Med Expert To Testify Against Goat In Criminal Case

Med Expert To Testify Against Goat In Criminal Case

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The Office of the State’s Attorney of the State of Connecticut recently filed paperwork in criminal court notifying the Judge that the State intends to call an expert witness to testify against the Goat in his upcoming criminal trial.  No court date has been set yet for the Goat’s child rape trial.  The Goat’s case has been dragging on for over a year now.  The Goat pleaded “not guilty” when he turned himself in to the New Haven Police Department.  I don’t expect a trial date for many months.

Assistant State’s Attorney Rebecca A. Barry submitted a legal document captioned “State’s Notice of Expert Witness.”  In this document Attorney Barry indicated that Dr. David Johnson, Ph.D., will be called to testify against the Goat.  Dr. Johnson is expected to testify about “Hasidim, the culture, life-style, and religious practices of its people.  The expert will be versed in the characteristics and possible behaviors of the Hasidic sect members as well as their Rabbi.  The expert will testify as to the important role a Rabbi plays within the Hasidic community as well as the importance of certain religious observances.”

I don’t think I would go so far as to classify Rabbi Greer as a leader of a legitimate Hasidic sect.  Rabbi Goat presided over a depraved cult.  His cult would have been a complete failure but for the support of his wife Sarah “the Ewe” Greer, his sons “Rabbi” Ezi Greer and Rabbi Dov Greer, his right hand job man Rabbi Avi Hack, and Avi’s father Rabbi Harold Hack.

A scaled down version of the Greer cult was recently run by Rabbi Notis, but that didn’t last very long.  Notis knew that the Goat was arrested and sued for child rape.  Notis made the Goat put a window on his office door so that the Goat wouldn’t be alone in a room with no windows.  Prior to Notis the Goat was able to get away with his thirty year child rape crime spree because he was assisted by his own family, whom he also abused and most likely molested.  The Greer daughters were smart, they moved out of New Haven twenty years ago.  One of the daughters got stuck with the Greer last name because she married her cousin.  Poor woman.  She should change her last name to something respectable, like “Shneerson.”  I heard that at one point one of the Greer cousins from Chicago wanted to change his last name.  I don’t think that ever materialized.

State’s Attorney Barry wrote in her expert disclosure that Dr. Johnson “will be able to explain to the jury the importance that is placed on insulating sect members from the secular influences of mainstream culture.”  The Goat did not lead a typical Hasidic sect.  Rabbi Goat was not looking for members of his cult to subscribe to a unique Hasidic religious life that focused on the teachings of a particular Rebbe.  The Goat demanded that his Ewe, his sons Ezi and Dov, his side piece Avi Hack, Harold Hack, the Gracks, Otis, Quick Draw McGraw, Mr. Robot, the Cowboy, the Mathematician, the Librarian, Salty Ballz, Larry Noodles, and others who hung around the compound, pledge loyalty and complete allegiance to the Goat Himself.  The Goat was the cult leader of the compound he built in New Haven thirty years ago.  The Goat insulated his young male students from the outside world in order to make them easier targets to victimize.

Attorney Barry wrote in her expert disclosure that Dr. Johnson “will tell the jury how acts of sexual assault are committed in secrecy.  He may also be able to add how a relationship established within a religious setting would increase the secrecy aspect of sexual assault.  He will be able to explain to the jury the process of disclosure, why it may be delayed and the effects of knowing the perpetrator, and impact a perpetrator’s position of authority may have over the victim, and how societal expectations, stereotypes and phobias impact a victim’s perception of the assault and its subsequent disclosure.  He will talk about the general personality traits, sexual orientation of men who commit sexual assaults upon boys, society’s bias and the how’s and why’s most people are uncomfortable with the image of male on male sexual assault, and how that also effects the release of that information to various people.”

The Goat committed his first act of sexual molestation of Avi Hack in secrecy, ie., in the boiler room located below the basement of the Goat shul.  Pete the gay Polish immigrant custodian used to tell the Goat’s young male students not to go into the boiler room, some bad stuff went on down there.  He also told the students that the Goat was not the respectable rabbi that he appeared to be.  Pete told the boys that the Goat arranged a meeting with him at one of the Goat apartments.  He said that the Goat brought a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  The Goat tried to have sex with his own custodian.  Pete didn’t like the Goat.  Why didn’t Pete expose the Goat?  If Pete exposed the Goat he would get no support from Ezi, Avi, Dov and Harold.  Pete would have been fired and the Goat would try to get him deported back to Poland.

