Mayor DiStefano & Alderwoman McCormack Defend Pedophile

Mayor DiStefano & Alderwoman McCormack Defend Pedophile

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The mainstream media has finally started to report that the Goat is a convicted pedophile. The mainstream Jewish media is also starting to out the Goat as a depraved pedophile: Vosizneias, the Times of Israel, JTA, JNS, Jerusalem Post & the CT Jewish Ledger have all carried articles about the Guilty Goat. If Harvey Epstein is the Mayor of Pedowood, then the Goat is the Mayor of Pedohaven
The Goat and his BFF Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack at a rally to save a firehouse in the Goat’s neighborhood. Fashion eyesore McCormack was recently appointed to the
Goat’s Board of Directors, along with Goat secretary Jean Ledbury. McCormack told the Register that she liked the “nice, distinctive coloring” of the compound. This coming from a lady who paints her hair red and dresses like a cougar in heat. The Goat surrounded himself with compliant, and very stupid women for years, ie., Sarah Greer, Jean Ledbury, & McCormack
Former Mayor John DiStefano, is a bank executive at Start Community Bank, the same bank where the Goat’s wife Sarah fraudulently transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash out of her joint Goat account and stashed it into a new account in her name only which she opened in a bank in Newport, Rhode Island, where the Goat has two condos worth close to a million dollars. Sarah Greer made the fraudulent transfers within days after the $15 million child rape verdict. Sarah is also accused of fraudulently transferring $60K into the hands of Goat attorney Stuart Margolis, who is the husband of Federal Judge Joan Margolis

Three days ago the front page of the New Haven Register ran an extensive article about convicted depraved pedophile Daniel Greer, AKA The Goat, who is still looking for a minyan for tonight for Yom Kippur services. The Goat thinks he is the Greatest of All Time, even as a convicted felon. The Goat still thinks he is a Rabbi, even after he was convicted of four felony counts of molesting a Jewish child.

Reporter Ed Stannard of the New Haven Register interviewed a few local New Haven citizens for his story on the Goat. The on line article is protected by a firewall. You have to pay the Register to read about the Goat. Save your $9.95 monthly fee. All you need to know about this article is that former New Haven Mayor John DiStefano and former alderwoman Liz McCormack defended the unrepentant depraved pedophile Daniel Greer, the Goat. Not my Mayor. Not my Alderwoman. Impeach the MFs.

It proves that if you got the big bucks, the Benjamins, you can do anything you want, to whomever you want. Just look at the Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and Goat 40 year crime wave. If you make a couple of mistakes with real estate documents, like myself, you end up in Otisville prison for 20 months. You pay the price big time when you conspire with the big banks to process fraudulent mortgages. The Government was right there to bust my tuchos after the real estate market crashed. The Feds didn’t wait for me to go on a 40 year crime spree, unlike Epstein, Weinstein and Goatstein, who had their way with women and children in Roman Polanski’s Pedowood and Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island. Speaking of Roman, the Roman Catholic Church was allowed to operate a world wide religion based on the tenets of pedophilia since the day the Roman Catholics landed in America, without one investigation opened by the powerful Federal government. If the Catholic Church was involved in mortgage fraud they would have been busted far sooner.

I don’t think Epstein helped the Goat’s case. One of the jurors on the Goat case asked me about Epstein. I will respect the privacy of the jurors and reveal nothing more. The jurors in the Saif Khan case were far more talkative to me. But Saif was acquitted. The jurors on the Goat case may feel bad that they are sending the unrepentant Goat to jail for the rest of his life. Don’t feel bad. The Goat’s many victims want the Goat to suffer a punishment far worse than anything Judge Alander is going to impose on November 20th.

