Mayor Harp Hires Attorney Segaloff To Fight the Goat

Mayor Harp Hires Attorney Segaloff To Fight the Goat

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Mayor Toni Harp of New Haven has hired local politically connected attorney Jim Segaloff of the law firm of Sussman, Duffy, & Segaloff to fight the Goat’s tax appeals on 40 Goat owned properties.  Jim Segaloff has had his foot in the door at City Hall for many years.  Above is a picture of Segaloff, the little guy in the yellow shirt, brown nosing the former Mayor of New Haven John DiStefano.  DiStefano presided over 30 years of corruption and scandal when he ruled the City of New Haven.

Segaloff recently filed responses to the 40 tax appeals filed by the Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis.  Segaloff denied that the City overvalued the Goat’s 40 properties in order to gouge the Goat for additional property tax dollars.  The Goat filed a tax appeal on every single Goat property.  In the Goat’s mind the City appraisers are completely incompetent.  The Goat already gets a break on property taxes because all of his properties are owned by non-profit entities.  In the sick mind of the Goat, the Goat shouldn’t have to pay any taxes.

Segaloff made his political connections when he worked with former Senator Joseph Lieberman in the old days when Joe was just a practicing attorney.  Segaloff has represented Lieberman in real estate transactions as recently as 2001.   I don’t believe Lieberman ever attended a Goat gathering.  But camera shy Senator Richard Blumenthal never missed an opportunity to get a picture of himself at the Goat “gathering” getting honored by the Goat.

Jim Segaloff has a son named “Scrappy.” Jim’s son was not the inspiration for the character Scrappy-Doo, who was Scooby-Doo’s nephew.  Scrappy Segaloff competed in the Olympics in 1996.  Other than athletes from China, he was the smallest American athlete at 5 feet 4 inches and 120 pounds, about the size of Avi Hack.  Scrappy is a professional coxswain.  If you don’t know what a coxswain is don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either. A coxswain is the guy who sits in the back of the row boat, holding onto the rudder, jerking the rudder back and forth, barking orders, while the other guys row.  Similar to when Avi Hack and Daniel Greer used to…. bleep…. bleep… bleep… censored…..

The Mayor of New Haven is going to have to pay political insider Segaloff a lot of tax dollars to fight the Goat.  Talk about a waste of money.  Actually the money paid to Segaloff will not go to total waste.  Segaloff will take tens of thousands, of not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in legal fees and donate some of that money to Toni Harp’s mayoral campaign.  Toni Harp is facing an election next month from long shot challenger Marcus Paca.  Hopefully Paca will dethrone the current Dictator of New Haven.  But it is almost impossible for an outsider to beat a Dictator.  Fidel Castro ruled Cuba for most of his life.

The Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis is also politically well connected.  Stuart’s wife is a Federal magistrate.  The money Stuart receives will also be donated to the campaign of Toni Harp and other Democratic politicians.

The Goat used to think of himself as part of this club of important politicians and lawyers who land powerful positions in government in order to dole out taxpayer dollars to their well connected friends and relatives.  The Goat used to pay into this stream of money that got recycled from politician to political insider and then back again to the politician. The Goat got Harold Hack a cakewalk job at City Hall.  Harold retired with a full pension.  The Goat, much like big time movie producer Harvey Weinstein, who donated millions to Clinton Incorporated and Obamanation, thought he was immune from the law and thus allowed to rape people at will.

The Goat, and Weinstein, are no longer welcome in this exclusive club.  The Goat messed up and exposed himself as a wretched monster.  You can only rape so many people, over so many years before you get caught.  The Goat may want to share his jail cell with Harvey Weinstein.  One big difference between the Goat and Weinstein is that Weinstein made a last ditch effort at an apology and offered to “get into heavy therapy and counseling.” The Goat will never admit to his crimes nor will the Goat ever get into heavy therapy or counseling.

Weinstein, much like the Goat, has threatened to sue the New York Times for defamation in the amount of $50 million.  The Goat still has a defamation lawsuit pending against me in the New Haven Superior Court.  The Goat claimed that he was damaged by me in some amount over $15,000.00, but he did not specify any exact figure.  I am flattered that the Goat thinks that my blog is the New York Times of New Haven. But the Goat sold himself short by saying I only damaged him in the amount of $15K or more.  Isn’t the Goat’s reputation worth more than $15K?  The Greatest Of All Time cannot possibly be worth a mere $15K.  The Goat needs to amend the civil complaint he filed against me and ask for at least a few million dollars.

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