Mayor Ganim Going Down

Mayor Ganim Going Down

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Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim did 7 years in Federal prison after he was convicted by a jury back in 2003. After Ganim was released from prison he ran for Mayor in 2015. Ganim ran on a second chance platform. Ganim enlisted his Police buddy AJ Perez to campaign with him. Perez told voters that Ganim was a reformed criminal and deserved a second chance to control Bridgeport’s $571 billion budget.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Bridgeport voters are fools. They gave a guy who raped the City in 2003 a second chance to rape and pillage the City in 2015.

Ganim appointed AJ Perez to police chief after Perez cheated on the police chief test with the help of Ganim’s personnel director David Dunn. Perez and Dunn were just indicted by the Feds. Ganim is next on the Fed hit list. Ganim is going down.

Bridgeport City Hall was searched by the Feds about a year ago. The Feds ransacked City Hall. On September 8, 2020 City Hall was raided once again. On September 8th numerous Federal SUV black vehicles with tinted windows swarmed the City Hall Annex and proceeded to the second floor into the office of Ganim’s Chief of Staff Daniel Shamas. Two days later, on September 10, 2020, the Feds busted David Dunn and Police Chief AJ Perez. Last year Ganim gave his buddy Shamas a raise. Shamas earns about $140K a year.

The Feds have been investigating City Hall for almost two years. Ganim must have known about the investigation of Dunn and Perez. Perez blabbed his mouth off complaining about the Feds poking around the Police Department back in 2018 asking questions about his appointment.

Ganim hired criminal defense attorneys, paid for out of the coffers of the City of Bridgeport, to defend Ganim and other City officials in the Federal investigation. Ganim is being represented by J. Bruce Maffeo, a former US Attorney out of the Eastern District of New York who works out of Manhattan. Dan Shamas lawyered up with Kerry A. Lawrence, a former US Attorney out of the Southern District of New York. The City has paid over $600K in legal fees to criminal defense attorneys. That’s a hell of a lot of shekels to review search warrants and have a few conversations with Federal prosecutors. If Ganim is indicted his legal fee lifeline will be cut off. Ganim will have to pay for his own white collar defense attorneys, which could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Last year the Feds investigated a scrap metal scam at the Department of Public Facilities. Ganim’s buddy John Ricci ran that department. Last year Ganim bumped up Ricci’s salary to about $140K a year. Ricci resigned at the end of last year. Ricci is 76 years old. Ricci must have gotten a visit from FBI agents asking for his cooperation. I heard that Ricci is singing like a canary. I also heard that Dunn is also singing to the Feds. The first to drop the dime gets no time.

Ganim went to Federal prison for almost ten years for a massive kickback scam. Ganim and his former buddies Paul Pinto and Lennie Grimaldi shook down developers for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Grimaldi snitched out Ganim and did less than a year in the Big House. After Grimaldi got out of prison he started a local news website When Ganim goes down again Ganim will be a two time felon. Ganim would be facing 5 -10 years in the slammer.

I knew a few guys who were on their second tour of Otisville Federal prison doing 5-10 years. It was sad talking to these guys. They spent almost half their adult life behind bars. They didn’t learn their lesson the first time. They had families who came to visit them, some with young children. They probably figured that the odds of getting busted by the Feds twice was pretty slim in light of the rampant white collar crime that people get away with in this country, especially the wealthy. The Feds don’t have the resources to indict the one percent, who can afford to put up a huge legal battle.

Ganim should have known better. Ganim was the Mayor. Ganim knew that the Feds would be all over him if he screwed up again. Why would anyone risk going back to jail after having spent 7 years in the Big House, which led to a divorce and sporadic prison visits with his kids? I heard that after Ganim became Mayor he became a recluse. He didn’t come out of his office much. He was anti-social. A long stint in jail causes extreme depression, PTSD and other emotional disorders. Nobody recovers from such an experience.

