Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Scott Cohen Busted For Enticing a Minor

Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Scott Cohen Busted For Enticing a Minor

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“Trumbull Smiles” Dentist Dr. Scott Cohen is not your typical socially awkward, and nerdy Jewish dentist. Dr. Cohen is a battle hardened Lieutenant Commander of the US Marine Corps, who did tours in the high combat zones of Al Anbar, Al-Taqqadum, Habbaniyah, Ramadi, Baghdad, and Al Asad, earning him the Naval and Marine Corps Commendation Medal in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Dr. Cohen received advanced training in oral surgery and endodontics at the Naval Hospital of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Cohen became a Fleet Marine Forces Qualified Naval Officer and performed offensive amphibious and expeditionary warfare and defensive maritime employment in support of the United States Marine Corps in Iraq. Dr. Cohen served as a triage and dental officer with Surgical Company, Second Supply Battalion, performing emergency dental procedures under heavy fire.

After his tours in Iraq were completed, Dr. Cohen started a family dental practice in the suburban town of Trumbull, Connecticut called “Trumbull Smiles Family Dental.” Dr. Cohen spent his days filling cavities in a climate controlled atmosphere with elevator muzak playing in the background. No sounds of gunfire. Dr. Cohen was bored. Dr. Cohen missed his days performing oral surgery on an aircraft carrier during a violent sea storm. Dr. Cohen needed to spice up his life. Dr. Cohen decided to look for action on the internet with teenage high school girls.

Dr. Cohen set up an alias to troll for teenage girls. Dr. Cohen called himself DrPinStripe13. Dr. Pin Stripe 13? Pedophile Anthony Weiner had a more catchy name when he trolled for teens. Weiner called himself “Carlos Danger. ” Cohen should have never attached unlucky number 13 to his alias. Cohen had nothing but bad luck after he created his alias. Cohen’s bad luck climaxed when he got set up by the FBI’s jail bait “Confidential Witness #1 (CW-1).” On October 25, 2019 Cohen was charged with one count of attempted enticement of a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity, two counts of attempted transportation of a minor across State lines with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and one count of attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor.

Jail bait CW-1 set up a fake Instagram account and profile. CW-1 became a 15 year old high school girl in the tenth grade. Cohen wrote to CW1 that she was his “secret 10th grade slut” and that “flirting with you is a felony.” The fake high school girl told Cohen that her 16 year old birthday was coming up in six months. Cohen told her that 16 was the age of consent and he wished she was older so that he could marry her. Cohen told her that he would pay her bills, pay for her to go to college, help her study in college while he rubbed her feet, and take her shopping to buy lingerie and costumes. Cohen told her that he wanted her to wear a school girl costume while he… bleep… bleep… censored. Cohen sent pics of his bleep.. censored… to CW1 over his cell phone. If you wish to read the gory details of Cohen’s depravity, uncensored, click the FBI arrest warrant affidavit below:

Jail bait CW1 told Cohen that she lived out of State but she was planning on traveling to New York City. Cohen proposed meeting her in NYC to go sightseeing and then drive her back to his crib in Stratford, CT. He said he drove a black Ford F250 pick up truck. CW1 insisted on taking the Metro North train from Grand Central to the Stratford train station. She told him to pick him up at the Stratford train station. Cohen gave CW1 his credit card information and she paid $31 for a one way ticket from Grand Central to Stratford. Cohen exchanged numerous text messages with CW1 on that fateful day of October 25, 2019. Cohen told her that he was going to try to clean his condo, and vacuum before she arrived. He asked her if she wanted him to bring out the costumes he had purchased for her. As CW1 journeyed on the Metro North train Cohen texted: “I wanna say dirty things but I’m gonna behave” “I hope this is the first of many times we meet up :)” “I have a black pick up you won’t miss me.”

