Mayor DiBlasio’s Bobov Buddy Headed To Otisville

Mayor DiBlasio’s Bobov Buddy Headed To Otisville

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Jeremy Reichberg, the zaftig Bobov from Boro Park, got ratted out by Jona Rechnitz, the skinny guy with the nerd glasses. The shvartze in the middle is former crooked NYC Police Chief Banks, who never got charged. Reichberg will be the new Rabbi of Otisville, while his rat Jona the Judas will be getting a sun tan in Los Angeles. Banks already has a sun tan.

The biggest New York City Police Department corruption scandal in recent history was started by a young spoiled Yid from California who has rich parents. Jona Judas Rechnitz wined, dined and treated New York’s finest to the hottest zonahs (prostitutes) in town. Jona even wined and dined Mayor DeBlasio. For years Jona the Judas bribed New York City cops and politicians.

Eventually the Feds caught up with Jona. Boy Jona should have stayed in California with his rich mummy. The Feds knew that the young pampered Jona would be easy to manipulate. It would be easy to flip this cupcake. Jona immediately snitched on all his friends, including Boro Park Bobov buddy Jeremy Reichberg.

Reichberg refused to get on his knees and kiss Uncle Sam’s pinky ring. Reichberg wouldn’t take any deals offered by the Federal mafia. Reichberg wouldn’t rat out his friends. Reichberg went to Hebrew school. He knows the ten commandments. “Thou shall not bear false witness.” Reichberg wasn’t ready to rat out his friends and bear false witness.

Jona Reichnitz, on the other hand, failed out of Hebrew school. Jona went to the dark side. Jona bore false witness and now serves the Department of InJustice as his Master, his teacher, his Rebbe, King Moshiach.

Before Reichberg is granted his place in Gan Eden for refusing to bear false witness he is going to have to spend 4 years in Otisville doing teshuva, repentence. The Justice Department wanted 6 years of teshuva. Reichberg was sentenced by Obama appointee African American and Yale Law graduate Judge Gregory Howard Woods III. Woods went easy on Reichberg and only sentenced him to 4 years of teshuva. Reichberg probably would have got less time if he wasn’t in the NY Post and the NY Daily News every day.

There is a shortage of real Jews in Otisville. Mshulem Jacobowitz left. Naftuli Schlesinger is back home in Williamsburg. Rabbi Ben Haim and Rabbi Pinter are long gone. Rabbi Wolmark from the cattle prod case checked out recently. Ben Turner just went home. The only Jews left are the Russian Jews and guys like Trump rat Michael Cohen. What does Cohen know about Rashi or Maseches Bechoros?

I heard that Michael Cohen hasn’t spoken to any of the inmates since he arrived at Otsiville. Cohen needs to trust the guys or three years is going to feel like thirty. Even though the guys are criminals and talk trash all day doesn’t mean that they are all that bad. When you look at these guys you are looking at yourself in the mirror, as well as everyone else in society. Nobody is perfect. The Feds have the power to send anyone to jail. The Feds also have the power to keep anyone out of jail. The Feds would rather use their power to inflict pain and suffering upon millions of American citizens.

The Feds spared the cops Reichberg bribed, ie., New York’s crooked cops, from indictments. Law enforcement guys all stick together. They drink at the same bars. They go to the same parties. They let each other off the hook when they get pulled over for traffic violations and drunk driving. The blue code of silence. The Jews will be the ones to pay the price, not the cops. Corrupt NYC Police Chief Banks resigned. Banks should have been indicted. Banks was named as an “unindicted co-conspirator.” Banks now runs a small consulting firm offering his services to police departments. Banks gives advice to small police departments on how they can fatten their budgets with bribes from Jews who always wanted to be cops but couldn’t meet the height requirement or pass the physical.

At sentencing the Federal Prosecutors portrayed Reichberg as public enemy number one. Reichberg was paying off powerful boys in blue in exchange for getting free City parking passes, getting friends out of jury duty, getting parking tickets quashed, getting gun permits for friends, getting transfers and promotions of cop friends, getting extra police protection, and getting help for buddies who got arrested. Reichberg bribed the brass with tickets to sports events, trips to Las Vegas and the Dominican Republic accompanied by prostitutes, and weekly dinners at an expensive kosher steakhouse, pictured above.

Federal prosecutors argued to Judge Woods: “On December 25, 2013, Reichberg and Rechnitz donned Santa Claus hats and drove to the homes of three of their cop targets. They provided the officer’s wife with diamond earrings, and provided the officers’ children with video game systems and coveted American Girl dolls.” I didn’t realize that it was a Federal crime for a Bobov Hasid to dress up in a Santa Claus hat.

