Mayor Harp & Greer Support Embattled Top Cop

Mayor Harp & Greer Support Embattled Top Cop



(August 9, 2016)   Every Monday morning the local New Haven news rag runs an interview with Mayor Toni Harp.  This week was no different.  Its called “Monday with the Mayor.”  Larry Noodles has decided to run his own interview with himself, called “Tuesday with Larry Noodles”, as a counterpoint to “Monday with the Mayor.”

Larry Noodles listened to what Mayor Harp had to say about Police Chief Esserman.  The Mayor recently gave the Chief a two week vacation as “punishment” for his recent childish fits and antics.  Esserman is going through the terrible twos.  He likes to bully busboys.  When he is not bullying anyone he is throwing tantrums at Yale football games.   Mayor Harp said she was not going to fire the Chief.  She said she believes in “progressive discipline.”   Miss Mayor said the two week timeout was progressive discipline for a man who is having “personal problems.”

Larry Noodles was the first blogger to expose the details of Esserman’s personal problems.  The local rags refused to acknowledge what is going on with Esserman’s messy divorce.  Esserman’s ex-wife recently filed a motion for contempt in family court claiming that Esserman failed to pay her $105,000.00 pursuant to her divorce decree.  After Larry Noodles posted this information the local rags took notice.  One local reporter decided to check Esserman’s family court file.  Roving reporter Paul Bass reported that Esserman pays his ex-wife $5,833.00 a month in alimony.  Big deal.  That was all that Bass mentioned.  Where’s the story?    Bass must have been out bass fishing and didn’t have time to finish his story.

Esserman makes $162K a year as Police Chief.   After deducting for taxes, alimony and pension he is left with about $68K a year.  His ex-wife gets $69K a year in alimony.  Esserman’s income was reduced by the alimony to the point where Esserman and his ex-wife’s annual incomes are about equal, which is common in divorce court.   Its not clear if the ex-wife has a job, but why bother working, when she can collect alimony until she either remarries, cohabits, or Esserman dies.  But if Esserman loses his job she may have to hit the pavement.

Mayor Monday said in her interview that the police department has done a great job under Esserman with crime reduction compared to other urban areas.  Really?  There were 11 murders in Bridgeport compared with 12 murders in New Haven this year.  The violent crime rate per 1000 residents is 9 in Bridgeport and almost 11 in New Haven.  What kind of weed is Miss Mayor smoking?  Esserman should get the blame, not the credit, for having a higher crime rate than the City that was called the “armpit of New England” by Paul Newman.  If Bridgeport is the armpit of New England, what is New Haven?  The crotch of New England?

The Marijuana Mayor didn’t believe in “Progressive Discipline” when she fired her close friends Mendi Blue and Marcus Paca back in April, for petty stuff when compared to Esserman’s antics. Talk about ruthless.  The Mayor knew this couple for years, longer than she knew Esserman.  She threw the whole family into the unemployment line.

Mayor Ruthless spoke about how she may be forced to get rid of Esserman.  She was asked whether she would conduct a national search or hire in house.  It sounds like the Mayor is going to keep Esserman on until he has another job lined up.  It  would look bad for the Mayor if she fired Esserman under pressure from the Police Union.  The Union would gloat and throw high fives and have a party at the local pub.  The Mayor can’t let that happen.  She has to be in control.  She has to look tough.  Just like when she fired her friends Mendi Blue and Marcus Paca. That made her look tough.  And heartless at the same time. She didn’t let them keep their jobs like Esserman while they looked for other employment.

Mayor Mean is on a power trip, much like her buddies Chief Esserman and Rabbi Greer.  Too much power for these people to handle. Greer needs to be locked up. Esserman needs sensitivity training.  The Mayor needs medical marijuana.

During his two week vacation Esserman was probably out on the streets hawking his resume.  Larry Noodles predicts that once Esserman gets another job lined up he will announce his resignation at a press conference standing next to Mayor Heartless.  And Larry Noodles will be there to heckle these feeble minded human beings.  Only weaklings fire their friends.  Only backyard bullies threaten to shut down a Yale football game. Esserman should get a permanent time out from his job with the City of New Haven.

Esserman is probably having a hard time finding a job.  But Mayor Heartless will use her connections to get him something.  She needs Esserman to leave quietly so she doesn’t look like she caved in to the Police Union.  But Esserman is a hard sell.  Everyone knows he is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

The Mayor will have to offer a big favor to get somebody to hire Esserman. It could be anything.  A city contract.  A job for a friend or relative in the City of New Haven.   If the price is right, some governmental agency or private company will hire Esserman, and everything will get swept under the rug as if Esserman was never even here in the first place. This is how the sick system of government works in this country.

Don’t worry readers, Larry Noodles will expose the corruption when it happens, in real time.  Larry Noodles will follow the trail of slime no matter where it leads.  No stone, or noodle, will be left unturned.

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