Michael Cohen Back in Otisville

Michael Cohen Back in Otisville

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The dumbest Otisville inmate of all time, Michael “Da Putz” Cohen, violated the conditions of his probation when the media posted a picture of Da Putz dining at Le Putz French restaurant on the Upper East Side. This was according to one of my sources. Cohen’s lawyer alluded to the French restaurant probation violation when he stated that the restaurant visit could have been a factor in the decision of the Department of Adult Probation.

According to the New York Times the decision to re-incarcerate Cohen was because Cohen refused to sign a gag order prohibiting him from speaking to the press about his upcoming book about the Donald. Cohen initially refused to sign the gag order on the grounds that it violated his free speech rights under the First Amendment. Cohen then changed his mind and agreed to sign the gag order after the marshals took out their handcuffs. It was too late. The marshals said they were just following orders.

Why would the Federal Probation Office require Cohen to sign a media gag order while he is on home confinement? Inmates are legal property of the Federal government. The 13th Amendment of the Constitution, which prohibits slavery, does not apply to Federal inmates: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” The 13th Amendment cannot be challenged in Federal Court as unconstitutional, as it is part of the Constitution. The 13th Amendment should be amended. It is outrageous that nobody in Congress and the White House, in the history of the United States, has ever tried to amend the 13th Amendment. The 13th Amendment gives the Federal government the right to enslave inmates, who are mostly people of color.

If the Federal government has the right to enslave inmates then it is easy for the Federal government to argue in Court, if challenged, that it also has the right to silence inmates. Cohen should have told the marshals to take their gag order to the courthouse bathroom and use it for toilet paper, which is in short supply due to coronavirus hoarders, and had his lawyer file motions to challenge the Feds in court. Instead, Cohen cried like a little girl and said he would sign the gag order as he was led off in chains. There is no logical reason for the Probation Office to silence an inmate who is incarcerated, in a halfway house, or on home confinement. There is no logical reason to take the voting rights away from felons on probation, or restrict inmates in many other aspects of society. The Feds might as well send convicts to a penal colony and completely eliminate them from society.

While I was in Otisville I sent a number of blogs to the New Haven Independent, which published them on its website. Otisville inmates were outraged that I wrote about them. Guys tried to get me thrown in the SHU (solitary). Most of the guards didn’t seem to care about my blog but there were a few guards who felt it was inappropriate. There are numerous websites that publish stories, and art, submitted by inmates. The Feds don’t care about any of these websites because these inmates don’t make the national news, which has the potential to embarrass the boys in blue. When I got out of Otisville I started my blog and wrote about my experiences in Otisville. I also wrote about a prominent, and wealthy pedophile rabbi, ie., Daniel Greer, who recruited emotionally unstable teenage boys to his private Jewish boarding school in New Haven for 30 years. I knew Greer and his co-conspirators, which included his wife and children, for over 10 years. I uncovered Greer’s teenage boy sex trafficking operation and wrote about the politicians who were in Greer’s back pocket. My blog led to Greer’s arrest, conviction and incarceration.

When I first started writing about Greer there were many prominent people in the legal community, and in the Jewish community, who didn’t believe that “Rabbi” Greer was a pedophile who ran an underage sex trafficking operation in the shadow of Yale University, where Greer graduated. One such person, ie., Attorney Darcy McGraw, told me that she going to report my activities to the Office of Adult Probation, as I was on probation at the time. My probation officer came to my house and told me that the people “downtown” didn’t like my blog and I should consider shutting it down. The Feds wanted me to stop pursuing a dangerous sexual deviant who had raped numerous minors! I was outraged that my probation officer would suggest that I shut down my blog. I told her that the “people downtown” don’t like my blog because I am critical of the Federal government. I didn’t get into my Greer blogs, as I wasn’t sure what Ms. McGraw said to the Feds, if anything. I dared my probation officer to take me away in cuffs. She never mentioned the blog ever again.

Cohen went back to Otisville at the worst possible time. All the campers are locked up in small jail cells, with limited food, limited access to the telephone, no commissary and no visitors. Each cell is the size of a closet. Some of the cells have two inmates, some one. Each cell has an open toilet. There is no air conditioning. Inmates are taken out two times a week to shower. Inmates are taken out once a week or more, to go outside in the courtyard for no more than an hour. The jail cells have florescent lights shining 24/7 so the guards can see what is going on in your cell when they walk by. The cells are located in a run down part of the medium prison, with no windows to the outside. Campers are banished to the Federal dungeon. The media reported that each inmate is under quarantine for 14 days. The Bureau of Prisons never follows its own rules. You could languish there for months.

Cohen may be a rat, a snitch, a shmuck, a putz, a goyisha kop, and a fool, but he doesn’t deserve to be in the Otisville SHU.

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4 thoughts on “Michael Cohen Back in Otisville

  1. I wonder what grounds they have for the proposed gag order? Can Cohen challenge it in court? He is a lawyer, even if not very successful one…

    In any case he is out of jail soon and his book will come out with all the spicy revelations about the first family, if we did not know enough. It is unlikely to have anything of substance as the judges decided it wasn’t useful enough to spare him jail time. But may be enough for a weeks entertainment.

    1. Michael Cohen is not scheduled for released until 11/22/21, not very soon, even if they took off ten percent for good time, but Cohen hasn’t been a good boy. I doubt they will approve him for a halfway house or home confinement to get out early, after his recent antics. The people who run the BOP take it personally when an inmate violates the rules. No respect! Every day in solitary is an eternity. He will probably go back to the camp in a few weeks, but who knows what will happen in the future, they may send the campers back to solitary again, you never know.

    1. Neither. The campers were all sent to a section of the medium, and put in solitary cells that are completely sealed off from the section where all the pedophiles, chomos, diddlers, gang bangers and drug dealers reside.

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