Former Mayor John DiStefano referred to the Goat as a “visionary” and a “leader” and said the Goat improved the Edgewood neighborhood. Liz McCormack said that the Goat has “37 houses that were all fixed up to A-1 condition, they have all the same nice distinctive coloring and they are beautifully maintained, even the fire hydrants were painted.” These idiots have obviously never been on the inside of the Goat’s buildings. The 8 foot stockade fencing and tan and green colored houses were always freshly painted. The interiors were never updated. The kitchens and baths were all original from the 1930s. The Goat was a fraudster and obtained State grant money that was never used to fix up the inside of these buildings. The Goat made all his buildings look good on the outside while the insides were fire traps. Every time a tenant complained about a building the goat hired Attorney Stuart Margolis, who filed eviction papers. You can go on line and read numerous complaints made by tenants defending themselves in the Goat’s eviction cases. The interiors were run down with faulty wiring, faulty plumbing, and lead paint. The Goat was criminally charged with lead paint violations. There were fires at some of these buildings with faulty wiring. Tenants called the electric company and determined that the Goat had crossed electrical wires. Tenants discovered that they were paying for the electricity that was used for the outdoor lighting and common areas. The Goat was sued by the EPA and fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for lead paint violations. Yet according to DiStefano and McCormack, the Goat was a “visionary.” The Goat is a joke. DiStefano and McCormack are jokes on the Goat’s rope.

Reporter Ed Stannard tried to interview a few Jews for his article about the Goat. Did Stannard really expect Jews to come forward and trash the Goat? Reporting about the Goat makes all Jews look bad. Jews are very insecure about their image among the goyim. Jewish men are all supposed to be rich doctors and lawyers. Jewish women are all supposed to be divorce lawyers, civil rights advocates and psychologists. Jews do not like it when the goyim stereotype them, yet it is OK for Jews to create stereotypes of their own. The Goat is not so insecure. The Goat could care less that most goyim, other than John DiStefano and Liz McCormack, think that he is a depraved animal. Even as a convicted felon the Goat works hard to round up his minyan, strictly follow Halacha, and pretend to be a good Jew.

Reporter Stannard found one brave local Jew, who wished to remain nameless, to speak about the Goat. This Jew said, “The opportunity for him to have made a very positive difference in New Haven was there, but at every end he ruined the opportunity.” No Rabbi, male or female, Orthodox or Reform, gay or straight, bi or binary, cis or miss, in the New Haven area was willing to speak with Stannard, on the record or off the record. For shame! I guess there are no real Rabbis who live in the New Haven area. They would rather hide and cower under their black hats, kippahs, yarmulkes, & cloth things the female rabbis put on their heads that always fall off with the slightest breeze. Nobody from the New Haven Jewish Federation, or any Jewish organization for that matter, would speak with Stannard, on or off the record. Larry Noodles is willing to speak. Why didn’t Stannard interview me? I was the first one to expose the Goat while all the goyim and Jewish cowards hid behind their fedoras, black hats, hijabs, kufis, kippahs, yarmulkes & cloth things the female rabbis put on their heads that always fall off with the slightest breeze.

Stannard should have contacted Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier for an interview. Zuckier is the only Rabbi, of any denomination, to say a word about the Goat’s conviction. Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier said: “Even A horrific Chilul Hashem and perversion of the Torah, now confirmed with this judgement. As a practicing rabbi in New Haven when these now-confirmed allegations came to light, and as someone who knew some of the victims, I felt the repercussions of this atrocity personally. Hoping this decision leads to some degree of Nechama for the victims; at the very least it should prevent any further wrongdoing.”

The only local civilian Jew brave enough to be interviewed by Stannard was a guy from Woodbridge named James Paley. Paley called the Goat “unethical” and “something of a wheeler-dealer.” Paley found some of the Goat’s recent non-profit activities as “suspicious” and inferred that the Goat may be involved in something illegal. The Goat is involved in criminal activities? What a shock! Paley runs a company that rehabilitates housing called Neighborhood Housing Services of Connecticut, Inc.

James Paley and Rabbi Zuckier are hereby awarded and bestowed the Rabbi Noodles Middos Medal of Honor. Because of their bravery they are hereby granted a heter that they need not fast this Yom Kippur.

For G-d, For Yale, For Noodles, Yechi Noodles!


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