Mayor John Throws the Goat Under the Bus

Mayor John Throws the Goat Under the Bus

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Former New Haven Mayor King John DiStefano has been a fan of depraved child molester Rabbi Daniel Greer aka, the Goat, since the day the Goat landed in New Haven thirty years ago.  The Goat and Mayor John have been buddies for years.  At times the Goat and the Mayor had differences of opinion, but in the long run they stuck together.  The Mayor was honored by the Goat every year at the Goat’s annual fundraising “Gan gatherings” as the Goat called them.

King John eventually decided to retire from his dictatorship after 20 years of raping and pillaging the taxpayers and peasants of New Haven.  King John handed over the keys of the City to Her Majesty Mayor Toni Harp.  King John was part of the corrupt New Haven Democratic machine.  The FBI raided City Hall and investigated the Police Department under the reign of King John many times. It was one scandal after another.  After 20 years of scandals, King John wanted to come clean and get a job in an honest profession, ie., banking, so he became Vice President of Start Community Bank.

Her Harpness now runs the dictatorship started by King John.  I lost track of how many Police Chiefs resigned in disgrace or got sued for millions of dollars under Harp. Police Chief Esserman was the latest casualty, having resigned in disgrace.  And who was behind the scenes during all the years of corruption and scandals?  None other than New Haven Police Commissioner and child rapist Daniel Greer aka The Goat, and his loyal son “policing activist” Ezi Greer aka Eli Greer. Number one son Dov Greer also helped in creating the image of the ruthless Goat pulling all the strings in New Haven.  The Goat and his henchmen Ezi and Dovie bullied and threatened to sue anyone who dared to speak out against their ornery Goat cult leader.

There was one thing Harp did not learn from King John:  Never rat out the locals to the occupying force, ie., the Federal Government.  Over the course of his 20 years in office King John fired numerous corrupt city officials once they were exposed with their hands in the cookie jar.  Not once did King John rat out any of his corrupt subordinates, unlike Harp.  Not only did Harp rat out a City employee, who wasn’t even corrupt, but she ratted out one of her own people, a Black woman named Nichole Jefferson.  Jefferson was cleared by the Feds in less than three months, lightning speed for this bloated bureaucratic army of paper pushers, who rely on snitches and rats in almost all of their high profile cases.  I should know, it took the Feds over five years to review a hundred pages of closing documents before they decided it was time to protect the public and throw me in jail. I am still under the watchful eye of the Federal government, even though my crime was committed over ten years ago.  After Jefferson was cleared Harp shredded thousands of documents that would have exposed the Harp frame up.  Harp should be the one investigated by the Feds for trying to set up Jefferson.  King John would never rat out a fellow Italian-American in Morris Cove.  They would burn his house down.

Her Harpness was honored at the Goat Gatherings year after year.  Her Harpness is currently being challenged by hometown hero Marcus Paca in a Democratic primary election to be held in two weeks.  Paca grew up in the Hill and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University, a few blocks from the blogging offices of Larry Noodles.  Paca has been the Goat’s political arch enemy for many years.  When Paca ran for alderman, his personal mail related to his child support obligation was mysteriously stolen, and released to the press.  Only the Goat would stoop to such levels as stealing Paca’s mail.  Paca’s child support dispute was nothing compared with the $100K divorce contempt motion filed against Harp’s disgraced former police chief Esserman.  The $100K contempt of court motion filed by Esserman’s ex-wife was never reported by the press.  I was the only felon, and / or human, to uncover this information and blog about it.  Even after I blogged about it, none of the news outlets picked up on it.  When I exposed the Goat for operating his unlicensed rape school for 12 years the Associated Press picked up on it and reported it.  When I exposed Esserman, Harp cheerleader and liberal hypocrite Yale Illuminati reporter Paul Bass censored it.

There has been a rumor in New Haven for many years that King John is a homosexual.  I don’t know if King John is gay.  I don’t hang out at Partner’s Cafe.  I don’t even know if Mayor Koch was gay. But the Goat clearly is gay.  The Goat and King John have been friends for years. I wonder…

Mayoral candidate and Goat nemesis Marcus Paca is happily married to Mendi Blue, a woman with the most impressive resume in the entire City of New Haven, having graduated with a BA in Economics from Harvard University, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a JD from Harvard Law School, and she did a stint at Goldman Sachs.  The Pacas are traditional heterosexuals, which is not common in New Haven, and they have two kids to prove it. Her Harpness, on the other hand, is a carpetbagger from Utah.  Her Harpness is still single, after her husband deadbeat debtor Wendall Harp passed away a number of years ago.  The Estate of Wendall Harp still owes millions to creditors, not unlike the Goat, who owes rape victim Mirlis $21 million.  Her Harpness was recently spotted at a local bar looking for Mr. Right.  She is from Salt Lake City, so she was sipping a Shirley Temple.

A few days ago the Goat’s attorneys filed an “Emergency Motion” in the Federal civil case where the Goat owes Mirlis $21 million.  The marshal for Mirlis served Start Community Bank, along with 9 other local banks, with a subpoena seeking information about the Goat’s personal bank accounts and the bank accounts of the Yeshiva of New Haven. Start Community Bank released information on all of the Goat’s shady non-profit accounts, not just his personal bank accounts and the accounts for the Yeshiva of New Haven.

King John is the Vice President at Start Community Bank, which is located across the street and down the block from the Goat’s office on Whalley Avenue.  The Goat and King John continued their relationship after King John left his job as Mayor and began working as Start’s Vice President.  The Goat got favorable loans and mortgages from Start Community Bank.  After the Federal child rape case was filed, King John broke off his relationship with the Goat.

Start Community Bank improperly gave Mirlis bank information on the Goat’s many shady non-profit companies. None of the other nine banks that were subpoenaed made this glaring mistake.  Was this negligence on the part of Start Community Bank?  Or did King John purposely release this information in order to stick it to the depraved Goat?  In their emergency motion the Goat’s lawyers indignantly argued that Start Community Bank violated all kinds of privacy laws and regulations by releasing banking information about the Goat’s shady non-profit entities.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle  black!  The Goat has been committing crimes against humanity for the last 40 years.

Hopefully the lawyers for Mirlis will get some useful information from these bank accounts which will help Mirlis sue these shady non-profits.  The Goat’s lawyers want these documents to be returned to the Goat immediately and not read by any of the lawyers.  But the cat is already out of the bag.  How can the Goat prevent the attorneys from reading these documents?  It wasn’t the fault of Mirlis that Start Community Bank decided to release these documents.  The Goat should sue King John and Start Community Bank for causing him more humiliation and embarrassment.

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