Michael Cohen Pimping For Politicians

Michael Cohen Pimping For Politicians

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Michael Cohen released a one minute video financed by the Democratic super PAC “American Bridge.” George Soros is one of the biggest donors to American Bridge, giving them millions over the years. The video was presumably shot in Cohen’s living room as Cohen is on home confinement with an ankle bracelet. Cohen cannot travel to a recording studio. With foreboding music playing in the background, Cohen stated: “I was complicit in concealing the real Donald Trump… I am here to tell you he can’t be trusted and you shouldn’t believe a word he utters…” See link to video.

Cohen would have to report to the Office of Adult Probation any money that American Bridge paid him to shoot the video. Cohen probably wasn’t paid a dime for the video, as he wants to appear to be credible and believable. Cohen wants people to believe that he does not pimp himself out to the highest bidder. How do you believe a guy who admits that he was the Donald’s “fixer” and was “complicit in concealing the real Donald Trump.”

Cohen goes on to say that it is “laughable” that the Donald is a man of “law and order” when “virtually everyone who works for his campaign has been convicted of a crime or is under indicted, myself included.” Cohen stops short of accusing the President of committing any crime. Cohen testified before Congress that he committed many crimes with the Donald. Why didn’t Cohen tell the American public that the Donald was a criminal, like himself? Cohen, and American Bridge, is probably worried about getting sued for slander. Publicly accusing someone of a crime can open yourself up to a big lawsuit. You can’t be sued if you testify in legal proceedings that you think someone is a criminal. You are immune from such a lawsuit. This is to encourage people to testify openly in court, or Congress, without the fear of being sued.

Cohen also released an interview with Vanity Fair in which he stated that he burned his 500 page manuscript in the Otisville fire pit just before Passover of 2019. In Otisville Federal prison Jewish inmates are allowed to burn “chametz”, ie. bread products, in a steel barrel just before the Passover holiday, which is a Jewish tradition. I still remember burning the chametz with the Hasidim in Otisville. They danced and sang as the chametz burned. Burn baby burn. The other inmates looked at them as if they had lost their minds.

Cohen didn’t burn a 500 page manuscript in Otisville. FUHGETABOUTIT! Cohen is still lying. Cohen also told Vanity Fair that his wife had his prison manuscript on a thumb drive. Another lie. Does Cohen expect anyone to believe that he typed his manuscript on the prison computer, downloaded it onto a thumb drive, and then smuggled it to his wife in the visiting room? The prison computers are only set up to send emails, there is no way to connect a thumb drive on the computer. Does Cohen expect anyone to believe that he typed his manuscript on a laptop that was smuggled into the prison? FUHGETABOUTIT! If Cohen was locked up in a larger facility like Fort Dix or Miami he could hide a laptop, but you can’t hide a laptop in little Otisville. Other inmates would get jealous and rat you out. You would be forced to pay off the entire camp to keep quiet.

Cohen told Vanity Fair that Otisville guards were Trump fans and they leaked information about him to the press. The only information about Cohen that came out in the media was the incident where he got in a fight with another inmate and almost went into solitary. That information could have been leaked to the media by any inmate in Otisville. I heard from inmates that Cohen yelled at another inmate who overheard Cohen’s conversation on the pay phone. I heard that he went into solitary for a couple of hours.

Cohen found a publisher to ghost write his book about his former boss. Skyhorse Publishing. Cohen’s book will probably be watered down because Skyhorse fears getting sued by the litigious Trump. Skyhorse recently published “Downfall: The Demise of a President and his Party.” Despite its catchy title this book is nothing more than an attack on Republican positions on gun control, abortion, women’s rights, affirmative action, LGBTQ rights, and climate change. Big deal. Don’t expect much from Cohen’s book. The only new material Cohen will add to the Trump narrative is that according to Cohen, Trump is an anti-Semite. Why would Cohen, a Jew whose father survived the Shoah, do the bidding of an rabid anti-Semite? Cohen needs intense therapy with a Jewish psychiatrist.

I have been told by guys sitting in the Otisville camp that the guards in Otisville are cracking down on inmates who fail to properly wear their masks. Numerous inmates are getting “shots,” ie., disciplinary reports if they are caught with a mask that fell below their nose. Too many shots gets you a one way ticket to solitary. Other guys are losing telephone time, email time and commissary. Otisville is no longer Club Fed. Otisville has become Club Guantanamo.

Otisville prison is currently advertising for a new warden. The starting pay is between $131K – $197K. Six figures to babysit 600 inmates. Talk about a waste of Federal tax dollars. Otisville is currently being run by a temporary warden. Whoever lands this lucrative position will be cashing in big time. The problem with paying a guy, or girl, this kind of money is that it goes to their head. They think that they are smarter than the minimum wage guards who count the inmates every day. Nothing can be further from the truth. I spoke with guards when I was locked up in Otisville and they told me that they have seen television sets in the offices of the high paid administrators in Otisville. Nothing happens at Otisville. There are no riots. There is very little violence. The inmates in the medium rule themselves. The inmates in the camp get harassed by the guards from the medium. The bad apples in the camp get transferred to other prisons. The only guys who remain at Otisville are the elderly and disabled. The place could run itself.

Disgraced New York Democrat Sheldon Silver is supposed to be checking into Otisville this week. Silver recently raised his fist at a New York Post reporter who took his picture in a parking lot at a kosher grocery store. Silver was wearing latex gloves and a mask. Silver would never raise his fist at Larry Noodles.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Cohen Pimping For Politicians

  1. About Cohen working for a anti-semite, the reason would be money, ego and power. Nothing complex. We know about Fred Trump’s association with the American Nazi Party in Queens and tRump’s favorite book at his bedside, is the “New World Order” by Hitler, his sequel to Mein Kamf. Between the two books, I’m not a sure that tRump has ever read any other books.

  2. About the Cohen book, I have no idea if he burned a copy of it, but didn’t he write it longhand on paper? Wouldn’t that make it easy to copy, pass or even type it on email section by section. He did get lots of visitors.
    About why he didn’t speak out while tRump was doing his, stuff with his help, it’s the same thing that gets me nuts about the republicans who, after resigning or retiring all of a sudden get a pair of balls to talk about tRump.
    I’m sure that the book will be scanned by the publishers legal team, but I hope that it isn’t watered down. It’s very important that the American people understand what tRump is. So far, from just the forward, it’s seems consistent with what the real writer of The Art of the Deal wrote about tRump, his PHd niece has written, Frontline PBS report from a, few years ago. It’s hard because tRump will have those associated with him to sign non-disclosures, even family members.

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