Jew For Jesus Psycho Torches Rabbi’s House in Brooklyn

Jew For Jesus Psycho Torches Rabbi’s House in Brooklyn

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Menachem Karelefsky, a Jew for Jesus, was busted for torching a Rabbi’s house in Brooklyn.

I was locked up with a few arsonists in Otisville. One goy’s name was Blaise. Blaise had the perfect name for someone who pleaded guilty to causing a blaze. Blaise didn’t even need a nickname. The most infamous Jewish inmate arsonist in Otisville was 79 year old Naftuly Schlesinger, whose nickname was “Zaidy.” Zaidy burned down his factory at least two or three times. He used the same modus operandi for each fire: he made sure to remove the mezuzahs from the doorposts of his factory before he lit the match. There were a few guys locked up for mortgage fraud who burned down a few run down abandoned houses, but those guys were busted for mortgage fraud. The Feds never charged them with arson. Blaise and Zaidy weren’t charged with arson either. They were charged with insurance fraud when they tried to cash in on fire insurance policies.

Menachem Karelefsky recently burned down the Brooklyn home of Rabbi Jonathan Max. Menachem set the fire even though he knew he would never cash in on a fire insurance policy. What kind of a Jewish arsonist burns down a building without expecting a pay day? Only a Jew for Jesus would burn down a building without any hope of making money off it.

On social media Menachem accused Rabbi Max of sexually abusing him as a child. Rabbi Max didn’t meet Menachem until Menachem was an adult. Regardless of when they met, Menachem has a tattoo on his arm that says: “Never let go of the HATRED — KILL Rabbi Max, YEMACH SHMO (may his name and memory be obliterated).

According to the New York Times, Menachem and Max worked together at Mesivta Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin more than a decade ago. Rabbi Max got to know Menachem’s family. Menachem had marital issues and accused Rabbi Max of encouraging his wife to leave him. After Menachem’s marriage ended Menachem started to threaten Rabbi Max. The Times didn’t mention what happened to Menachem’s children.

According to my sources Menachem and his wife had a few kids who were taken away by the authorities and put in foster homes. I can see why the kids were taken from Menachem. Rabbi Max may have had something to do with it. Rabbi Max must have known that Menachem was extremely unbalanced. My sources informed me that Max was kicked out of yeshivas and shuls and wore a “Jew for Jesus” tee-shirt. I also heard that Menachem physically abused his children. I would think this would be more than enough evidence for the State authorities to take away his kids. I think just the “KILL MAX” tattoo was enough evidence to take away his kids.

Today one of Menachem’s sons is in his early teens. This son posted a few bizarre videos on Youtube. In one video he talks about hashgacha protis, in another video he demonstrates how to button a jacket right over left, in another video he makes a basket with a football, and in another video he sings the Lubavitch “Yechi” mantra in which he proclaims that the Rebbe is the Moshiach. I heard that this son has been spotted at NCSY events.

Menachem’s Facebook page has four friends listed. Most of his friends are part of the New York Orthodox Jewish singles community. On his Linked In page Menachem lists an Orthodox Rabbi from Waterbury as a connection. Menachem’s profile page on Linked In states, “Totally Off The Derech (Path).”

Menachem is totally off the path and completely out of his mind. This is what happens when a Jew puts on a “Jew for Jesus” tee shirt. Doesn’t Menachem know that tattoos are against Jewish law? Menachem needs to connect with the Aleph Institute while he is in prison and find his way back on the path.

For G-d, For Country, for Southern Connecticut State University (I heard they have a good math program with a frum Jewish Yale math grad who teaches there).

Moshiach Now!

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3 thoughts on “Jew For Jesus Psycho Torches Rabbi’s House in Brooklyn

  1. You suffer what you call injustice because unjustly spread lies about the consequences of a Jew wearing a Jew wearing a Jews for Jesus tee shirt. Judging by you abuse of the honorable title Jew for Jesus, you will need a lot of money from to defend yourself. What you focus on is who you are in the mirror. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!

    1. Is Michael Adi Nachman your real name or is this Menachem Karelefsky? I didn’t know New York prisons allowed internet access. Or is this Rabbi Max?

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