As a convicted felon I am not impressed with Reichberg’s criminal activity. Bribing cops to get someone out of jury duty is stupid. That shouldn’t be a Federal crime. Getting parking tickets quashed is also a stupid crime. I used to do that all the time with someone I knew in Bridgeport. In those days the “fixer” would pay the parking ticket himself so that he can look like he has connections. Reichberg needs to go back to crime school and commit real scams that will turn him into an overnight millionaire.

Reichberg, like most Jewish criminals, played up the Jew card at sentencing. Reichberg’s Jew lawyers at Hafetz & Necheles, argued to Judge Woods: “Mr. Reichberg was born in 1974 in Brooklyn to Meyer and Esther Reichberg. He was raised in the Bobov Chassidic sect and attended the Bobov school until age 21, when he married his wife, Rachel, in an arranged marriage. While Mr. Reichberg loved his Chasidic community, he hated its narrowness and isolation. While his father and brothers were extremely observant and content to stay within their tight-knit community, Mr. Reichberg was different. He loves to talk to, and get to know, all kinds of people, from both within and outside of his community, bringing them into his life and becoming part of their lives. And so he figured out a way to do this which was socially acceptable to his community: he became a community volunteer, and then a police liaison.” Did Reichberg’s Jew lawyer just refer to Reichberg as a self hating Hasid? Is this supposed to impress the Judge?

Attorney Necheles touted Reichberg’s many mitzvots and good deeds at sentencing: “Mr. Goldman was one of four hundred Chassidic men who had traveled to Poland as part of a trip to pray at the graves of Rabbis buried there. In the middle of the night, when the group was about to board a bus to Warsaw, Mr. Goldman started experiencing severe abdominal pains. Mr Reichberg insisted on staying back to care for Mr. Goldman. Feeling somewhat better, Mr. Goldman decided to go to sleep but Mr. Reichberg nevertheless insisted on remaining in his room.” The 400 Chassidic men obviously forgot to bring metamucil and Tums on their trip to Poland.

Reichberg’s attorney told Judge Woods that Reichberg was blinded by the good life. This blindness caused him to get involved with Jona Rechnitz and bribe New York City’s finest: “Mr. Reichberg admits that he fell in love with the lavishness of this lifestyle and was blinded by his love for the good life. He did not have this kind of money, had never flown on private planes, did not buy Rolexes for himself, and did not jet off to the Dominican Republic or Las Vegas for two-day jaunts. Simply put, Mr. Reichberg loved getting these gifts from Rechnitz and loved being in an atmosphere of such wealth and privilege. He readily admits that he should have known better.” Cry me a river. Spare me the sympathy. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Reichberg submitted a character letter from Rabbi Yaacov Bleich, an American citizen who serves as the Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine. Dual citizenship. Bleich probably also has Israeli citizenship. Triple citizenship. Triple loyalties. Bleich wrote: “Jeremy has always been a good-hearted person and not a flashy showoff.”

The Chief Rabbi of the Maimonides Medical Center, Rabbi Avrohom Friedlander, submitted a character letter and wrote: “May G-d Almighty bless you with the divine inspiration as you decide on the right sentence for Jeremy Reichberg.” Doesn’t Rabbi Friedlander know anything about the separation of Church and State? G-d has no role in the Department of Injustice. If G-d had any role in sentencing the earth would open up and swallow up all the Federal prosecutors.

Reichberg shed tears at his sentencing proceeding. Reichberg has nothing to cry about. The politicians should be ones crying. Reichberg is another American victim of mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex. Reichberg should stop crying and start saving his shekels to pay for overpriced items in the prison commissary, 20 cents a minute for phone calls and two dollars an hour to email his friends from Otisville.

Jews can learn a valuable lesson from Reichberg. Never hang out with cops, especially crooked goyim cops. All the cops in Reichberg’s case got off scot-free, while all the Reichbergs, Goldbergs, and Ginsbergs got sent up the river.

Reichberg partying with crooked NYC goyim cops. Moshiach, standing in the middle, stopped by to wish Reichberg a L’Chaim before he heads off to Otisville Federal prison

New York Mayor DiBlasio announced today that he is running for El Presidente of the Banana Republic of the United States of America. DiBlasio announced that he was prepared to take on “the broken and inhumane policies of the Federal Government.” I will vote for DiBlasio if he sticks to his promise and shuts down the Department of Injustice.

DiBlasio won’t get much fundraising help from Reichberg, who will be leading the davening in the Otisville shul during the Presidential election. Reichberg may want to bring an extra set of tefillin to Otisville, I heard that inmate Michael Cohen lost his set somewhere in the Catskills during summer camp. DiBlasio will definitely get some fundraising dollars from Jonah the Judas Rechnitz, who is free as a bird because he ratted out his fellow Hebrew tribal brethren.

May Reichberg win his appeal NOW and stay out of Otisville. Moshiach Now!

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  1. Wow. Very well written. They should stick reichberg with a big shvartze who can shy up his tuchus 5x a night. Same with Rechnitz. 2 fakater beheimas. No lube !!

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