The Dunn indictment states the following: “DUNN stated that the Mayor wanted PEREZ to be in the top three… DUNN’s input was incorporated, in part, in an October 30, 2018 op-ed by the Mayor defending the integrity of the City’s police chief selection process.” Read between the lines. The Dunn indictment does not bode well for Ganim. The walls are closing in. I’m sure this was not the first time Dunn fixed a test for a Ganim crony. Fixing the police chief exam is the ultimate in chutzpah! Dunn must have worked up to it. The Bridgeport Fire Chief appointed by Ganim was also a joke of an appointment. Another moron who was far less qualified than the other candidates.

When Dunn flips on Ganim it will be all over. Dunn knows where all the dead bodies are buried. Dunn worked under 4 administrations. Dunn must have a secret stash of evidence against the Mayor in case he ever got busted. Dunn’s insurance policy. Ironically, this was Dunn’s last crime before he was set to retire to Florida. You always get caught just before you are ready to retire from your life of crime. Ganim’s last meal before he self surrenders will be a bowl of pasta at Testo’s Restaurant.

According to Grimaldi’s website Ganim has nothing to worry about. This is what Grimaldi had to say about Ganim and Perez: “Perez remained loyal to Joe during his darkest days, even after testifying at the federal trial in 2003 that he picked up the $7,000 wine haul I purchased to share with Joe more than 20 years ago. For all the stuff that was involved in that case that’s the thing people remember most – the vino. Salute! When Joe returned he rewarded Perez’s loyalty by making him acting chief in early 2016. For me, once Joe did that he was even with the house. He owed him nothing. How does the investigative fallout impact Ganim criminally? Joe Ganim never told David Dunn to fix the process to wire Perez in the top 3. For some people it’s a logical conclusion that, based on the criminal complaint, Dunn can throw Ganim under the bus. He can’t give the feds that. Of course that’s not going to stop big brother from digging for something that can tie in Ganim, be it this case or something else. It’s the nature of the beast. The feds never go away.”

Grimaldi thinks he is back in the early 2000s hanging out at Japanese steak houses with the Ganim and Paul Pinto gang. Nobody cares about Grimaldi’s $7,000.00 cases of wine and $180 steaks anymore. Why does Grimaldi even mention it? Ganim making Perez the top cop did not make them “even with the house.” There is no honor among thieves. There is only back stabbing, greed and new conspiracies. Grimaldi, of all people, should know this. Grimaldi was just as greedy as Ganim back in 2003. Grimaldi stabbed Ganim in the back by ratting him out to the Feds in order to avoid jail. Ganim owed Perez nothing for Perez’ loyalty going back to 2003. Perez was probably kicking back Ganim money for a job he didn’t deserve. Perez was completely incompetent. Perez didn’t even know how to write his own resume. Grimaldi even admits that Perez was a nincompoop. The top cop job going to Perez was all business. This was an entirely new conspiracy. This was not pay back for 2003. Grimaldi is still drunk on French wine from 2003.

Why is Grimaldi going easy on Ganim? Does Grimaldi feel guilty that he ratted out Ganim, causing Ganim to spend 7 long years in Federal prison? Or is Grimaldi nostalgic for the good ‘ol days when he was chugging down $300 French bottles of wine with his old gang? Ah salute! Grimaldi now sits behind his little laptop blogging about the latest news in the City of Bridgeport while sipping bottles of Snapple. City Council meetings. The Town charter. Seaside Park. St. Mary’s by the Sea. Yawn, yawn.

“And now it’s all over. And that’s the hardest part. Today everything is different; there’s no action, I have to wait around like everyone else. Can’t even get decent food – right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I’m an average nobody I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.” Henry Hill, Goodfellas.

What does Henry Hill have against egg lokshen?? “The Moshiach will arrive on a donkey eating a bowl of noodle kugel.” -Rabbi Noodles

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  1. Of course Grimaldi is taking Joey’s side in this. Just look at where the few adverts on his webpage come from.

    Keep Calm and call my non-felonious bro if you get rear-ended or need a divorce. How much revenue does that generate for Only in Bport?

    You can even rat out illegal dumpers and that City advert is quite large Lennie. How much is the check from the City for that one?

    Why not get an add for Epstein collections and the WPCA boyz as well? Think big Lennie

  2. These criminals are unbelievable but indeed voters even more so. But what do you expect when Presidential candidates CHOSEN BY THEIR RESPECTIVE PARTIES make boxing rivals seem nice to each other by comparison.

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