Meet Mordechai Biser

Meet Mordechai Biser

Plaintiff Mirlis has accused the goat of having a sexual relationship with prominent New York Attorney Mordechai Biser.  I am not sure how Mirlis would know about a relationship between the goat and Mr. Biser.  Mr. Biser was in New Haven long before Mr. Mirlis.

According to Biser’s linked in profile, Biser went to Yale University and Yale Law School from 1976 to 1987.  In 1981 Biser worked for famous New York pollster Louis Harris.  Louis Harris was a top aide to Mayor John Lindsay.  The goat had a big position in the Lindsay administration, before the goat lost an election and was run out of New York.  Lindsay and the goat both grew up on Riverside Drive in Manhattan.  Harris grew up in New Haven.  Was it Harris who told the goat to settle into New Haven after the goat got kicked out of Israel in the 1970s?

There is a big gap in Biser’s linked in profile from the years of 1987 to 1989.  His profile is blank for those years.  What was Biser doing from 1987 to 1989?

In 1989 Biser admits that he worked for the goat’s non profit.  Biser is proud that he worked for the goat, even after the rape case was filed.  Here is what Biser writes on his linked in page:

“Executive Director, Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc.

(6 years) New Haven, Connecticut   I helped found and run this non-profit organization that provided low income housing for those in need. My work included drafting applications for state housing tax credits, helping secure Community Development Block Grant Funding from City and Federal Government, advocating before city and state legislatures for programs and legislation to benefit the organization and its constituents, and insuring full compliance with all government laws and regulations.”

But there is nothing on Biser’s Linked In page that indicates what Biser did from 1987 to 1989.  During these years, and up until 2002, there were numerous real estate transactions between Biser, the goat, Harold Hack and rape victim Avi Hack.

Biser transferred property to the goat back in 1986.  In 2002 Biser transferred real estate to Avi Hack.  In 1994 the goat’s non profit gave Biser a mortgage in the amount of $50K on property located at 777 Elm Street, which would indicate that Biser lent the goat fifty large.  In 1996 Biser transferred real estate to the goat and Harold Hack.

I believe Biser was working as the principal of the goat school from 1987 to 1989.  I believe Avi Hack took over this position after Biser left.  Yet Biser does not indicate that he worked for the goat school on his resume.  Why does Biser fail to mention that he worked for the goat at the goat school from 1987 to 1989?  Biser mentions that he worked for Edgewood Elm Housing Inc. from 1989 to 1995, yet fails to mention that this non-profit is controlled by the goat.

It does not seem likely that Biser was raped by the goat when Biser was under the age of 18.  Biser grew up in Westchester.  When Biser was a teenager the goat was either in Israel or in New Haven running the compound.  I doubt they crossed paths.  If the goat had a homosexual relationship with Biser it would have been when Biser was either an undergraduate at Yale University, a law student at Yale Law School, working for the goat as principal of the goat school, or working for the goat as executive director of Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc.

Real estate transaction records indicate that at one time Biser was very close with Avi Hack, Harold Hack and the goat.  But Biser eventually left New Haven and never returned. The last real estate transaction with Biser was in 2002.  This was the year that Mirlis enrolled in the goat school.  Maybe Mirlis did run into Biser in 2002.  Or maybe Avi Hack testified at his deposition that Biser had a relationship with the goat.

You would think Biser would come for a visit to New Haven over the last 20 years and hang out with the goat and the Hacks. Biser has held a prominent position as general counsel at Agudath Israel of America for the last 15 years. You would think that the goat would be falling all over himself inviting Biser to speak at one of the goat’s annual fundraising dinners.

I spoke with New Haven old timers and they told me that Biser hasn’t been seen or hear from since he left Dodge almost twenty years ago.   Many people who spent time in the compound left and never returned, including the goat’s own children.

Biser has spoken on behalf of Agudath Israel on child molestation.  Agudath Israel has told its followers that victims should first consult with a rabbi before going to the police.  Agudath has been criticized for many years for its position on child molestation.  It would be interesting to know whether Biser has formed any opinion on the goat case.  If Mr. Biser is reading this blog I promise to reimburse him with a box of ramen noodles for rights to an exclusive interview.

5 thoughts on “Meet Mordechai Biser

  1. funny, when i saw biser was terminated from agudah and saw his resume, i immediately assumed he was kicked out bc he must have covered something up re Greer with the agudah. pls keep digging…

  2. Biser was a teacher in that hell hole at least in 1989 and i think also 1990. Torah studies, of course. He lived at the greers home for a few yrs. He was indeed very close to the greer and hack family. Out of all of them he was the most menchlach. I think he just got sucked into the whole steaming pile of shit. While i cannot swear, I don’t think there was a sexual relationship between them; it’s an educated guess based on things I noticed and felt. I remember thinking, “he’s a good enough guy, i hope he doesn’t turn into them.” The Agudah garbage suggests otherwise…..

  3. I don’t remember him taking on the role of principal back then. I doubt he was the principal – that’s too much power taken away from dan greer in those earlier New Haven yrs.

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