Michael “The Situation” Chills With David “Gott” In Otisville

Michael “The Situation” Chills With David “Gott” In Otisville

Mortgage Modification Fraudster David “Gott” Gotterup
Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino

Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, one of the stars from the Jersey Shore has been chilling in Otisville with Queens mortgage modification fraudster David “Gott” Gotterup. The Gott got 135 months for running a bogus mortgage modification scam with his buddy Jason Green. They raked in millions of dollars. Green got time served and home confinement. Green must have ratted out Gott, or Donald Trump, if he only got home confinement. The Feds originally wanted 85-102 months out of Green.

While Gott was locked up waiting for trial he tried to get people to put up their houses as bond so he could get out of jail. He offered people $40K and promised he wouldn’t skip town. The Feds recorded him on the prison phone with his late brother trying to set it up. The Feds made sure to tell the sentencing judge about the Gott’s chutzpah.

Gott’s father Bruce Gotterup was affiliated with the mob. Bruce was murdered by hit man John Burke. The whack was ordered by John Gotti. Burke is doing life. Gotti died in prison. After Bruce Gotterup died the Gott family fell apart. Gott’s mother twice tried to commit suicide. Gott had two brothers who died young. One committed suicide and the other recently died of unknown causes. The Gott family was involved in multiple drawn out Federal criminal trials against the mobsters who whacked Gott’s father, which caused more stress in the Gott family.

I heard that the Gott and the Sitch have been hanging out together with a big time Connecticut drug dealer, and former basketball star, named Tyshawn. Tyshawn got 7 years in the slammer. I heard that these guys work out at the gym together and watch tv together. They may be involved in illegal activity in the prison, which is not surprising. It is impossible to follow all the prison rules, which randomly get enforced depending on the mood of the guards, and which can be completely ridiculous. I got busted for stealing spiral pasta, the reason I got the nickname Larry Noodles.

The Situation has nothing in common with Tyshawn or the Gott. Tyshawn and Gott have long sentences for engaging in years of criminal activity. The Situation only got 8 months for filing a false tax return. A slap on the wrist. The Situation is a former underwear model. Tyshawn worked the dangerous drug dealing streets of Hartford. The Gott grew up around La Cosa Nostra, ie., mobsters and street thugs and the Federal mafia, ie., FBI agents and Federal prosecutors.

The Situation must be paying off guys to be his friend. By the time a criminal ends up in jail he is usually flat broke. Guys who commit big time crime are not good at managing their money. The Situation is better at managing money than most guys in Otisville. The Situation has accountants and financial advisors. The Situation has been getting paid millions for doing next to nothing. The Situation gets paid to endorse vitamins, Reebok sneakers, Devotion vodka, a work out video, and appearances on Dancing With The Stars.

The Situation has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. If he gets caught smuggling in drugs and alcohol into Otisville he will get thrown in the SHU, ie., solitary confinement. Its not difficult to smuggle drugs into a prison. Inmates bribe guards all the time. Federal prison guards are one of the lowest paid Federal employees.

The most important question is whether David Gotterup is a Jew or a Gentile. His name sounds Jewish. His co-defendant Jason Green sounds like a Jew. The Gott lived in Nassau County, Long Island, which is very Jewish. But if his father was a Jew and his mother is Debra Conklin, a goy, he would have no seat at the Shabbos table in Otisville.

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