are already doing. The Feds could easily give most of their budget to State law enforcement and it wouldn’t make a difference, let the Feds handle interstate crimes, domestic terrorism, crimes involving large corporations, and crimes committed by Presidents, porn stars and interns. The Feds are not any more qualified to bust drug dealers than state cops. But US Attorneys like their jobs. They don’t want anyone to shut down the DOJ. The DOJ provides Ivy League law grads with plenty of jobs. They get high profile cases and go into politics or go to work at high paying jobs in the private sector. They could have charged Goatberg with hundreds of counts of tax fraud, and fined him millions of dollars. This may be an exaggeration, but there are thousands of criminal statutes giving the Feds the power to do whatever they want. No different than the Soviet Union. Goatberg’s case wasn’t small. Goatberg and Malkin underreported a million bucks in income over a ten year period. It was probably much longer than that but there are no records going back that far. I was locked up with the owner of Mystic Pizza. Mystic Pizza guy undereported about $600K in income over the course of a year. He got a year in jail. Attorney Mickey Sherman undereported about a half a million to a million in income and got a year in jail. He pissed off the Feds when he wrote his country club a $40K membership fee when he had a $500K outstanding tax bill. Most tax cases are settled by the IRS civilly without getting prosecutors involved. But the DOJ still believes in “deterrence.” They actually think people are deterred from committing crime when they see their neighbor locked up, even though studies disprove this. The attorneys at the DOJ need to justify their existence.

  2. Great explanation, Larry! Thanks!
    You have educated me. Shkoyech!
    Gmar chasima tova and blessings from Yerushalayim!

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