On October 25, 2019 at 1:54 PM Dr. Trumbull Smiles Cohen walked out of his condo on Avalon Way in Stratford and got into his black Ford pick up truck. Cohen was living along, as he was separated from his wife and kids and undergoing a nasty divorce. Cohen had filed for divorce a year prior. Cohen’s wife filed motions requesting that Cohen be evaluated for drug / alcohol / psychiatric / and anger management evaluation. Cohen filed for custody. Motions for sanctions and contempt were filed every other month. If Cohen didn’t get busted by the Feds his divorce case would have been another Dulos case in the making. Cohen did tours in Iraq. Cohen no doubt suffered PTSD. Family Courts are incapable of dealing with guys like Cohen and Dulos. Family judges are overwhelmed with files and don’t have the time, or the power to red flag a guy like Cohen for intense evaluation and monitoring. State government need to create separate agencies to monitor highly toxic family cases, just as the Federal government created the US Trustee’s Office, which is an arm of the US Department of Justice, to monitor bankruptcy filings for fraud and abuse. The US Trustee’s Office gets $225 million a year from the Federal government search for assets of debtors who fail to pay their credit card bills. The credit card industry pushed for this obscene amount of money to fund what is literally a Federal collection agency for credit card companies. State governments need to fund agencies to crack down on abusive litigation tactics, perjury on financial affidavits that allow litigants to avoid support orders, and child and spousal abuse. Peoples lives are at risk in the family court, unlike the bankruptcy court, where it is just about the Benjamins. Most cases of random violence is committed in the family court, not the criminal court.

As the aroused Dr. Scott Cohen left his condo for the Stratford train station to meet his teenage fantasy girlfriend he had no idea that FBI agents were watching him pull out of his driveway. The FBI followed Cohen’s black pick up to the Stratford train station. Cohen was a battle tested US Marine. The FBI had an army of agents ready to take Cohen down. The FBI report stated the following: “Investigators followed the SUBJECT from his residence to the Stratford train station. The SUBJECT drove directly from his residence to the Stratford train station without making any stops or detours. Agents and officers were stationed at the Stratford train station awaiting the SUBJECT’S arrival to meet CW-1. At approximately 2:08 PM the SUBJECT entered the parking lot on the northbound side of the Stratford train station and parked in a handicapped parking space. The SUBJECT was taken into custody on an active Federal arrest warrant for charges related to the transfer of obscene material to a minor…” There was no indication in the reports that Cohen put up a fight or gave FBI agents resistance. I noticed one defect in the FBI take down. The FBI failed to charge Cohen with violating Section 14-253a of the Connecticut General Statutes, ie., Cohen parked in a handicapped spot without a handicapped parking placard.

After Cohen was busted he asked the Feds to let him get admitted in patient at the Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown. Connecticut Valley used to be known as the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane. I used to visit clients up there. The best description of the place would be Shutter Island. The hospital hasn’t been renovated since the 1950s. Cohen stated that he needed treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, as he had a history of such problems. Had Cohen not been busted by the Feds his divorce case, and his insanity, would have continued to drag through the family court, risking the lives of his wife, his children and his attorneys. Attorneys’ lives have some intrinsic value, at least when they donate their bodies to medical research. See Cohen’s motion below:

Cohen filed a motion last week asking that he be released from Connecticut Valley Hospital into a sober house run by the VA. Cohen stated that his program is shutting down because of the coronavirus. Cohen wants to be quarantined with 12 other guys at the Harkness sober house for US veterans. See motion below:

Eventually Cohen will have to spend some time in a Federal prison, another institution that houses people with addiction, mental health, and anger management issues. But Cohen won’t get any treatment for his problems in Federal prison. Federal prison only makes your underlying problems worse. Good luck Mr. Cohen. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, guns, Arabs, molars, dental hygienists, pinstripe suits, the number thirteen and teenage girls. You need God in your life Mr. Cohen. Moshiach NOW!


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  1. Thanks for posting some more details…I knew Scott, and was utterly shocked when this happened…in fact still in shock about it. you might be able to add compulsive liar to the story…he was a pretty convincing good guy

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