Dr. Johnson graduated from Yale University as an undergraduate and also got his PhD at Yale.  Dr. Johnson is the director of the PTSD Center, which is part of the Yale Department of Psychiatry.  He is also a professor in the Yale Department of Psychiatry.  Back in 1973 Dr. Johnson was hired as a drama therapist at the Yale Department of Psychiatry.  Dr. Johnson is sure to find plenty of drama in the Goat saga.  I will make myself available to Dr. Johnson if he wants to confer and trade medical notes with Dr. Larry Noodles.  I have been rendering diagnosis of the Greer and Hack family for a couple of years now, Dr. Johnson is just getting started and will need to get up to speed.  Dr. Johnson may also want to make an assessment of New Haven Communist news reporter Paul Bass, who could have stopped the Goat thirty years ago.  Why didn’t you do anything Paul? Why??

I am curious to see whether the Goat calls any expert witnesses to defend him in his criminal case.  In the Goat’s civil trial he named Rabbi David Bleich as an expert to testify about Jewish law and ethics.  Rabbi David Bleich, who still remains on the board of directors of Greer’s yeshiva, is a Talmudic professor at Yeshiva University and the head of YU’s postgraduate institute for the study of Talmudic jurisprudence. Bleich teaches at the Cordozo Law School.  Bleich  knows all about the Goat getting sued for child rape and getting arrested for child rape, and yet Bleich still remains on the Board of Directors at the Yeshiva of New Haven.

Mirlis objected to Bleich being called as an expert witness.  Federal Judge Martinez ruled against the Goat and forbid the Goat from calling Bleich to the witness stand to educate the jury on Jewish law and ethics in the civil trial.  Bleich’s testimony would have been completely irrelevant to the issue of whether the Goat raped Mirlis.

In his civil case the Goat named a Yale pediatrician as a witness he expected to appear at trial to defend him, ie., Dr. Sieve.  The Goat figured a pediatrician would be the perfect witness to defend him in a child rape case.  Dr. Sieve never showed up to testify for the Goat.  Sieve’s lawyers told the Goat to go back to his stable.  Plus there were too many holes in Sieve’s story.  The only witnesses who defended the Goat at his civil trial were his secretary Jean Ledbury and his loyal Ewe, which probably explains why the jury awarded Mirlis $15 million.

If you wish to read the State’s Expert Disclosure click this LINK.

The Goat’s next court date in his criminal case is in one week.  Larry Noodles will be there to report on the latest developments.  Stay tuned.







7 thoughts on “Med Expert To Testify Against Goat In Criminal Case

  1. 1. In terms of diagnosis, both sarah and The Goat have malignant narcissism — each seperately that has acutely hurt both females and males alike. There are no other diagnoses I can think of.
    2. What proof do you have that The Goat harmed his children? I never saw or sensed that, beyond emotional abuse (which is bad enough).

    1. During the civil trial the expert doctor on PTSD who testified for Mirlis said that there was some evidence that the Goat molested Ezi Greer. He didn’t go into any details. I suspect that in chambers the Judge decided to allow this information before the jury but forbid the lawyers from getting into too much detail as it would be too prejudicial and inflammatory as to the Goat, even goats get a fair trial.

    2. We have reliable sources that The Goat put his Jewish sausage in. The ass cracks of his students ….And the jew followers like yourself DIDNT DO SHIT TO STOP IT…..LARRY NOODLES IS A HERO …AND SHALL BE THE NEXT JEW LEADER IN NEW HAVEN ….LARRY NOODLES FOR MAYOR DOWN WITH CHILD MOLESTERS AND FIND THE ONES WHO HELP THE GOAT AND JUSTICE WILL BE OURS…COMING SOON…..

  2. Greer did evil things and it seems fair to call that group a cult, but you continue to mix facts with guesses, especially your claims about who knew what and when. Trying to poke Paul Bass with ridiculous claims again was old the last several times you did it. And Larry: spending so much time walking around the yeshiva and Greer’s house on Shabbat is just weird, dude.

    1. Are you the attorney for Paul Bass? Or are you a fellow member of the New Haven Communist Party with Paul Bass? And Mr. Nameless: Spending so much time walking around the compound following Larry Noodles walking around the compound is just weird, dude.

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